Fox News TOPPLED In The Ratings By THIS RIVAL News Network!!

In a surprising twist in one of the weirder election cycles we’ve ever had, the king of cable news networks has been toppled from their pedestal by a rival news network!!

CNN happily reports on their own dethroning of Fox News here:

CNN ranked #1 in cable news in prime time in April. CNN beat Fox News for the fifth time in the last eight months in M-Su prime time (four of the past eight in M-F prime) among adults 25-54. The last time CNN had this many prime time wins in an eight-month period versus Fox News was over 14 years ago (Nov. 2001). CNN also handily topped MSNBC this month in all dayparts, with CNN besting MSNBC for the 22nd straight month in Total Day (among both total viewers and among adults 25-54) and in prime time (among 25-54). In total viewers, CNN has now beaten MSNBC for the fifth straight month (or seven out of eight months) in prime time. CNN continued to top MSNBC by wide margins during the day (9am-4pm) – posting a +36% advantage in total viewers (630k vs. MSNBC’s 464k) and +58% more among adults 25-54 (161k vs. 102k).

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Of particular note, CNN has narrowed the gap with Fox News (196k vs. Fox News’ 215k) to its smallest level (-9%) in over seven years (since October, 2008) in Today Day among adults 25-54.  CNN beat Fox News in prime time this month among adults 25-54.

So what could have caused CNN to gain more viewers than Fox in the manner not seen for 14 years?

Some think it’s the endless pro-Trump bias of anchors like Greta Van Susteren, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. Others think it’s the opposite from Donald Trump’s attacks claiming that they’re biased AGAINST him!

So, what do you think? Was it a pro or anti-Trump bias that sunk Fox News? Let us know in the comments section below!!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.