Does Stormy Daniels Have Incriminating Photos?

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer of Stormy Daniels, was recently on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” where he had a very heated debate with Michael Cohen’s lawyer Arthur Schwartz.

The bickering started over Cohen’s $130,000 payout to Stormy Daniels where Avenatti screamed,  “The guy doesn’t even know the law. He’s a thug. Your friend is a thug!”

When Schwartz doubted the legitimacy of the lie detector test and pointing to a picture, Daniels lawyer stated, “That’s not the last one, that’s not the last picture. Buckle up. Buckle up.”

Schwartz responded, “I should buckle up? Believe me, I have nothing to buckle up over.”

He stated, “You’ll need a big one, but buckle up.”

Schwartz also stated, “It’s more of your illusions.”

  • The shyster lawyer is just another loser.

  • Stanley Arrington


    • Rick Vitti

      SO WHAT?

    • cabin cowboy

      Maybe she can borrow the “blue dress”

    • Gene H

      The majority of us on the right really don’t care what President
      Trump or any of his people have done 10 to 12 years ago or more. It’s
      what he does now and from now on that we care about. Have you ever heard
      the old adage of you clean around your back door before you worry about
      mine? Perhaps we should start really digging into the one’s on the left
      past. I’m pretty sure we would come up with quite a bit of trash if we
      dug deep enough into the garbage pile.

    • lorna shores

      it doesn’t have a thing to do with his Presidency!

      • shetland pony1

        I agree that it has nothing to do with his Presidency. However, it has a lot to do with Sexual Harassment if he was involved with inappropriately touching women who has come forward. He innocent until proven guilty if that’s the case. If people would just think about the time, energy and money wasted on all the unnecessary investigations. From Kennedy to Trump who cares what happened with them and another consenting adult. These people are grown. They know what the hell they are doing. Taking sides doesn’t help. All this mess need to stop regardless of who’s elected POTUS. Start with Congress and vote all those lame complacent lifers out of office.

  • Kurt

    This is all consensual. There is no story here.

  • jack

    believe or not where is the proof ? any one can spin a yarn with money looking them in the face

  • regulus30

    Follow the money;; this whore has already signed two [2] statements saying it did not happen ; but whores DO THINGS FOR MONEY; YES?????????

  • regulus30

    Lucy page mercer Rutherford; Marilyn Monroe, Paula Jones/Anita Broderick/Cathaleen Willey liberal guomas who media ignored because they were liberal potus.

  • Danny S.

    From the time Trump announced his presidential run the left has never stopped running bimbo’s up to smear Trump and deligetimize his presidency.
    What the left fail to understand is most of us don’t care what might or might not have happened 10 years ago. Especially when the source of the accusations are from ladies who’s moral character is very suspect, Oh and it is also very questionable about the timing from the MSM .
    I’m proud of our president for what he has done and the fact that he is standing up to the dishonest media and outing the establishment on both sides of congress. If you are a Trump hater and not smart enough to see that Trump is trying to give back our government to the people that includes Trump “haters” then I would ask you to stop and listen to what he actually is doing. Read some other literature with opposing facts and views. I’m not blind to Trumps sometimes over the top comments but I understand his mission for America and I understand how frustrated and how angry he is having to fight a corrupt system that has failed all Americans while being controlled by non elected bureaucrats and senators who leave government much richer then when they arrived.
    Believe me when I say GOD brought Trump to us because he can’t be bought and his love for allAmericans
    Is easy to see no matter what the MSM SAYS. There isn’t a man on earth that could with stand the unfair attacks and hold his ground like Trump has done. Trump is like DAVID and the MSM , most politicians , the DEEP STATE are GOLIATH Trump can’t throw a rock but he has Twitter!

    Praying for our President

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      If the stupid left can forgive Slick Willie, then they should forgive Pres Trump.

  • Jmanjo

    LOL is that why she is called Stormy, because she tosses and turns a lot!

  • Patti Burt

    She is just after money and I for one do not care a thing about what he did 12 years ago with some porn woman if it did happen

    • Tom

      I agree, as long as it’s not affecting the country, it doesn’t matter what else he is guilty of. And if he is unfaithful to his wife, that is between him and his wife. I mean it was A-OK when Bill Clinton had numerous sexual affairs while he was Governor of Arkansas, and also when he was President of the USA, and no one (especially the Democrats) were concerned about that.

  • Charles Topping

    Buckle up? Whites are usually saying unbuckle, right?

  • Mark Probst

    do they have “incriminating photos”?? I sure hope so, then besides the Attorney and client being sued into oblivion they may face CRIMINAL CHARGES! And with the $ amounts in the NDA its akin to blackmail / extortion which is a FEDERAL CRIME

    California Law Penal Code § 632, enacted under the California Invasion of Privacy Act, makes it illegal for an individual to monitor or record a “confidential communication” whether the communication is carried on among the parties in the presence of one another or by means of a telegraph, telephone, or other device. California is known as a “two-party” state, which means that recordings are not allowed unless all parties to the conversation consent to the recording.

    Under Penal Code § 632(c), “confidential communication” includes any communication carried on in circumstances as may reasonably indicate that any party to the communication desires it to be confined to the parties, but excludes a communication made in a public gathering or in any legislative, judicial, executive or administrative proceeding open to the public, or in any other circumstance in which the parties to the communication may reasonably expect that the communication may be overheard or recorded.

    A violation of Penal Code § 632 can lead to a fine of up to $2,500 and/or imprisonment for up to a year (misdemeanor). In addition, the violator may be subject to civil liability in the amount of $5,000 or three times the amount of any actual damages sustained as a result.

    • E Scott Hollingsworth

      Since when has Caliland ever gave a rats tail about laws?

  • Mark Probst

    Extortion has many different forms. No matter what form extortion is in, it remains a Federal crime. There are many different Federal crimes that are categorized with extortion. The severity of the extortion will make the case a misdemeanor or a felony. Usually, the severity makes the case a felony charge.

  • TJC

    I voted for a man that can turn this country around and get it back on the right track. I did Not vote for a ‘Choir boy”. Why would I care who he had sex with over a decade ago? Clinton had sex in the oval office with a paid intern, and lied about it. Democrats and liberals have – officially lost their minds.

  • lorna shores

    most of us don’t care about the affair, it was before even running for President, and as far as I’m concerned, as long as he’s trying to help the country, his sex life doesn’t enter the picture !

  • Nick

    Paint her black & white and put her to work in the dairy… What a cow!!!

  • steve Douglass


  • shetland pony1

    The information on the POTUS is now on the air. Innocent are not, the POTUS should be truthful about what happened. Whether it 10 or 20 years ago. Everyone know that the politics in this country always plays a roll in elected officials lives. What the POTUS does in his private life is between him his wife and “GOD”. The problem is everyone has there own opinion about this mess. If the people just leave well enough alone and let Stormy Daniels talk. It would probably not get as much coverage. However, this soap opera has turn into something else. The POTUS has an investigation on Russia going on and now he has three women accusing him of misconduct. What’s next? Someone is going to bring up his tax return again. Washington DC has turned into Payton Place. No work is getting done, just a bunch of incompetent trifling morons arguing in Congress.

  • Edward Marquez

    Money,Money the Democrats pay out Money for almost any thing even lies from Whores.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    If anyone is a criminal in all of this nonsense it is Daniels.
    She comes out of the woodwork after all these years to accuse the President.
    First she says the “affair” never happened and signs a statement saying that.
    She entered into a legal NDA and accepted an agreed upon amount with Cohen.
    Then she says it wasn’t legal and she should not be bound to it.
    Then she goes on every TV show in the nation, hinting at an affair.
    Now, she is outright extorting the POTUS because of her thirst for fame and fortune.
    Her greedy, rotten scoundrel of an “attorney” keeps bragging that the fix is in.
    Now she is upset because President Trump called her on it.
    Defamation? Really? She has LIED numerous times. This needs to end, now!!!