Dunkin’ Donuts Is APOLOGIZING Over What An Employee DID To Police Officers!

In a ridiculous show of contempt to police officers, some moron Dunkin’ Donuts employee scrawled “Black Lives Matter” on his coffee cup after he went to the store for a cup of joe.

Watch below:

It was smart of Dunkin’ Donuts to apologize but they really need to go all the way and fire those idiots.

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Americans appreciate the police officers that put their lives on the line for us, and we definitely DO NOT like it when they’re insulted by idiot employees.

Dunkin’ Donuts needs to everything it can to show that it supports law enforcement, and it won’t shelter these idiots who think that they can insult police officers without any repercussions.

If you want to mock the police, you should be unemployed because I definitely don’t want to pay for your employment, scumbag.

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