Former Border Chief Reveals This Truth

Mark Morgan is a former Border Patrol chief who worked under the Obama Administration. Now he has exclaimed on “Fox & Friends” that, “President Trump is right.”

Morgan spoke in defense of President Trump and not for the first time admitted that “we have a crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

When asked why he was choosing to speak up, Morgan had the perfect answer, “Because the president’s right. President Trump is right, it’s that simple. We have a crisis.”

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Morgan then went on to dispel some of the lies Democrats have spread, like how migrant children apprehended at the border are being kept in cages.

“It’s totally a false narrative and it’s a talking point for the Democrats. They are not cages. They are actually really nice facilities,” Morgan detailed. 

While Morgan admitted there are security measures in place, they are there for protection not imprisonment. 

He also stated that Congress “can fix the majority of the issue in 15 minutes” but that won’t due to “identity politics.”