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Even The Pentagon Thinks Closing Gitmo Is A Bad Idea – And They’re FIGHTING OBAMA Over It!

We’re finally finding out why Obama hasn’t been able to keep his 2008 campaign promise to close Guantanamo Bay and send the terrorists elsewhere – the Pentagon has been fighting him every step of the way.

Watch below:

More from Reuters:

In September, U.S. State Department officials invited a foreign delegation to the Guantanamo Bay detention center to persuade the group to take detainee Tariq Ba Odah to their country. If they succeeded, the transfer would mark a small step toward realizing President Barack Obama’s goal of closing the prison before he leaves office.

The foreign officials told the administration they would first need to review Ba Odah’s medical records, according to U.S. officials with knowledge of the episode. The Yemeni has been on a hunger strike for seven years, dropping to 74 pounds from 148, and the foreign officials wanted to make sure they could care for him.

For the next six weeks, Pentagon officials declined to release the records, citing patient privacy concerns, according to the U.S. officials. The delegation, from a country administration officials declined to identify, canceled its visit. After the administration promised to deliver the records, the delegation traveled to Guantanamo and appeared set to take the prisoner off U.S. hands, the officials said. The Pentagon again withheld Ba Odah’s full medical file.

Today, nearly 14 years since he was placed in the prison and five years since he was cleared for release by U.S. military, intelligence and diplomatic officials, Ba Odah remains in Guantanamo.

In interviews with multiple current and former administration officials involved in the effort to close Guantanamo, Reuters found that the struggle over Ba Odah’s medical records was part of a pattern. Since Obama took office in 2009, these people said, Pentagon officials have been throwing up bureaucratic obstacles to thwart the president’s plan to close Guantanamo.

Negotiating prisoner releases with the Pentagon was like “punching a pillow,” said James Dobbins, the State Department special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan from 2013 to 2014. Defense Department officials “would come to a meeting, they would not make a counter-argument,” he said. “And then nothing would happen.”

Pentagon delays, he said, resulted in four Afghan detainees spending an additional four years in Guantanamo after being approved for transfer.

In other cases, the transfers of six prisoners to Uruguay, five to Kazakhstan, one to Mauritania and one to Britain were delayed for months or years by Pentagon resistance or inaction, officials said.

Isn’t it amazing that 7 years into Obama’s presidency we find out that the entire Pentagon agrees with conservatives on a huge promise he made, and an enormous plank of his campaign platform?

You THINK that would have been nice to know earlier maybe?


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  • grin-n-barrett

    Turning loose the very people who want to murder us? What could possibly go wrong with that? Besides, Obama needs to free his terrorist brothers before he is out of power.

    • The Redman

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      • grin-n-barrett

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        • The Redman

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          • The Redman

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          • grin-n-barrett

            I say again I will not waste my time arguing with an idiot, racist.

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      • Linda Shelton

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        • The Redman

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      • NotJim

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  • The Redman

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  • B. Zerker

    Mark my words, if and when Obozo does empty Gitmo, he’ll surrender the lease back to Cuba probably by fiat. Since they need the money, Cuba will lease it out to China or someone else. My suspicions actually indicate that Valerie Jerrit has been working behind the scenes and it could be to Iran. We’ll be left with a nuclear powered enemy right off the tip of Florida. This Jihadist in Chief just wants twist the knife in Americas back once again before leaving office. What’s he got to worry about, he’ll be living in his multi-million dollar mansion in Dubai.

    • NotJim

      0bama has to maintain his competitive position vis-à-vis Jimmy Carter, in order to maintain his perch as the Worst President. If Carter gave up the Panama Canal, and helped hand Iran to the ayatollahs, does 0bama dare to do any less?

      • iuyyyyui

        My prediction:

        Just like Jimmy Carter has done, OBAMA will be running his mouth and “opining” about anything and EVERYTHING for the next 40 years during which he’ll have the title, “Former President”. RUNNING HIS MOUTH. EVERY WEEK. EVERY DAY. ANY NEWS SHOW / POD-CAST / STREAMING PLATFORM / SOAP-BOX THAT WILL HAVE HIM. JUST LIKE JIMMY CARTER. (Remember, Jimmy was last around in 1980 as a full-fledged “President”. It’s now 2016, and he was just on the news last month babbling about his “cancer”: almost 40 years of NON-STOP MOUTH.)

        THAT … is the nature of LOSERS. They get their time in the sun, BOTCH IT UP, and spend the rest of their life like Marlon Brando in “On The Waterfront”:




  • Liberty

    Keep GITMO open. GITMO is where we move all Islamic inmates in every one of our prisons who attempt to radicalize others. We cannot have breeding grounds for terror in our homeland. May I suggest that you all read Tommy Robinson’s “Enemy of the State.” I expect it will chill you to the core like it did me.

  • apzzyk

    This problem is largely caused by Conservatives who insist that these prisoners are guilty until proved innocent, and keep funding Gitmo rather than bringing them to prisons in the US if they are really that dangerous. These same people do not seem to be that a major place where Islamic conversion takes place are in our existing prisons. If you can visit one of these domestic coversion areas, you will be able to spot them because they, under freedom of religion, are always wearing some head covering, and when they have completed their sentences they ARE released into the population. Almost all former inmates do not like the US for some reason because of their imprisonment. Now, with probably more than 10% of the adult population having a ‘criminal record’ the US probably has more internal potential terrorists than it really wants or needs, but that is Law and Order.
    All of the members of the active military are essentially public appointees – one Senator block the increase from Brig Gen, to Major Gen, on the basis that his state was not getting as much federal money as it wanted for a year or two, which had nothing to do with his rank or qualifications for the proposed posting. If they were really doing so much sympathetic to Conservatives, there would be stacks of resignations on the President’s desk. Over all of Obama’s secretaries of defense, the only one who advised against bringing them into the US was the first – a republican. Being in the military mans that regardless of rank, you go where you are sent and do your duty to the best of your ability while there – otherwise, at the Officer level you will be out on your ear. Any president takes advice, but not orders from the military.

  • tinkerunique

    0’bumma wants to release prisoners of war back to the area they are familiar with – and continue to wage war on us…. Just like he has done in the past.

  • TOM

    BHO, leave stuff alone, you have less than a year, please don’t screw anything else up. You have already released many prisoners, terrorist that we spent time lives and dollars capturing. don’t screw this up. You are conforting the enemy. Your Treasonist acts won’t go unnoticed by the next adminisrtation

  • FAITH47

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