Is It Time To Build Trump’s Wall?

The well-know political commentator Michelle Malkin insisted on the recent “Fox & Friends” show that the President must begin building the much needed wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

It all started when she was asked what she thought Trump needed to accomplish for 2018 year Her response: “The wall, the wall, the wall.”

“In Congress, guys, now we’ve got this clamor from both parties for a so-called DACA fix. I am one of those unrepentant children of legal immigrants to this country who absolutely support everything this president is doing to put immigration enforcement and border security first, period… You know, we have this clamor now for multi-billion dollar infrastructure deal. Right now, President Trump, until the end of his first term has one infrastructure priority – the wall, the wall, the wall.” she stated.

  • Elly

    Absolutely we need to build that wall. I am disgusted with the rinos and democrats in this administration who are bucking President Trump all the way in every way they can. It is time for them to start working with President Trump. Never before in the history of our country has a president been treated so badly. This nonsense should stop. Mid terms are coming up this year and we patriotic Americans will remember those who are stalling President Trump’s agenda. May God bless America and guide President Trump every day during his presidency.

    • DaveyJ

      I agree. But building this wall is not as important as DEFENDING the border. See my post above. If you haven’t built such walls or barricades, you might be mis informed. The Apaches defended this area far more effectively, with less than 1 percent.

  • DaveyJ

    Considering the Rio Grande River in the center is the actual boundary and walls can be tunneled under quite readily, for miles even, the wall is an expensive option and actual enforcement and penalties for those illegally entering is a far better solution. The Apaches kept this border far more guarded with far less than is being done today. The foolish Obama administration reasoned that all illegal immigrants would vote in Democrats! This was suicide for the USA! This commentator lady has no actual law enforcement or military background. A parrot could be taught to say what she was saying. What liberals are totally OBLIVIOUS to is that in a couple of generations their agenda will be completely replaced by Islam or Illegal communities if the influx of those who mean harm to,the USA. Hard to believe some women back illegal immigration which in two generations would stone them to death in the streets.
    All the women I know as friends hate what Obama did!

  • Paul Erwin

    the wall will stop some but not all BUT the wall will be a one time expense,taking care of illegals,lawyers,education,medical,welfare and whatever they make is sent back to mexico and is NOT SPENT back into our economy,will cost the American people billions year after year after year,build the wall,tax ANY FUNDS sent back to mexico,NO BENEFITS for illegals,DACA children,now adults,have had 2 decades to apply for legal citizenship and HAVE NOT,send them and family back to mexico

    • apzzyk

      Do you have any contact with reality or are you like Trump and create your own? You should check with ICE, INS and the DOJ about the cost of deporting just one illegal. The last figures available shows that after aprehension, it runs about $500,000 each accoring to our laws. That includes at least 6 months of 3 hots and a cot in a dentension center to give the suspected illegal time to show that they are in the country legally or to apply for some other legal status. Trump has not even appointed one new immigration judge, whose decision can be appealed to higher courts, so the process required by law and the Constitution, can take years and a great deal of the taxpayers money. Whether the process is adequate given the consequences is already on appeal to higher courts. If a person was put on full welfare, it would cost the taxpayers only about $30,000 years, so which is larger – the cost of deportation or the cost of welfare if they were eligible? Did you know that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered INS to provide a 17 yo illegal an abortion that she wanted just a month or so ago?
      I am totally opposed, on moral grounds, that deportation except for the very rare real criminals, so should my tax money be used for this purpose? Because the DACA children had to identify themselves and report as a condition of getting the temporary green card, that information collected on them which was coerced cannot be used to penalize them by deportation? Did you know that there are more illegals in the country from Europe, Africa and Asia than there are from S. of the Border? The maids at CO’s ski areas mostly speak French or German rather than Spanish.
      Last month a vet our of the Denver VAMC suicided because there was not enough money in the VA budget to treat him for his PTSD, and so far there have been no vet suicides which can be linked to illegals? What is more important, a vet’s life or the possible deportation of one illegal.
      If you do not like illegals or are just buying Trumps lies, then that is your problem and your problem should not be mine.

      • james

        It sounds like to me that YOU are making everybody’s problems your own,

      • Paul Erwin

        your problem is you think like a democrat,bring in all illegals to build a new democratic voters block because legal American citizens wont vote for democrats or their new world order agenda,democrats have finally shown their colors and revealed how UN-AMERICAN they are,they will shut down the government to keep DACA immigrants in this country,who by the way have had 2 decades to apply for legal American citizenship and HAVE NOT,and ignore Americans well being

      • lorna shores

        sooo, we should just close our eyes to the problem applejak?just keep pouring money into the system? and keep funding the illegals? I’m not just talking about mexicans, I’m talking about all illegals! seems to me, that the wall would be a bargain!

      • phil62

        NO your damned tax money should be used to support the victims of these crimes and the FREE GIMME status of welfare these illegals live under. OH – excuse me — I was not thinking clearly: WE are already paying out those billions of dollars out of our taxes. Dumbass.

  • apzzyk

    According to Adam Smith, the father of Capitalism, if something needs to be done, the private sector will do it. If it is so necessary, Trump could build another resort just S. of Ajo, AZ, right along the border with Mexico, and do that with his own money, not that of the taxpayers. If it is needed so much why do none of the Members of Congress who represent areas adjacent to the border not support it? Could it be that these mostly Republicans with some real Conservatives, do not see that it is needed much less wanted?

    • Paul Erwin

      why would anybody build a resort right on the border,I wouldnt stay there just because of the danger of gangs,illegals,drug runners,human trafficers coming right across the grounds

      • apzzyk

        That is what he wants you to believe to justify using the taxpayers money to justify the great wall that will actually do nothing. The border crossing that is about 40 miles S. of Ajo is the only one for 100 miles in either direction, and it is just to the S. of Organ Pipe National Monument which Trump would like to give to the Bundys even though all of the Sonoran Desert on our side of the border, about 10,000 square miles would probably not support even one cow.
        Even though it is unConstitutional for a person holding elected public office to make a proftt because of his official actions, such as cutting his or her own taxes, this is just another sign that the Founders were evil democrats who wanted a large central government at the expense of private enterprise, and Trump did not sign the Constitution so he does not have to follow it. Estimates are that the Trump clan will only get tax cuts of about a Billion dollars from this tax cut.
        The duty of a really good leader is to lead by example regardless of the possible adverse consequences, which is why all of the generals on the White House Staff have been given medals for personal heroism. I expect that any day now he will appear in uniform with all of the gold braid and medals that befit all other petty dictators.
        However, this 200 miles of border is a primary place where illegals try to enter, even though the odds are against their survival, because of ht very harsh conditions. There is a dirt road along the US side of the border for use by the 4 wheel drive border patrol vehicles, which, like the ones which go along the paved Ajo highway about 40 miles N. of the border that go at higher speeds, are spaced out about 5 miles apart. When given the choice between carrying a kilo of a drug or a jug of water, the illegals who cross take the water, so even though Trump claims that there is a conveyer belt carrying drugs from Mexico to the US none has been found, but if he used his new money from the tax cuts he could build a resort right on the border, and put armed guards on the S. side of the resort to protect it and him from these non-existent illegals. Because of this isolation he would have a monopoly on resorts in this area, and monopolies are always goods. This great 200 mile structure would also create employment for those who have gotten the ultimate tax cuts – have lost their jobs, exhausted their unemployment benefits and are now homeless and living on the streets, and probably account for the 3 million or so fraudulant votes. – LA seems to lead the way in having the most homeless, and you know how CA went in the last election. and you probably know that if you do not have an address that you cannot vote, but somehow they did, and were probably, according to Trump bused to places so that they could vote against him. By giving them a place to stay and jobs he could convert them to his version of the Truth – That he was really elected to be Tyrant of the world and create a new world disorder, and after it is completed then he can rule over all that he can see – at least 1,000 square miles where all of the people are his supporters even though no one lives on these 1,000 square miles- even the small town with all of the medical and dental clinics on the Mexican side of the border would only have Trump supporters. Since it would span the border, he could collect tolls from the student tourists who go to Rocky Point (where the Colorado river used to empty into the Sea of Cortez before the US stole their water). One of the main products sold in Rocky Point are muscle shirts that read “I f*** on first date”, which make their wearers more like him than anyone. The best part of this location is that the 100 miles just to the E. of Yuma and the USMC is the very hospitable Berry Goldwater Bombing Range, which is available for residential and factory construction at a very low price.
        As you might be able to tell, this is just Satire, which Trump and Conservatives do not seem to take as humor, but the description of the land and the border is quite accurate according to my observations on several visits, but these were just between November and March when the temperature at noon is usually below 100 degrees, but sometimes not. In my opinion anyone who makes it from the border to I-10 – 100 miles North – has earned his legal residence. If you would like to take this walk, the border patrol would probably take you out there and dump you off if you would sign a release saying that you understand that you probably will not make it to I-10 – More skeletons found every year than live illegals – even the border patrol has lost people who got out of their vehicles and could not find their ways back. During the Summer, the AC in a BP vehicle will only take the inside temp down to a very comfortable 110 F.


    This should have been done years ago.

  • lyle snyder

    wall should have been built 50 years ago


    Right on, BUILD THAT FRICKING WALL!!!!!!!!!

  • phil62

    Not only is it PAST time to build the Wall from East to West on our southern borders, but when that portion is completed then we need to build South to North on the Californication borders and isolate all the filth and stupidity from the great queer nation.

  • Leon Barber

    Border patrols with machine guns is a fraction of the cost of a wall, which the gangsters will be climbing over anyway.

    • Paul Erwin

      yea,nothing like becoming cheap with the wall but you are willing to put MORE agents lives in danger,maybe killed,on the border,tunnels are easier to manage and contain than 12,000 miles of open border,give these brave agents some help so they can go home each and every night to their families,the wall seems to work for other countries,why not America,is it ALWAYS going to be about the money instead of our safety and security,cut off the money going to terrorist countries who hate and want to kill us,stop people like obama from giving billions to iran,palesteine,turkey,egypt and a dozen others