Does Kavanaugh Give Trump Immunity?

Former Whitewater Special Counsel Ken Starr recently sat down with CNN and admitted he “would be very surprised” if Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh thinks Trump is immune from prosecution.

CNN’s Erin Burnett asked, “Does Judge Cavanaugh, Ken, think President Trump is immune from prosecution?”

Starr responded, “I don’t know what he thinks. However, I would be very surprised if that were his view. What I read that law review article as saying is, Congress should consider this, that is, this is a policy question. It’s not for the Supreme Court to decide such an issue and to grant immunity, that we think it’s a good idea because it’s very difficult for the president to carry on his very important duties with a criminal investigation underway. I happen to agree with that proposition. It is very difficult. It’s one of those, this is a shame for the president to be deflected this way. And yes, I was in charge of the Whitewater investigation, so, I saw it. It is very, very disruptive. But that’s exactly the role of Congress, to say, you know, let’s have a timeout. That, of course, is what President Clinton argued in the civil context…but the Supreme Court rejected that 9-0. So, the court has spoken, and essentially has turned it back, and I think that’s exactly what Judge Kavanaugh was saying, by the way, during the Obama administration.”

  • Jimwolf

    Immunity from what?? Collusion (even not done) is not a criminal offense.. This sounds like a Team Strock debacle..

    • imgrateful_1

      Good question!!! That take on another point of that FBI agent. I watched some of the hearings. He was the epitome of arrogance, Mr. Strzok

  • raymond

    This collusion is all bull shit , dreamed up by the liberal democrats to try and bring down a duly elected person for president…..they have investigated for over a year with NO evidence of any collusion on Trump’s part….spend millions and millions of dollars for a sham…..ENOUGH….its time to call in the dogs, piss on the fire and end this democrat witch hunt.

    • imgrateful_1

      Yes. But “they” will never come to that conclusion. > Time to end “it.”

      • Rod

        Time to vote out the dead weight Demonrats.

  • Jmanjo

    It is time for the liberal Democrats to stop before all this hostility winds up on their own doorsteps. They keep hyping trouble at every turn and making up BS to worry voters into siding with them but every time it bites them in the butt! They already look stupid but they need to stop now before law abiding Americans turn on them with more than verbal responses! We do not want to lose our country to socialist fools.

  • imgrateful_1

    I thought of a question!!! Who are the real “Dreamers”???? It seems that Dem Swamp rats is the answer. They keep dreaming for their time back in the WH. Is the broom pilot thinking of trying it again? That would be her dream!

  • Pappy528

    All this investigation is designed to do is impeach trump. The Democoms have been trying to impeach a Republican President Since we impeached Clinton. They tried for the eight years of Bush.

  • Dan

    I sure hope so!