Famous Black Intellectual Tells The Most Ridiculous LIE About ‘Black Lives Matter’

If you’ve never had the displeasure of getting to know Cornell West, then get yourself in the mood to enjoy this ridiculous video where he discusses the “Black Lives Matter” movement with fellow commie moron Marc Lamont Hill.

Watch below:

In case you didn’t catch it, Cornell West literally says that there’s no evidence at all that anyone from the Black Lives Matter movement has ever threatened a police man.

Now this is patently absurd. There have been riots where businesses were burnt down and people assaulted, and during those events police were being attacked when they tried to restore order. Cops had bricks thrown at them, rocks, glass bottles, and all matter of other projectiles. There were police that were hospitalized!! But amazingly, West has absolutely no clue about these events, or he’s just blatantly lying about it.

And neither the idiot host or his commie compadre even attempt to correct him in his blatant misrepresentation of reality.

Just amazing!


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