Did This Democrat Just Call A Republican Bluff?

House Judiciary Committee member Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) claims he wants Republicans to bring in former FBI Director James Comey to testify and he also suggests Comey should tell “his story of how Trump tried to obstruct justice.”

Lieu stated, “You know, there’s a lot of issues that are very pressing, such as, lots of kids who were ripped away from their parents, who have not been reunited yet. And the House Judiciary Committee, controlled by Republicans, wants to talk about Hillary Clinton’s emails. I frankly think that is absurd. I do, however, welcome them bringing Comey back to testify. I think he is a very good witness, and I think he actually provides a lot of information that is not part of the Republican narrative. So, if they want to do that, then they should go ahead and do that. But I think the American people want to move on and talk about other issues.”

“I would welcome Comey testifying under oath in front of the House Judiciary Committee and telling the American people, again, his story of how Trump tried to obstruct justice.”

  • shamu9

    Those kids were part of an illegal Invasion! They were Not Fleeing From a War zone, like REAL Refugees,They were fleeing To a FREE RIDE for Life and the Lives of their Spawn! All on The American taxpayers Dime!

    • mark

      There should be no asylum because of gang violence in their countries. We have plenty of gangs in America and no American is offered a dammed thing to protect. They wont move you to a safe place and provide government assistance to start a new life.

  • Mike_E_V

    Mr. Lieu…Where were you and your leftist comrades as this practice was in full swing under BHO? Its convenient to use it now isn’t it Mr. Lieu? Which side of your mouth will you speak out of tomorrow?

  • John Bonham

    Good strategy!

  • Ulla Camp

    And he is supposedly a conservative, “NOT IN MY BOOK.”

  • The party of NOTHING has reached a point of total desperation and is now just flat out lying and stalling through the mid-terms, any American that votes for a Dumbo in the upcoming election is either brainwashed or insane.

  • Dodi Marie Livergood

    I already watched Comey under oath say he didn’t believe the President was trying to obstruct justice. What, they are trying to get him to change his story now??

  • Dodi Marie Livergood

    I also heard Comey admit Hillary broke the law but it wasn’t worth dying on the hill over.

  • ozzie236

    It has been reported “These kids began forming leaders & gangs almost immediately there is much more that went on there perhaps the press will be honest with us at some point.

    • mark

      Boys as young as ten years old are running gangs in the holding facilities.

  • Ron Long

    Oh look!! Another lunatic from the formerly great state of California. Was he asleep the last time Comey spoke to Congress? And I do not believe for a micro second that he gives a rats ass about those children.

  • Gerry Costa

    lieu is right behind pelosi and waters in ranking of stupidity. comey has lied under oath before and he would do it again. These kids you are all so hung up about are being treated better than they ever have before while their CRIMINAL parents are in court or detention. But it seems like this idiot lieu and many more demoSCUM fail to acknowledge that fact. The kids (if they actually are their kids) are much better off in these mini-Holiday Inns than they are in a detention center or jail cell. People need to research it themselves and not listen to scum buckets like lieu,schumer,pelosi,waters or that worthless schowall (spelling).

  • Danny S.

    Ted Lieu , you are a crooked Democrat who enjoys the attention you get from your Trump syndrome clowns. You love keeping the no proof narrative alive by making a proven liar like Comey a victim. It’s time that you admit that Comey is not a reliable witness. Oh by the way I remember you in a rage wanting Comey fired after he creamed Hillary on the email thing and then let her off. Remember??As far as the kids being taken from their parents at the border well that is good theater if you don’t tell the whole story. God I hate lying politicians!! The immigration law was inacted in 1997 and the policy has been active ever since with even your friend Obama doing it. Trump is just following the law which people like you with your sanctuary cities seem to ignore. Ted we have seen your lack of character and your pretend outrage before.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Very interesting since it was Rosenstein who advised President Trump to fire Comey.
    A lot of these illegal children were not even with their own parents.
    Many of these children were travelling alone. Their parents obviously don’t care.
    Their parents put them in harm’s way by bringing them here in the first place.
    He thinks that Hillary Clinton’s emails are okey dokey because she is above the law.
    They can bring Comey back all they want to because his credibility is in tatters.
    Ted Lieu has always been an anti-Trump jackass!

  • James L. Atchison

    This guy is as dumb as a box of rocks! James Comey testified under oath that he stole government property and gave it to an unauthorized person to leak to the press.

  • Big Ed

    I think they absolutely should bring Comey back to testify and I think they should give the job of interviewing him to Trey Gowdy. Gowdy eats smart ass criminals alive and spits out the rotten parts. When Comey originally testified about Hillary’s computer and the missing e-mails he had his very ass ripped from his stinking carcass and it would be fun to see it again. This time, Gowdy has much more information to draw from: Comey’s book, the testimony of Strzok and Page, some of the documents used to get the FISA warrant and Comey’s admission that he stole the documents he wrote after talking with Trump so he could push an investigation by a special council. Plus, Gowdy knows exactly what lies Comey committed when he spoke before Congress in the past.

  • Huey Raheem

    This issue with children being taken from their parents happens to American citizens that break the law all the time . Illegal interlopers that cross a sovereign border should be arrested . Why anyone would cross a border without the country’s permission is detestable . Travelling through a desert without water and then using your children as a shield from border agents is reprehensible . The people who politicize this extremely sad situation need to be voted out of office . When we have to separate children from parents is always for the safety of the children . This has been a long standing practice by CBP it happened under the Obama administration and we didn’t hear a chirp from the media about it . The media uses their bias of Trump against him Their poll numbers are in the high teens with the country trusting the media . They would be best served to treat our leaders on equal footing .

    As for Trump’ calling the media fake news don’t we remember Obama often called Fox News Faux News faux is the French word for fake . Again we see no equality reporting . The feelings of many in this country is that Clinton was a major thief how else does a hillbilly from Little Rock Ark become a millionaire . They never produced anything that you could sell .All they could sell was sell out the U.S. even if you hate Trump he loves our country he isn’t trying to get rich off being a politician


  • Huey Raheem

    He got fired which Rod Rosenstein advised Trump to do Federalm Judges have obstructed Trump on numerous occasions and the Supreme court has backed Trump . Trump is the only person that can fire a cabinet member or dept head People that don’t understand that should reread the constitution