Everyone Agrees THIS Was The Most Devastating Moment Of The GOP Debate!!

The results are in, and nearly everyone agrees that the most devastating moment of the third GOP debate was when Jeb Bush tried to jab at Marco Rubio, and he calmly and surgically obliterated Jeb with a mortal wound to his campaign.

Watch this brutal exchange:


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Nearly across the board, both left and right, pundits and commentators agree that this moment probably ended Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. That’s how bad it was for him.

And on the flip side, Marco Rubio was able to make a negative story into an absolute triumph and vanquishing of a political competitor.

There have been few such overwhelmingly one-sided victories in a political debate.

What do you think? Is Jeb Bush’s presidential run over or can he come back? Let us know in the comments!!


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