Five takeaways from Trump in Texas

President Trump traveled to Texas on Tuesday to view the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

The trip held political opportunities and risks for the president. What were the main takeaways?

Trump plays to convention

For the most part, Trump stayed within the lines of conventional presidential behavior in the wake of major, traumatic events.

At his first event, a briefing open to the media, Trump paid tribute to those who were working on relief efforts and expressed an uncharacteristic note of circumspection, saying that it was too early to “congratulate” anyone on the response to the disaster, which has generally garnered positive reviews.

He instead argued that he wanted the relief work to be an exemplar for the future.

“We want to do it better than ever before. We want to be looked at in five years, in 10 years from now as, this is the way to do it,” he said.

Soon afterward, he addressed a crowd via a microphone and amplifier and asserted to cheers that “Texas can handle anything.”

The broader image, of a president touring an afflicted area and promising concerted action, was a helpful one for Trump, whom polls show to be among the most polarizing presidents of modern times.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), a prominent Trump supporter after ending his own White House bid last year, told Fox News that the president had done “a great job so far.”

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  • RTR

    Seen this same article on the Hill and the demon rats were going crazy in the comments section because America has a president that actually does what he is supposed. These idiots were all whining with unrighteousness because he did not cry and pander to the what they think are victims.

    With the demon rats everyone is supposed to play the victim card and sit and wait for the government handouts like the lazy people that were then and most still are today during Katrina that big government and the rest of America owes them something.

    Guess what, the people of Texas and those in neighboring states that are not lazy and waiting for government hand outs did what they were supposed to do, by not whining and crying about an act of God but rather dealing with that act of God like responsible people do by getting their hands dirty and helping their fellow man just as God would have us do.

    Is quite refreshing to me that humanity has not completely gone off the deep end however as Rom Emanuel and the demon rats always say never let an crisis go to waste. Cant wait to see the pork laden bill that comes out of the congress on this one like the last bill that came out for Sandy. Fortunately there were a few responsible congressmen and senators that said no to that atrocity. Hopefully that will be the case this time too.

    You may have noticed you have not heard a word out of the demon rats on this one, it just does not fit their narrative. Great job Mr President you did exactly what you should have done by supplying words of encouragement and letting the people know just what a good job they were doing without government help.

    • lorna shores

      if the democrats wanted tears, they should have sent Chuck Schumer with the president, he can cry those big crocodile tears without even trying, i think texas see`s through all that shit!

      • RTR

        You are correct, the people of Texas are very wise to the demon rats and the lies that come out of the district of corruption called Washington DC also known as the SWAMP!! As to Chuckie Schumer he and that nit wit called McConnell are almost as bad as the what was called president for some reason obama.

        • HAWK

          You forgot our head RINO nit wit John McCain who is in the swamp with the other swamp rat`s.

          • RTR

            You are correct about McFly upps McCain, talk about a swamp rat, he should have ridden off into the sunset years ago. There are really so many of them, the need for an Article Five Convention of States is paramount and is the ONLY way the people have left to straighten this mess out. TERM LIMITS……

          • HAWK

            I agree 100% term limits would do the job.

    • HAWK

      Excellent post they were more interested in his wifes high heels instead of Trumps excellent words of support.

  • Al Bortz

    like I have said before, Pres. Trump could eat lead and crap gold and the liberals and dumb-o-crits would find a reason to bitch

  • Kurt Kruse

    President Trump did not “argue” about anything,anywhere. He did however express his concerns and hopes for the citizens of Texas that the disaster relief program would be both extremely effective, and completed as soon as humanly possible. And who the hell is Ari Fleisher and why would anyone,give a rats ass about his stupid remark referencing President Trumps empathy? Is a “Empathy Expert” and is there such a thing? This nation grows ever more weary the the tired and the stupid, who pursue the limelight with their nit-witted, and half-ass’ed comments.

    • HAWK

      Good post I agree but that is typical of the nit wits looking for anything to bad mouth Trump. they are discusting anti American a” holes just like Obama is along with his RINO friends.

  • A. Jay

    The President can’t win with the out of touch left no matter what. If he waited to go to Texas, they would yell “he’s out of touch”. He went there with the first lady and they complain about her shoes?? He could stand on the corner and pass out fifty dollar bills and they would complain because it’s not a hundred!!

    • lorna shores

      he donated $1000,000 of his own money, and they wanted to know if it was Russian money, i just want to know how much money the individule on the left donated, and where they got it!

      • HAWK

        If the left donated any money it was our tax money.

    • lorna shores

      they even criticized the first lady for wearing high heels to the helicopter, she had a change of clothes and shoes on the plane, and when she departed plane in texas she was wearing sneakers, whats the big deal?

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well i don’t see any empathy coming from the left , where was oboma after sandy, he made one stop to say he was releasing funds to n.j. and went back to the golf course, 10 years later they are still waiting for their checks

    • HAWK

      That`s because they were deposited in Obamas bank.