Did The Trump Administration Engage In A Cover Up?

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) spoke to CNN recently where she said the Trump administration “is engaged in an out-and-out cover-up” to prevent Americans from recognizing newly-nominated CIA Director Gina Haspel’s professional background.

Wyden stated, “I think, with respect to Miss Haspel, in particular, the Trump administration is engaged in an out-and-out cover-up to keep the American people from knowing about her professional background. As you know, there have been many public stories linking her to torture. … And the reality is, the CIA has actually lied to the American people and to the Congress. They have claimed that torture stopped terrorist plots. There’s no evidence of that. So, I and Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) have led the effort to get this nominee’s background declassified. I can tell you there is absolutely no reason why a significant amount of her background couldn’t be declassified without harming America’s national security.”

  • Jerry Hayne Sr

    senator want to be ron wyden is the one that is in a cover-up with cnn

  • Ron Wydenl you are one person I would not want to be ahead of the CIA, you like Obama would like to put them up in a Trump hotel on the tax payers and when they would blow something up you would put the blame on the religious right. What ever it takes to get the truth out of the EMT’s, I say use it. It still beats getting our heads cut off!

  • regulus30


  • John Williams

    Being a democrat, he certainly knows something about cover ups, but have you ever noticed how democrats always look in the mirror, access what they themselves are doing, and then project it on someone else. All you have to do is follow what they are doing at any given time and you can plainly see how they do this time and time again, the real sad part is so many fools fall for it.

    • David Whalen

      Brainwashed TRUMPTURD Idiot! ! !

      • John Williams

        Sorry sparky, it has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with simple observation, a skill you apparently lack.

        • David Whalen

          Exactly, you are very simple minded. Easily brainwashed.

          • John Williams

            Is that the best you have sparky, come on you can do better.

      • Your delusional level is epic off the charts. What do you do, eat Hillary’s S|-|IT, drink her P|SS and drink Obama’s BL00D? That’s the only way you could have been assimilated into the vile progressive Borg collective so deeply to become a robot and automaton for lunatic liberal fringe lies.

        Hope you enjoy your leprechauns and unicorns while we make America great again.

        P.S. Your toxic hate is destroying America, your lawlessness is rotting the foundations of our nation, your delusion is eating away your mind. You are BEYOND brainwashed, you are diseased with the cancer of eternity. Get medical help.

        I will not be reading anything further from you, so waste all the delusional air you want in your vitriolic response, I have a DELETE key that works wonders.


    • Mark Bowman

      Where is all of the real Democrats? The globalists have swallowed them up. The country won’t stand with only one party. The R’s will be hated like Marxists if the D’s continue to follow globalists agendas. Republicans are doing a good job right now wIth some things. Ashame Dems aren’t working along side

      • John Williams

        The democrat party has been hijacked by the socialist far left, many of the rank and file have not figured it out yet, that would be the useful idiots, many helped elect Trump, they are the ones who have figured it out. The exit polls on election night were a sham, many a democrat voted for Trump and lied to the pollsters, wouldn’t want your democrat buddies to see you on the 10:00 PM news admitting you voted for Trump. As far as the republicans doing a good job, lets clarify that a bit, some are doing a good job, some need to be replaced and that starts with party leadership. The biggest threat to Trump is his own party, not the democrats, they are out numbered.

  • Roger Ryan

    declassify barrack obama’s backgound

    • David Whalen

      Impeach trump.America’s number one enemy.

      • Banjo

        He can’t be impeached and won’t! Know why?…they can’t impeach him for doing what he promised to do if elected! Sorry! 😉
        In this country, Presidents can’t be impeached because you don’t like their ideology or policies.

    • posercom

      If you want to know Obama’s back ground, just read his two books. He is a communist as was his mother and two maternal grand parents. That should have been enough to know about him, but self loathing Americans voted for him anyway.

  • Gr8dane

    When will the American public finally have enough of these liberal anti-American communist/socialist sell-outs? Every single democRat has shown themselves to be anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Right’s and anti President. They are the epitome of everything wrong with this country and why we cannot get the things done this nation needs! It is way past time to vote all these vile swamp creatures out of office and out of the country.

  • flashy0ne

    Another classical case of the ‘left’ (democrat) trying to use misleading data (lies) to denigrate their “opposition”. If the good (?) senator has information to harm (?) this appointment, he SHOULD be gracious enough to have this information vetted. If he had, he would have found the ORIGINAL report (which he so loudly proclaims) was RETRACTED by the author because it was INCORRECT. Oh well, we don’t let little things like this interfere with a good hack, do we?

  • BruceW

    So typical of the leftist pusys, Send our American Boys into harms way, give them an impossible set of rules of engagement, let them die protecting worthless lefties, if the don’t die treat them like shift when they get home.
    My thoughts on torture; if it saves one American life do it and do it often.
    My thoughts on rules of engagement, if it moves and it isn’t in American uniform, shoot it, when it is dead figure out who and what it is.
    NO American life lost or injured should be the mandated rule in all military engagements, period

    • posercom

      Not only that. The left in America actually favors Islam over Christianity. During the Obama administration, our intelligence agencies and Homeland security were instructed to look at right wing Christian groups as terrorist organizations instead of looking at radical Muslims. The Bolshevik left in this country so hates Christianity, that it will jump in bed with The Muslim Brotherhood to destroy our freedoms. All the anti-Putin propaganda is due to the fact that Putin is supporting his country’s Orthodox Christian revival. If Putin were pushing communism they would be cheering him on.

  • Dan

    When are the Obama administration cover ups going to be exposed? This is ridiculous.

    • David Whalen

      Your post is ridiculous. Get a life loser.

  • Jo In

    Just another day of DEM deflections. I’m jumping in the shower to wash this trash off.

  • ddufremle

    Hopefully the democrats will soon get what they deserve along with the dishonest liberal Fake News and Fake Reporters. It is actually hard to believe that anyone would believe a democratic politician or liberal Fake News organization. They are all corrupt and take their lessons from the Clinton regime. YUK they smell awful.

    • kat_scratch

      Better read about Trump and the gang b4 you say much about the Dems because Trump I think will be serving time for the things he’s done along with his group!!

  • madmemere

    Interesting -Wyden happens to be a “HE”, not a “she” as written by author of this article. If Wyden wants to “declassify” Haspel’s professional background, then the same scrutiny should be applied to Wyden’s own background to see if this dimwit is “fit” to serve in the US Senate, OR what is HE COVERING UP?

    • Banjo

      The initial report that got this whole “she oversaw torture, she’s evil” narrative was wrong and those who published the report(Propublica) issued a retraction saying that she arrived at the facility AFTER the torture had ceased, but oddly enough *cough cough* that correction was not widely disseminated and therefor the popular narrative remains: “she oversaw torture…she’s evil…don’t confirm her!”

  • kbmiller

    Look into Bath House Barry HusseinOHOMO’s college application forms. You’ll see that the Brown Clown applied as a foreign student, therefore making him INELLIGIBLE to run for president.

  • Jmanjo

    This is a Democrat whining about cover ups. What a joke…and this nut is from Oregon the land of the tree hugging nuts!

  • Yvonne

    oh my god will the bullshit ever stop.There is nothing wrong with Gina Haspel.She had nothing to do with torture

  • Sandra Oliver

    We don’t care what her background is if she did anything it was to follow orders. Look into the background of your fellow congressmen. WE THE PEOPLE STILL WANT TO KNOW WHO IT IS THAT USED OUT TAX MONEY TO PAY OFF THEIR SEXUAL ASSAULT CASES> WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THIS .THEY OWE US ___ PAY THE MONEY BACK!!!

  • 1775concord

    Yes, there is evidence “torture” stopped attacks. Big one in UK stopped.
    Wyden seriously underinformed and therefore dangerous.

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    What aboout the Obama cover ups, what about the Clinton cover ups that are STILL going on?? Can you tell me if you are a man or a woman?? Talk about cover ups??

    As far as I am conserned Our President is doing a GREAT job and would be doing better IF you asshole DEM’S would get off his ass. As bad as you want his ass it makes me think you all are GAY for pretty much that is what gays want.

    This is ALL bullshit and you need to find a real job and bring us the news not the gossip.

  • artsr

    Hey DUMBCRAT Nothing has to be Declassified if you can read (i really don’t think you can ) the information you are seeking is already out there (leaked) She wasn’t there at the time of the Interrogation that you call TORTURE. And it did work.And it has been out in the press for 2 weeks..MAGA..

  • AZtejas

    and this individual knows this, but the rest of the Senate is ignorant of these FACTS? very interesting…

  • rick meek

    It’s always a disgustocrat or a RINO……

  • Real American

    A Dumbocrat talking to idiots at CNN. Is this after the Meth or the shrooms?

  • Gene Chapman

    there is no cover up she is best qualified to be cia director because she did not come from Obamas people and did not play a role in fake news.

  • David Strauss Jr

    Let’s face it, you’re a bunch of communist who are out to destroy this country. Pack your bags and leave for your Russia.