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Famous Black Intellectual Tells The Most Ridiculous LIE About ‘Black Lives Matter’

If you’ve never had the displeasure of getting to know Cornell West, then get yourself in the mood to enjoy this ridiculous video where he discusses the “Black Lives Matter” movement with fellow commie moron Marc Lamont Hill.

Watch below:

In case you didn’t catch it, Cornell West literally says that there’s no evidence at all that anyone from the Black Lives Matter movement has ever threatened a police man.

Now this is patently absurd. There have been riots where businesses were burnt down and people assaulted, and during those events police were being attacked when they tried to restore order. Cops had bricks thrown at them, rocks, glass bottles, and all matter of other projectiles. There were police that were hospitalized!! But amazingly, West has absolutely no clue about these events, or he’s just blatantly lying about it.

And neither the idiot host or his commie compadre even attempt to correct him in his blatant misrepresentation of reality.

Just amazing!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • JW

    Well I started to look at what that idiot Cornell West was going to say and then noticed that it was a clip from CNN. No one saw it except the writer of this article and he probably gets paid to watch this stuff and report on it. My condolences my friend. The only time I even notice CNN is in the airport when it’s turned to that channel by the gay TSA union staff. Then I just go to my phone and read.

    • boone1

      I never watch this communist CNN they have no class just like MSNBC.

      • Apolloone

        I rarely watch any television news, when I do it’s Fox and some of them I cant stand Chris Wallace being the number one, here is what this jerk said to Doctor Ben Carson: “Wouldn’t putting you in the White House be like putting Obama in the operating room” If Wallace believes this, then he is a very stupid man, many people in this country would make good presidents, love of God Family and the country would be ideal, presidents can always surround themselves with the best advisors, I’m sure all good presidents do, look at who Obama surrounds himself with, racists that hate whites, Muslims that hate Christians as in the Muslim Brotherhood. I’m sure you will enjoy this article, key in> The Counter Jihad Report and click on the article posted 9/8/15 and see what several Egyptian government officials are saying about Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood and also Ben Laden’s former top man Sheikh Nabil says the Muslim Brotherhood are the most dangerous men in the world, because they have convinced the west they are for peace, he says they are behind most all of the terrorist organizations, something I have believed for a long time anyway, this will be worth your time. BTW the writer of the article and owner of PJ media went with a congressional delegation when this interview took place. I’m going to try and find out who went, if they were Democrats I doubt they will even talk about it if they do they’ll let CNN put their spin on it in favor of Obama, I already knew the Egyptians have contempt for Obama, I gathered that from watching Egyptian television, if it weren’t for some Egyptian military generals Egypt would be like Iraq today because John McCain and Lindsey Graham went there to give aid to the Muslim Brotherhood. I was in several cities in Egypt several years ago, from my ship to one airport we had guards inside the bus with machine guns guards with machine guns in front of the bus and in back of the bus. I met a female medical doctor Harvard graduate, but she became a guide because she couldn’t make a living. I just looked at my post, I didn’t realize it was so long, as I have a very small window to type in and I cant get my computer to make paragraphs and it’s a pain to type because the page jumps and goes blank for as long as a minute. Take Care{}:-)

        • Oingo Boingo

          FOX is as equally vile as the other Manure Fountains, in their own crappy way.
          Wallace is a Legacy, a ridiculous definition of “Flappy Mouth”, thanks to his late father.

    • Apolloone

      CNN; Welcome to the Communist News Network, home of professional spinners, we spin everything worth spinning.

  • DonRS

    Give me a break! Two blacks, NEITHER is an intellectual, just BLACK. Harvard hired West, who subsequently jumped ship and went to Princeton, both once great schools, now just totally biased and bigoted, with Princeton moving ever more to the loony side.

    • Apolloone

      I must have had the wrong definition of Intellectual, silly me, I didn’t know all one had to do was graduate from some Marxist University and memorize their commie propaganda.

      • Rosech Levy

        Yale, Princeton, Harvard are all lefties and have been for some years. Expensive and not worthwhile to waste your money to send a child there. Check out Hillsdale for a great education and love of America. Then ship out every communist (there are many in the DNC), muslim, and invaders and we will have our country back and a lot less expense in welfare waste.

    • Oingo Boingo

      Princeton further debased itself by giving that corn rowed, self important, crazed, raving, lisping Mulatto Commie freak, Melissa Harris-Perry, a position on it’s faculty.
      ANYBODY that’s in their right mind would NEVER subject a child to Ivy League Commie Indoctrination Centers.

    • ginger

      There has been too much of Black Muslim Communist in this Country/you dont think there all teaming up with Black Panthers who have been in hate groups from way back in the 60s see this is Americca for soem reason these hate groups start from Colleges University /ive been too College ive see them gather and talk down about white people/and how they are going too run us all out and Take America Over/we shouldnt allow these Group Haters in this Country /Expecialy the Ones who hate Whites /Mexican/Orientals /Puerto Ricans and all.I have been told from other College kids too they teach Hate and all/They need too be fired arrested and all.And when we here Black Muslims threating on TV about what there going too do too American Whites then i think they should Lock them up are put them back with the ISIS groups/we should not allow this in America/we should not allow us too be Divided/And when they do then they need too be fired from there Job with No pay nor nothing/Because of there Primitive behavoir in this Country.Gov should not allow them to Teach or even go too Schools in America.

  • cbs102642

    How the f**k does one get to be a professor of “African American Studies”? The came here on ships owned by Europeans, got sold to black and white people here, picked cotton for the most part, got freed by Abraham Lincoln, then set about establishing Ghettos in the inner cities and commenced their law breaking activity. End of their story.

    • Ddenney1

      The profession that can only lead to unemployment or TENURE!!!!!!

      • Apolloone

        Not as long as we have a bloated government and the willingness of the people to put up with it and it’s continual bloating this so-called profession and others like it will find a home with some government agency, if such a department doesn’t exist not a problem, just create one. That bloating will burst not if but when.

    • thekidde

      You prove ignorance is bliss.

      • cbs102642

        And you, no doubt are so much more enlightened. Like Obama, I apologize.

    • Oingo Boingo

      The Skoo & Kollige Chimpz like to tell fantastical stories–at the expense of delusional humans– to each other, and DWLs, about Pyramid building, self levitation, inventing everything…and how YT took it all away from them…
      an be O-pressin them, an awl.
      Oh…an dee terbul legmacee of slabery…
      or something.

    • Rosech Levy

      Started back with Lyndon Johnson and then Affirmative Action (that’s where Moochelle was able to get into university but being criminally minded lost her license to practice in all places Chicago so really dastard) and setting up courses to be compassionate and cuddle the idiots and let them think they had real grievances. Interesting enough Oprah is not from African background but one of an island. So they complain about stuff they never suffered, had the same advantages as we and think they are special. NOT! If they are not happy here and feel their lives are in danger, well go to Venezuela, Cuba, or any other tyranny in Africa since you think that type of government is better. Stupid cannot be cured.

    • Steve Crawford

      False information and rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

      • cbs102642

        To what false information do you refer?


      It was 90 years of segregation that caused the ghettos. It is liberals and their welfare state that has caused the crime rate to soar.Being black doesn’t make the crime rate to increase. Listening to liberals has.

  • Ddenney1

    Obviously the word intellectual is either being used way too loosely or the left has changed the definition of words AGAIN!!!!

    • lucas2

      I dont know who you people are, but the real idiots and stain to this society are the people who genisy nations, steal their goods, rape their people and then call themselves civilized. Believe me they’re not the ones that came here in chains, but the ones that wear and condone the hoods.

  • Dudley DoRight.


    • Edd USN Ret.

      Hey Dudley, just for the record, I got away from you up in Canada and I’m living in teXass. Dastardly Dan!!!

    • cheetah

      AMEN!! 🙂

    • cheetah

      Each time I read you, Dudley, you hit the nail on the head. Recognize RCMP uniform. Yank or maple leaf? Left B.C. when a kid, raised in CA.

    • Oingo Boingo

      The 2 Bawlmer straightened head fur, gubbamint and law BLAK byetches would be better employed cleaning toilets…after they turn dey tricks on The Corner.

  • Alan

    He has no clue about anything ,he just likes to hear himself talk. He thinks it makes himself relevant.


    How did this jerk get the title of Black Intellectual? He sound just like the idiots that are supporting the riots and murders of white police officers. Him and his buddy, little Al Sharpton need to move over and let someone with a little intelligence represent the Black Lives Matter movement. If the blacks want to make sure there lives matter, they need to talk to liberals that are using them as puppets.

    • Edd USN Ret.

      JIMBO, you well know that NOBODY with any intelligence would want to be associated with any group of N****** that push BLACK LIVES MATTER but don’t have to intelligence to take a stand against ignorant BLACKS killing ignorant BLACKS. The #2 killer of BLACKS. The #1 killer is Black mothers to be killing the unborn child before another ignorant BLACK JA kills it later on over being Dis-ed. Our schools and society in general have been DUMBed down to try to bring a sense of pride to people who do not want to learn or even support themselves or their families, all done at the expense of those trying to better themselves thru LEARNING.

  • marihia

    Too many white people voted for him and now MOST WISH THEY HAD NOT DONE SO!!

  • David Jones

    What these two idiots intellectual???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patriot1955

    Dumb and dumber, they should make a movie.

  • Psjlt

    Cornell West and Intellectual should NEVER be used in the same sentence. Typical CNN reporting too. West, Sharpton, Lamont-Hill, Rev. Wright, Obama, the list of race-baiting morons goes on and on and on! And the gullible, liberal sheeple fall for all of the idiocy these people can cry. Sad, very sad. We should not even give these idiots any attention.

    • Apolloone

      I believe Al Sharpton is an Intellectual, because he’s a very sharp man and has done so many good deeds for blacks and whites, Al for president and maybe Nancy Pelosi for VP another Intellectual. Hey do you want to slap me, I just listed two of the biggest Idiots in America, and are dangerous idiots too for obvious reasons. Sad to say but there are a great number of fools who think that way about these two. BTW I couldn’t agree more with your post():-)

  • kotoc

    But then again, one CAN argue that “Black lives matter.” ALL lives matter!! What I’d like to know is what they’re planning to do about the mothers and fathers, of these black people who loot, kill, rob, etc., that haven’t taken the time to raise their children to be law-abiding citizens. When they get to the ROOT of the problem, and start from there, the problem will correct itself. Start first with birth control by means of contraceptives if a couple doesn’t wish to have a baby. And if a couple DOES wish to have children, they take an oath to raise them in a healthy, happy environment instead of letting them run wild, like the weeds that take over the “garden” of humanity. It’s been said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Nobody has the right to say those police officers don’t’ have the right to do their jobs, or have the right to protect themselves either.

    • eagle keeper

      In reference to your remarks concerning the raising of a child, this is what we have our new parents commit to when presenting their child for dedication. Covenant of the church; “Recognizing the responsibilities we have as a church family toward this child, we pledge to deal with her or him lovingly and tenderly in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Before God, we promise to provide the time, talent and resources to insure her or his spiritual nurture through the ministries of this church. We promise to pray for these parents and do everything we can to encourage them to be the best Christian parents they can be”. If more children regardless of color were supported by a loving church and parents, we would have a much better world to live in.

      • Sue4477


  • Lertha Muttz

    3 dumbass peas in a pod, just wasting oxygen.

  • abobinmn

    Black Lives Matter has rapidly devolved into a hate group and now associates with radical Muslims.

    • Debrarutherford

      Wait One Dam Minute, don’t know What Hen Egg you Hatch from, but You Confused. Got To be, you living in Land of FogDeville,your Pretty Cloudy on What Black lives matter all about. Never in all my 57 yrs have I Pass on Info of another Race I have no Knowledge of on a He said, she said basis. That would Log ime with the Racial haters. And I’ve given to Veteran, not asking Is this Person White, black,yellow,green,red,purple. What I’m helping with,arm,legs,wheelchair, prosthetic limb. Or do I care to help aid Needy Ppl. Fact, I have been a Needing, in my life, I’m giving back to Who Ever was Not Heartless❤️A lot of Heartless❤️ Ppl.

    • Debrarutherford

      Black Families are who will Pray and Forgive those who killed their Loved ones. Hating want bring them back. So I say go be in on Prayer of one of those Families. Truly, everyone is different, but Most are Godly, this is one of the thing done in Black Churches. Prayers for Meek& Mild.

  • paulrod

    I keep waiting for somebody to holler, “Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night Live!!”

  • SDofAZ

    Is this the intellectual being referred to in this article? Sure explains a lot about the level of achievement in this particular race!

  • flacko

    B L M bunch of paid thugs

  • richardcancemi

    Black charlatans abound in the Black Communities and do nothing of true value when they continue their campaign to make Blacks believe they are the Victims, of police or the System or Whitey. Disaffected Blacks need to realize that they are victims of their so-called Leaders and Spokespersons, that they are victims of themselves. They foster prejudice against themselves with their constant whining and complaining and accusing everyone else for their miseries but never take responsibility for what they do or do not do. Under Obama and the Progressive dominance in our Country there has been a resurgence of the Black/White divide; and a resurgence of animosity among all of the Races. Far too many Blacks have been returned to slavery under the “benevolence” of Welfare and other forms of dependency on the Nanny State. They serve their “Massahs” in Washington same as the slaves did with the “Massahs” of the South 200 years ago. The Democrats cater to the weakness in Black Communities by continuing to foster and feed those weaknesses. Too many today are convinced they cannot exist without the Messiahs’s handouts. However as long as they settle for the Messiahs and not themselves controlling their lives, they will never achieve the American Dream. Killing Cops, killing Whites. rioting and looting in knee-jerk reactions to Incidents do nothing to better their plight. You leaders have grown ‘fat’ on your misery. Listen to good and true Black Leaders like Ben Carson , Thomas Sewell and the many other Successful Blacks who exhort you to stand on your own two feet and be willing to take responsibility for the management and work and work that is needed for you all to be successful. Do not idolize hucksters. Do not memorialize thugs. These actions do not make YOUR lives better but it does enrich the hucksters who feed off your misery while doing NOTHING of value for you. They use their influence among you to deliver you en masse to the Huckster Leaders in Washington who depend on your voting bloc to sustain their comfy seats in Washington and other seats of government. I want to see Blacks succeed in the American Dream. However, it comes at a price that all must pay to achieve it. We can live in harmony IF we kick out the stokers of Hatred and Discord. Take back the power you gave them over your livers. Take charge of your own selves. You will be much better off in the end. Send the Charlatans packing. Be true to yourselves!


      My relatives think black people need government programs. That’s why they ask what programs do the Republicans have for black people. I can’t make them understand that the programs do nothing but keep us down .That’s why I have never used them.

  • Clifford Hughes

    I haven’t watched anything on cnn(Not even worth capitalization) for 5/6 years now.
    You can get a lot more information by watching a Looney Tunes Cartoon. Porky Pig comes to mind offhand

  • Elmer Fredrick


  • Donald Clark

    ‘Famous black intelectual’? That’s an oxymoron. Tell this dude to see his dentist, it’s surely paid for by Obamacare, plus other checks that keep him ranting.

  • Joken Joe

    How to make a muzzy commit suicide.

  • Joken Joe

    Redman is in the house. Friend sent me a pic of him. But I believe he got it backwards.

  • ADRoberts

    This person looks like an ape with the scowl of an demon.
    Yes, he is trying to look intimidating on purpose. What he does not know is that he is motivating the secular whites in society to get ready to FIGHT. And most of them know how.

  • afanaglenn

    Black lives are too stupid to matter. Like the muslims sent back to a muslim country, these blacks need to be SENT BACK TO AFRICA. Not only are blacks the STUPIDEST RACE race, NEXT TO MUSLIMS, they are some of the most violent, without cause. America needs to purge itself of idiots. We are permitting entry to all of the idiots. And Europe is permitting entry to all of the muslim slime, COWARDLY SLIME that would rather run than try to save their country. Its’ no wonder they appeal to Obama, brothers in kind, stupid and cowardly.

  • cheetah

    Down below, The RedMan uses terminology of blacks. Must be mixed, that’s why so mad, especially if skin isn’t dark enough to pass as “black”. Did the same in “Schools forced to write ‘Allah Is The Only God'” article.



  • Michael Valgos

    Why do people even waste time on assholes like this. This guy is nothing more than a black instigator who happens to have a diploma. He is a racist bigot that needs to squashed like the vermin that he is. If the media would stop giving attention to idiots like this they would go no where. We have a liberal media and if they can’t find a decent story, they go after morons like West. It is perfectly clear that this punk doesn’t like it here, so why doesn’t he move to where he believes he will be treated differently? I can say with confidence that he will never be treated any better than he is now in spite of his obnoxious mouth. He needs to shut up, and spend a lot more time in a dentist chair.

  • Ped Xing

    Stupor Mexican throws around lots of words she doesn’t even understand…..

  • charlie Hall

    OK Now what group was chanting Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon?…

  • Jim

    Misunderstanding? Hyperbolic Rhetoric? Sounds more like Obfuscation of the truth, in other words A Lie.

  • Oingo Boingo

    Why aren’t those two sub-human wastes of air rendered into gator bait ?
    If a meteor strikes Earth, I hope Ground Zero is the CNN production center studios…when ALL the senior management and owners are there.

  • Robert Wilson

    Black lives DO matter; How else would they be able to enjoy welfare if dead?

  • Donald Clark

    Let me ask: Have you ever seen racial relations in the past 50 years reduced to such a low level? No? Now, guess who is to blame for that?

  • cbs102642

    Well Debra, you certainly didn’t learn much in that integrated school because your English is beyond understanding for most people. Fortunately, I was a police officer for 10 years and rode the ghetto so I speak some ebonics and understood your pale attempt to discredit my comment.

  • Oingo Boingo

    Do bad LSD plus jenkem much ?

  • Dan

    I have no idea why any station would give these monkeys airtime. I can appreciate the fact that cornel west is a teacher at a school, which is a remarkable accomplishment when a few years before he was peeling bananas with his feet and throwing his own poo.
    But give it a rest, these people are still common chimpanzees, and should be treated accordingly.