Even Sean Hannity RIPPED INTO John Boehner For His Attack On Cruz!!

Sean Hannity has all but come out to endorse Donald Trump, as most viewers have complained, but even he had to speak out against the unfair abuse heaped onto Ted Cruz by the former Speaker of the House, John Boehner.

Watch his fiery rebuke at the beginning of this segment:

I have to hand it to Hannity – as much as he’s been dishonest about his brazen support of Donald Trump, at least he’s reasonable enough to see an unfair hit job on his competitor, Ted Cruz.

What the election has made clear is that the establishment has lost its stranglehold on the electorate. Whatever Boehner thinks he’s accomplishing by bashing Ted Cruz is probably gonna end up like every action of the establishment – it’s gonna come back and slap him in the face.

Maybe that’s why the U.S. Congress has seen its lowest favorability rating since it has been recorded!!


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