Fox News TOPPLED In The Ratings By THIS RIVAL News Network!!

In a surprising twist in one of the weirder election cycles we’ve ever had, the king of cable news networks has been toppled from their pedestal by a rival news network!!

CNN happily reports on their own dethroning of Fox News here:

CNN ranked #1 in cable news in prime time in April. CNN beat Fox News for the fifth time in the last eight months in M-Su prime time (four of the past eight in M-F prime) among adults 25-54. The last time CNN had this many prime time wins in an eight-month period versus Fox News was over 14 years ago (Nov. 2001). CNN also handily topped MSNBC this month in all dayparts, with CNN besting MSNBC for the 22nd straight month in Total Day (among both total viewers and among adults 25-54) and in prime time (among 25-54). In total viewers, CNN has now beaten MSNBC for the fifth straight month (or seven out of eight months) in prime time. CNN continued to top MSNBC by wide margins during the day (9am-4pm) – posting a +36% advantage in total viewers (630k vs. MSNBC’s 464k) and +58% more among adults 25-54 (161k vs. 102k).


Of particular note, CNN has narrowed the gap with Fox News (196k vs. Fox News’ 215k) to its smallest level (-9%) in over seven years (since October, 2008) in Today Day among adults 25-54.  CNN beat Fox News in prime time this month among adults 25-54.

So what could have caused CNN to gain more viewers than Fox in the manner not seen for 14 years?

Some think it’s the endless pro-Trump bias of anchors like Greta Van Susteren, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Others think it’s the opposite from Donald Trump’s attacks claiming that they’re biased AGAINST him!

So, what do you think? Was it a pro or anti-Trump bias that sunk Fox News? Let us know in the comments section below!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • They played the “Trump” game, ignoring the other candidates instead of giving the others the same air time and comments. I will not listen to their one-sided station anymore as they have lost sight of being fair to all in their reporting.

  • crazyfreddie


  • Ronald Homan

    When journalists act like whores they can hardly expect to be treated like Nuns!

  • Joanne

    They were the All Donald Trump network instead of Fox fair and balanced, it was so obvious the only thing to do was change the channel.

  • Gary Craft

    I’ve watched and listened to Fox from the beginning and after watching mostly every Fox host kiss and stick their heads up Trump’s butt especially Bolling, Hannity , O’Reilly and of course the enamoured Greta I’ll never tune in again. They say that it’s not so but how blind do they think people are? Apparently as blind as Obama and Clinton believe we are

    • TyRockwell

      The difference is the lack of liberal bias on FoxNews.. Many people want liberal values promoted and Fox won’t do it.

      • Tracy Miller

        They can tune to Liberal bias of MSNBC.

  • jaydee

    I did not change the channel, but just did not watch any news on cable…..just did a lot of reading on line. Also caught up with Hillsdale College lectures in the morning. Time well spent. I think Fox was so afraid of Donald bad mouthing them, they caved. They started out all in for Jeb and ended up with Trump. Trumps ‘supporters’ were viscous on line, I can just imagine the bashing they got if they said anything bad about their man.

  • Marie N Rob Davis

    Trump supporters boycotted all but pro Trump reporters.

    • Gloria D.

      That’s for sure..tired of lying for Fox and CNN ..I only watch minimal news shows, but the main complaint by all the reporters were that Cruz and Kasich when asked to come on as guests could not make it. Trump was mostly always available. These CruzBots gotta blame someone..sorry guys but they(Cruz and Kasich)cannot blame anyone but themselves.

      • stan lee

        Minimal “straight” news for your deciding is OANN, the newst and smallest of the news networks. No kissing up to anyone on that network. Check your cable company, I get OANN in Phila. on Verizon.

        • Gloria D.

          You know, I’ve heard about that network but didn’t know how to get it. Thanks for the heads up Stan Lee!!!

          • stan lee

            You need to check with your provider, it’s only two numbers away from Fox News on my cable choices, and I “discovered” them after being disappointed with Fox which I’ve faithfully watched since it was available in my locality. OANN is strictly news except for newsman “Ledger” who will discuss some things intelligently like a real pro. If you can get them, you’ll like their set-up.

          • Gloria D.

            I really appreciate the info..thank you very much 🙂

  • Marie N Rob Davis

    Get on Board The Trump Train.

    • Gloria D.

      TRUMP 2016-2024!!!

    • D Hall


  • D Hall

    Not at all surprised,the only one i watch is HANNITY.the rest of them are showing their liberal colors

    • stan lee

      Are you reversing the reality? Sean was in the tank for Trump from the get-go. It was sickening, not because I resented Trump, this issue is about Fox News and not Donald taking advantage of what was offered. I’ve always expected Fox News people to avoid favoritism, be a cut above the other networks, but Sean led the bunch of them in appeasing Trump.

      • Tracy Miller

        Sean Hannity gets it! I’m with Sean and I’m with Trump!

  • GodBlessAmerica

    I’m a conservative for Trump and a Fox fan, but when Megyn Kelly started the war with Trump, I could no longer watch Fox and tuned into CNN as my primary news source. When she reached out made peace and started treating him fair, I again returned to Fox. Not sure if others did the same, but that’s my story. However, as a political news junkie, I watch both avidly. Trump has been treated horribly by the majority of the media and pundits. I’m shocked the American people saw through all the PC BS and hatred and voted in my man! God Bless America! TRUMP 2016!

    • 3CatLady

      I still don’t listen to her. One thing that is overlooked is that anything Trump does as apposed to the other candidates is reportable. The Clinton/Sanders race will get more coverage now that Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republicans and Cruz and Kasich are out.. Those who do not vote for the Republicans are supporting 4 more years of Obama which will make him very happy and will have effectively totally destroyed the US and all it stands for. Trump in 2016 and 2020.

    • stan lee

      Trump raised he– with her publicly, but Trump is a very resilient man and I’d bet he went on to his campaigning while TV watchers overreacted at Kelly.
      Trump knows his way around criticism and negativity, his feelings are much less affected than yours. :):) In the interim, you had a tour of the networks.
      Megyn Kelly is a tough, bright, and pretty woman and she, too, can deal with negativity.
      All’s well that ends well!

  • joe haire

    Fire Geraldo, Juan, & Colmes. Phonies all!!

    • Bill Lappen

      Amen !!!

    • Bimu

      Deer in the headlights………..

    • stan lee

      Those three are NYC “homers,”they’d root for a New Yorker if he was lying in a casket at room temperature. Include Hannity with the three!

  • newton farmer

    It is a combination of things. One is the base of fox news watchers are passing away. Second younger viewers want to watch news without a bias. Three the world is becoming more and more liberal and so on.

    Climb the Hill. HILLARY 2016

  • Veteran

    I don’t care if FOX News drops in the ratings if we defeat the Liberals in November! This country cannot survive the likes of BO (Hillary OR Bernie) for another 4-8 years. And I’m pretty certain that Fox News is more than willing to wait until after the election to regain their unprecedented, well deserved first place position.

  • Was it because the people found out that FOX was owned by Saudi that made the people chose not to watch all of Fox.

    • TyRockwell

      You lie DustyFae. The whole article and comments are a purchased advertisement by George Soros and like-minded liberal/progressive followers, who are so easily fooled.

  • babette reynolds

    Teir pro Trump and covering up his lies and justifyingfor him makes me sick to my stomach and Hannity was the worst. NEVER TRUMP AND NEVER FOX

    • Bob

      You are an Idiot Trump 2016 oh by the way your Hitlery is the Lier

    • Tracy Miller

      Never Hillary! Go Trump 2016.

  • Pearl Nardini

    I quit watching Fox because every time I tuned in it was all about Trump. I got sick of watching Trump, listening to Trump and hearing about Trump.
    Pearl Nardini

    • Tracy Miller

      I hope we hear lots more about Trump and his ideas to make America Great Again. I hope you find a cure for your illness.

  • stan lee

    Too many Fox program stars were in the tank for Trump and the favoritism showed.
    What is worse in Fox’s case is Fox is the network that once stood for impartial reporting and commentary, leaving it up to me to decide. Not any more!

  • leisureal-

    I would have to see real figures before I would believe it.

  • Wes

    For me to return to Fox they’d need to fire Megan Kelly, Juan Williams and Yosemite Sam (Geraldo Rivera). It’s not worth my time listening to these three. I’ll continue to watch NEWSMAXTV. The two well worth watching are Dennis Michael Lynch and Steve Malzberg.

  • William Penrod

    Fox News supported Megan Kelly when she tried to ambush Trump, strike one. Fox News programs continually try to influence the public sentiment with opinions not news against Trump, strike two. Fox News less and less reports so you can decide, they more and more try to influence and put forward their agenda, strike three and they are out. To lose to the hacks over at CNN is a real low blow, but one they deserve.

  • GiGreenGuru

    The Tru(th)mp will set you free

  • David Orel

    It has been now several years since I started sensing Fox’s move to the left and New York Times’ to the right. I guess, the owners had a lunch and started talking… They are in the same parasitic cabal which sees normal productive people as sheep to be manipulated and sheered… Screw them.

  • Nina

    I dunno. I have never watche CNN one day in my entire life!! My fav on FOX is mild mannered Cavuto. He’s on daytime, wish he was on all day!

    • Tracy Miller

      Cavuto, Bartiromo, Varney and Hannity are my favs!
      On my cable, CNN is off by itself in the 200s where FOX, MSNBC and NewsMax are together where I can do channel up, channel down … so CNN is my least watched channel.

      • Nina

        😝 Don’t watch MSNBC either. I don’t get Newsmax but I do watc it on my iPad or if necessary my iPhone 6. I enjoy that. Also their emails most times.

  • buggs

    FOX started slipping when Trump went to war with them and started showing up on CNN. Now Megyn Kelly is begging him to come on her program.

  • florida3guy

    Good, I know I stopped watching them because they have become as disgusting as all the other news outlets. It all started with Megan Kelly’s attack on Trump in the very first debate and I have rarely watched them since. I am glad to hear they are feeling the pain. Juan Williams makes me want to puke as does that worthless Geraldo and the phony Megan Kelly. No more and I feel much better for making this change.

  • juniemoon

    The Trump coverage on Fox is just fine. I love it.

  • Nikita63

    Fox bias was not expected. The other liberal perceived networks were actually a little bit less nasty than Fox. That’s what they get for abandoning a successful market strategy by comparison be being truthful for the most part when the others were not considered so. Change your values and format; pay the price; Fox did and found out the hard way. They deserve it and so do all the others denigrating the likely NEXT president because o matter what Washington thinks, The Silent majority thinks differently and, VEHEMENTLY SO. It is time to return to Constitutional government under the rule of Law. Not the rule, of lawlessness we have suffered under for the last 8 years!

  • JC

    Fox is losing viewers because of their bias against Trump and THEIR AND THEIR OWNERS STANCE FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION !!!!

  • TOM

    There is no way this happened, with the talking heads that are pictured above

  • Tracy Miller

    FOX Winners are Maria Bartiromo, Varney, Cavuto, Hannity. O’Reilly and Dobbs are like listening to my dad, I like them, but I gravitate to my peer age group. Kelly is drama queen. May be good for ratings, but I will click to Cavuto. Watters is going to be a main-stream guy in a few years, wait and see.

  • Anti Trump

    The boot licking of Trump by Fox was over the top. I wouldn’t be watching anymore were it not for my wife and her fascination for all things Trump. She finds him entertaining while I find him offensive and boring.

  • Lili J

    1) Fox is NOT the conservative news it once was. It is moving towards the left. CNN is already the number one left leaning show. So why settle for number 2?
    2) Fox obviously picks its winners and losers all the while saying it’s balanced and fair.
    30 I have not watched Fox now for 2 years. Done with that.