FLOTUS Victim Of Celeb’s Vulgar Attack

The First Lady of the United States was the target of uncalled for insults after a washed up celebrity got called out on Twitter.

Stormy Daniels has been popping up in various media outlets since she declared that she was part of an affair with Donald Trump. 

As the limelight starts to leave the pornographic actress, she’s lashing out at anyone in order to maintain some semblance of relevancy.

However her attacks on the president have not gotten her much support and recently one user wrote on Daniels Twitter that, “I will never forgive stormy for trashing our POTUS. She colluded with the Dems and Michael Avenatti.”

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Daniels lashed out in response but what was really outlandish was her decision to drag First Lady Melania into the matter. 

“Because I give a flying f*ck about your forgiveness. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep. Maybe the first tw*t needs her jacket pressed…you know the “I don’t care” one? Haha,” the adult entertainer posted in response. 

This disrespect is the lowest of the low and should be publicly condemned by all who have a shred of decency. Not that Daniels cares, she just trying to fight off her inevitable fading into irrelevance.