Firefighters Flew This Flag – And Were Called ‘TERRORISTS’ For It!!

This is one of the weirdest and stupidest stories I’ve ever seen. Firefighters from a town in Rhode Island were actually called “terrorists” for flying a flag on their firetruck.

Was it an ISIS flag or some other terrorist flag? No, that would make sense…

Here’s what happened:

Yup, they were flying the AMERICAN flag and were called terrorists over it!! Unbelievable.

Here’s more from the Daily Caller:

“They look like a bunch of yahoos,” Gralinski said. “Like in the paper, like ISIS in Syria going to take over a city. I don’t think they need that big flag on the back of the truck. That’s not America to me. Those are a bunch of terrorists. So, I’m going to ask you to take the flag off that truck.”

…Now, the firefighters union claims they’re being told to take the flag off of the truck. “It’s American to us,” union president David Gorman told NBC10. “The members are very upset. I have a couple members, armed service retired, retired from the guard.”

Gregg Perry, a spokesman for the fire district, told NBC10 that the district is indeed implementing a new policy but that it only requires firefighters to “ask for permission” to put American flags and decals on their trucks. The firefighters, however, told NBC10 that the district is pressuring them behind the scenes to remove the American flag.

Gralinksi, for his part, apologized for any “perceived disrespect” from his comments.

I don’t know who this moron is, but he needs to resign from his position because he’s lost it.

Since when has it been that firefighters flying an American flag is UN-American? Did I miss a memo or something?!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

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  • Alan Manisco

    This is what the left has done to this country. Won’t say the pledge of allegiance in the classroom, no american flags on trucks. WTF??? I even heard of a story in Texas, about a man that hung an american flag off of his balcony at his apartment, and was told to take it down, because it might offend the muslim community. Well F**K muslims, and any immigrants or refugees that come here and don’t want to be American.

    • blackwingA520

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  • wolveyjanet

    Gralinski is a Jerk and a Terrorist Himself if this is what He thinks about Our United States Of American Flag! Our Firemen have every Right to fly The United States Flag on Their Trucks! Our Firemen Are Not Terrorist Period! They Safe Lives While Enangering Themselves! They are to be Honored And Respected, Just Like Our Military, Veterans And Our Police! They All Put Their Own Lives In Danger To Protect All Of Us! God Bless All Of Them And Thank You For Your Sacrifices!

  • Lee

    Liberals are at it again.

  • William Penrod

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  • Dianna Zerbe

    why don’t the firemen wipe this man’s address off their places to attend to in case of a fire and who will he call when he needs a fireman? people have got to start standing up for their rights as American citizens and stop letting the “few” take off our country. What does the city say about the “AMERICAN FLAG” on their fire trucks? Make it a law “AMERICAN FLAG” on firetrucks but not other flag! you know if no law other organizations will slink their ways in!

  • billyleetx

    Hey move to Texas where they put signs “In God We Trust” on police cars and emergency vichicles!

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  • justdave

    I hope that I can educate those that do not, or will not, tell the difference between similar and the same thing. A large flag on a truck with an ISIS or other terrorist groups’ flag on it is designed to invoke fear and terror on the local populace. A large flag on a truck with an American or other secular nations’ flag is designed to invoke patriotism or relief (that someone is coming to help). So, in conclusion, similar is not the same thing. All you PC a??holes, write this 100 times on the chalkboard.

  • hornman2

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  • solog

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    I don’t know who Mr. Gralinski might be, but I do know that if everyone simply ignored his ignorant and stupid comments, then there would not be an issue for us to discuss here. Why give him any form of credence and import, when more easily, he could be simply ignored as the ungrateful moron that he has now shown himself to be?

    • ward

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  • Christopher Tabin

    has our country gotten so completely moronic that we are willing to blackball our nation’s heroes? they stuck their necks out on the line for us, so that we can feel safe. we should be glad to honor our firefighters, police officers, and especially our soldiers, who are out fighting the wars for us. they’re the real heroes.

  • James E. McCall

    This guy should be ashamed of himself for saying that, another PC idiot, RESIGN FOOL

  • Stan Joy

    Folks, when I see an ISIS flag, I think of all the people they have slaughtered including children and for no reason!! When I see the American flag i think of my brother on an LST HITTING THE BEACH AT NORMANDY !! I think of all the lives that we lost defeating Germany and Japan, and then I think of all the money we spent to rebuild these countries!!! The reason this junk is happening is because there is NO MORE PATRIOTISM in our country!!! They don’t teach History, no one knows about George Washington and Valley Forge, or the Boston Tea Party!!! Those are just a few things that our young people should have been taught, there WERE MANY reasons to be a proud American!! And it isn’t because O’Buma let mentally disturbed men use the ladies bathrooms, and let men marry men. So SAD, please FORGIVE US LORD.

  • thomas

    The US Flag is Our symbol of Freedom & Rights being flown on a Fire Truck with respect is beautiful and indicates Goodwill by Brave and Sincere Firefighters. No sense of this being any sort of Terrorism ? Think that City Board Member Should be removed from office?

  • thomas

    November 2016 Americans VOTE for Donald Trump as President.

  • Anvil6

    Oh, the American flag might not be ‘inclusive’ enough, might not ‘honor the heritage’ of the hundreds of different countries and cultures people in America come from. Well, if we DON’T think this is the greatest country on earth, WHY ARE WE HERE? And why should we not be proud of Old Glory, the symbol of our Nation?

  • Peter Morey

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  • pwebster

    Someone needs to check this man’s ID. I don’t believe he is a US citizen that could be talking like this. If he is a US citizen then he must be insane because a logical sane person would never talk like this in America.

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  • ricktenny

    No Soop you didn’t miss anything more than a whole lot of us. It’s the result of the education our kids received. No Lords Prayer, No Pledge of Allegiance, absolutely no talk of any kind that might offend someone who disagrees with your view. It’s all warm and fuzzy and about one election away from a disarmed population in no position to resist a government ready to take everything they have. A sad testament to what so many of us bled and died for.

  • Vangie Martinez

    What a Jack Ass.

  • Original Anna

    They ask permission and the answer is always no. Yes, and the political police win again. Listen, if these guys want to put a flag on their truck and drive with it let them do it. They are the ones who get out of bed and go to a fire, run into a building on fire and have to carry a burned child out knowing the kid won’t make it. They are the ones who have to go to an accident and pull a car or truck or something apart with their muscles to get someone out. Maybe the person has a head separated from its back and they have to know how to get them out so they won’t be paralized. They are the ones who get shot at and killed by some creep who wants to kill firemen and policemen arriving at a fire, thinking the call is just that, a fire. Our town buried two firemen and one policemen by a guy burning his own house down and hiding so he could kill somebody.
    These guys put their lives in danger for you and me and Gralinksi 24 hours. They are the ones who have to fire up their energy for a long time on most calls and go home with their hearts still racing. They live a life that can kill their hearts faster than mine. If they want to fly a flag on the truck to feel good about living in a free country for whatever reason, THEY HAVE EARNED IT. Let them do it. Gralinksi, I don’t know if you ever went on a call or served our flag in any way, it sounds like you haven’t, you seem to be worried about looks and organization more than making your firemen happy. You need to rethink your thoughts and do it before you need the firemen with the flag flying out the back to rescue you. And calling them terrorists, what a sickening name to call a firemen, shame on you, all they do is save lives not kill people, they are not terrorists but people who love people enough to put their own lives in danger. Shame on you, Gralinski.

  • Jacqueline Lynn


  • ward

    All this crap started 7+ years ago and the problems are all created by the muslim, marxist conspiracy to destroy the U.S. internally and with out any doubt who the instigator is…. !

  • TOM

    Again the FBI should be talking to this a$$hole and finding out what is on his mind. Political correctness has got to go before it destroys this country. Another Liberal trying to take this country down one piece at a time


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    If you are OFFENDED over the U. S. FLAG, GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY, @$$HOLES!!

  • 0331Tap

    Gralinski…Bend over, I need to put my flag away…