Get Ready For Conservatives To Get Kicked Off Social Media With THIS New ‘Abuse’ Rule!!

Will 2016 see a mass banning of conservatives from the Twitter social media platform?

Some think it will be, and it’s all because of this announcement from the company:

 Twitter Inc has clarified its definition of abusive behaviour that will prompt it to delete accounts, banning “hateful conduct” that promotes violence against specific groups.

The social media company disclosed the changes on Tuesday in a blog post, following rising criticism it was not doing enough to thwart Islamic State’s use of the site for propaganda and recruitment.

“As always, we embrace and encourage diverse opinions and beliefs, but we will continue to take action on accounts that cross the line into abuse,” Megan Cristina, director of Trust and Safety, said in the blog.

The new rules do not mention Islamic State or any other group by name.

“You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or disease,” according to the revised rules. (

The company previously used a more generic warning that banned users from threatening or promoting “violence against others.”

No one has a problem with their not allowing people to advocate for violence, but the real problem is that they will ban anyone who “directly attacks other people” – what does that mean if it’s something other than violence?

Is hurting a feminist’s feelings a “direct attack”? Is citing the Bible against gay marriage a “direct attack”? It all depends on the interpretation, and my experience is that it always falls against conservatives.

This will be an interesting year, indeed.


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Conservatives should start our own social media, then send all the others the way of liberal talk radio. Who ever wanted to listen to THAT pathetic bullsh;±!!

    • markypolo

      Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. Just what I been thinking.

    • Rx7pj

      It’s far better than the right winged pathetuc bullshit that fills the air now.

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        That is hilarious in it’s irony, since conservative talk radio dominates the airwaves and liberal talk radio is… where, oh where did it go? Sorry, it’s all but disappeared except in name and the ratings were so dismal that liberal talk radio never really existed. The closest thing to it is probably NPR.

        • G. W.

          The only reason NPR exist is that it is paid for by the tax payers.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            That’s true, along with perpetual pandering to listeners to send in money.

      • So that’s why conservative talk radio thrives and lib radio went down the toilet??!! Thanks for demonstrating my point with your pathetic lib “logic”!!

      • Russell Lissuzzo

        Give one example of a credible CONSERVATIVE PUNDIT that has lied about a specific point or happening. while you are at it; name 3 accomplishments of any democrat/socialist that has bettered America.

  • markypolo

    I did NOT need facebook and twitter in 1955, and I sure as hell do NOT need these asshoes now.

    • Snufy

      Amen, Mark. I subscribe to neither one. People put too much personal information on line.

      • kbfallon

        I own a small business and have no time for that crap/waste of time…they tell me of all the business I am loosing out on…its Sunday and I am working–I don’t have the need for somebody to sit and judge me…..I let my customers do it.

  • Mary Parry

    Everything that I have read that is abusive is from Liberals calling names and hatred. All conservative posts have been factual.

    • GRAMPA

      they use the words to “filter” their meaning. I believe they said they would delete hate speech against specific groups. conservative groups are not on the list. I know this doesn’t surprise you or anyone else. This is just typical of the doublespeak and with them the rules are for just us not for justice.

      • American

        Sorry Grandpa your full of crap and you know it, they are already making threats to conservatives on face book and every other media that say anything about the fascist fool Obama or his Muslim terrorists.

        • mike

          That is why I got rid of facebook and twitter.They are liberal idiots

        • GRAMPA

          I know my English is poor but how much clearer could I make it. Take the time and read it again for the filters will exclude the liberals of the same rules set for the conservatives. Was I too technical for that other brain cell that lays fallow? When you start out with an insult it only shows that you haven’t read the sentence. If you asked for me to prove my point I would have gladly done so for I use many top level sources that while one needs to prove by other sources then you have information that is useful. I do hope your tag stands for the efforts it will take that will return our nation to our Republic. Having served nine years in the Navy My oath doesn’t expire and I will protect this nation with my last breath. We have some news like “before its news” is a good start. As always dont believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Another is sheeple.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        If you disagree with Obama or the Democrat / communist agenda and are too verbal of various facts all around then you are deemed a racist and hate speech and thereby banned. When they can win a debate or they can’t refute the facts they resort to the race card and try to label you as racist or using hate speech to get censorship. Look at how they claim that Tea party people are as bad or worse than ISIS trying to paint the image as if tea partiers are going around committing the same or worse atrocities as well as other conservatives. They know that if they repeat it enough their ignorant band of supporters will sink that phrase into their peabrained heads and parrot it.

        • sox83cubs84

          Yeah…nothing quite like a lockstep liberal.

        • Holy Joe

          Just – “Hating the Race Card” – that brainless Liberals love to use whenever they begin to lose a debate is just enough to get you banned. The Solution:- “Stop Using Twitter” !

        • GRAMPA

          The question now becomes How do we alter the thinking and actions of these with the lemming mentality? If we start by telling the public that we will remove them from the source of their support they will retaliate and will now accuse the white man of racism and wanting to destroy the blacks. The Democrat now uses this as leverage to further remove any doubt that the white man wants to destroy them. They now twist this threat and tell these people that if they don’t vote for the democrat the funds will be cut off. Our answers will be complicated and must be done with care for anything that is tried it will be twisted into an effort to remove the black. This is why our schools continue to remove the influence of the family and replace it with government rhetoric. With the citizens inability to understand our government has an easer time in steering their thoughts to the path they require. How does one convince and influence someone with limited thought process that government is working every day to expand their control? It is a daunting task and they have had a head start in their mind control efforts. I know we have people who have the answers I do hope they come forward.

          • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

            Understand and agree with your point. However, what needs to be done when they claim that the whites are trying to destroy them and oppress them is point out facts such as They make up only 13% of the population and if the whites were oppressive then none of the successful blacks would be where they are if white wanted to destroy them. Look at all the blacks in America that are millionaires or otherwise very well off. Oprah, Will Smith, Chris Tucker, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, all the NBA blacks and the NFL blacks, Montel Williams, Steve Harvey, I could go on and on listing blacks that have been successful and it wasn’t just because they had their 13% of their people backing them. They had millions of whites supporting them as well. The difference between them and the blacks that claim they are being oppressed is these listed people actually work for their success and don’t expect it to be handed to them based on their race alone. We can look back even decades ago for those who was alive and lived in those days and know that even back in the 60’s and 70’s many many people was showing up to hear blacks sing and supporting blacks which are why they were successful and in fact so successful that even still today their songs are palyed on the radio daily.

          • GRAMPA

            having lived in Detroit in the sixties we had problems with discrimination. Education was and is now the answer. I joined the Navy when I graduated high school and the service let me see many things. The primary insight gained was that when educated the black no longer acted like the interbred imbecile portrayed in the media. As I worked with them I realised I no longer saw black but a brother at arms who had the same goals as I. I made many long lasting friends and the service taught me to look beyond the man standing in front of me. i now judge by their abilities and their intent in becoming a success with their own efforts that are earned by their own efforts and not bestowed upon them by a government privilege. Government saw that they were loosing control and the only way to regain it is to split us up. They use the same tactics with the rich and poor for they know that divided we cannot gather enough strength to pose a threat. When any amount of cohesion does occur we see their efforts like the shooting of children and a mighty drumbeat on the media that will insure more division. I would say you have a good understanding on the problem. Now we need your efforts to show others governments intent. Tell as many that will listen.

          • GRAMPA

            I have an employee who is black. He started as a laborer and he couldnt fill out the application for he couldn’t read or write. He was a hard eorker and showed up every day so my wife taught him to read and write. to shorten the story he is now a master electrician and did it on his own efforts. What is lacking in the black society is the self confidence and drive it takes to succeed. One can not get it from government by passing laws. Government has done more harm than the slavers ever had.

          • Russell Ehlert

            RIGHT ON!!! If you want a crash course on the Demo-commies, find then watch the online video: “Agenda, the Grinding Down of America” Pres. Reagan and Joe McCarthy were right back when this video was made. They tried to tell us something back then, we did not listen, and we’re still not listening now!

    • sox83cubs84

      That’s because conservatives debate based on facts. Liberals don’t have or care to know the facts, ergo, the name-calling and hatred. It’s easier for libtards to play the race card than it is for them to come up with a sensible defense of their policies.

      • Russell Lissuzzo

        100% correct.

    • hoosier46

      The question is: “Are attacks on liberal ideas and policies the same as attacks on conservative ideas and policies”? For most liberals (including much of the MSM) they are not. Since most of the current social media sights are operated by liberals, the policy could easily become censorship on these sites.

    • Russell Lissuzzo

      People without Honor and Courage can only attempt to destroy on a personal level through empty accusation, lies and deceit. The US democrat marxist elites are cowardly, non-men who use the well- funded racist anti-American groups such as BLM, NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, union thugs, communist student thugs, anarchists and communist groups to threaten and enforce just as hitler used the gestapo, SS and SA and stalin used the communist student thugs, kgb and russian mafia.
      Want to check out a place where bambam was welcome. Total communist, racist anti-American punks. Founder-van jones former czar and punk-ass for bambam. Bet he got off on the czar title!

  • Don

    Who really need’s Twitter anyway?

    • David S. McQueen

      Conservatives “need” social media just as much as the Leftists and liberals do. If you walk away from the debate, you let the neo-Marxists and their useful idiots win.

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        Is it a “need” or something people have been conditioned to merely want. I want a BMW or a Lexus partly because it’s conditioned by promotion and advertising as desirable, but I bought a Subaru because it offered the best value. I have a Facebook account, which I opened because A few close friends from my high school years (long before anyone could imagine it), which I seldom use.

        • David S. McQueen

          Take the word “need ” in the context of my comment. The Leftists would like nothing better than to have Conservatives go silent. I try to talk as often as possible to contradict and rebut the Leftist propaganda.

  • samnigromd

    Typical liberal stupidity–abusing the truthful by calling the truth “abuse.” Liberals are almost always talking about themselves but projecting it onto others. What liberals complain about usually applies more to themselves than to those they claim to be criticizing…


    By Samuel A. Nigro, MD July 2014

    After watching the
    same television ad several times, I concluded that it was the most
    discriminatory thing I had ever seen, even worse than Donald Sterling’s
    disgraceful comments about Blacks. It
    was an ATT ad of a young saleswoman pitching four older executive women, each
    of whom had a comment, while a wimpy dumb executive man at the periphery and
    back of the group looks stupid, says nothing and then postures himself in
    imitation of the women’s gestures. This
    mockery of men is outrageous and much more elaborate than the N word or Sterling’s private mutterings. This thing is being shown many times daily
    for months. Worst, the message conveyed
    to boys is harmful and hateful. Those responsible
    should be expelled from all advertising forever just as Sterling was from the National Basketball

    As I reflected on this ad, several points about feminism
    seemed evident:

    1. Feminists are
    frauds when they themselves use against men the very discrimination about which
    they complain has been used against women (The same applies to all victimhood

    2. Feminists destroy
    the family when they hit on married men.
    In my youth, young women respected married women by never getting involved
    with a married man: “He belongs to
    her!” was the overt rule understood
    by all and almost universally followed.
    That a man is married is no longer respected as part of the female rights
    of his wife.

    3. Feminists have
    adopted male sexuality incompetently–as one hears young women complain of
    “rape” after placing themselves in flagrant copulation expected
    situations but then feel guilty needing, once sober, to deny consent and reject
    readily seen consequences not cared about when high or enjoying the excitement
    of a copulation expected situation. In a
    masturbatory culture with sexuality reduced to simple squirting and sliming any
    way every way, feminists cannot complain when they place themselves where and
    when it is expected and can easily happen.

    4. Feminists have
    destroyed the prime dictionary meaning of
    female as “designating the sex that produces ova and bears
    offspring” (For male, it is “designating the sex that fertilizes the
    ovum and begets offspring.”). Thus,
    the planetary and natural functioning of humans have been destroyed by

    5. Feminists openly
    demean and dis-empower males beginning in grade schools as the special needs of
    boys (because of their innate higher activity levels) are punished rather than
    converted into intellectual pursuits.

    6. Feminists consider
    “family” to be a problem rather than the natural traditional solution
    to incivility and lack of culture.

    7. Feminists want the
    natural traditional paternalism accompanying male strength and power to be
    replaced by passive transfer of the same paternalistic power to women who do
    not have to realize thankfully or even gratefully believe what they have
    convinced men to do.

    8. Feminists destroy
    the right to childhood by imposing adult sexuality and violence onto children
    so they do not learn positive life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace,
    freedom and death without fear (the Catholic Mass Mantra).

    9. Feminists have
    increased violence against women by ignoring the most common sites of such
    violence: lesbian households.

    10. Feminists have
    become a genital cult, as party to the gay cult, which has de-natured “sex”
    into a selfish masturbatory culture
    deserving mockery, instead of love based sacredness in marriage offering
    unity and reproduction in concert with Nature and Nature’s God.

    11. Feminists have
    destroyed marriage as the psycho-social pheromone for humans ever since we escaped
    from biological pheromones which rule in nature for the rest of the animal
    kingdom confining animals to sexual activity only between opposite sexed mature
    members of the same species at time of likely reproduction.

    12. Feminists have
    become promoters of “evil is good” authority-obedience of Adolf
    Eichmann well proven by Stanley Milgrim.

    13. Feminists are
    SELFISH SEXISTS and all the words imply.

    14. To demand
    EQUALITY is a trap door. Think of the
    woman in the elevator who struck her NFL husband in a heated argument. An “I am a man too” equal
    proclamation. Of course, he decks her in
    a quick down and out and did not wail away like he would have if she were to be
    treated really as a “man”.
    There is the other NFL guy in a bar and a pretty blond engaging in
    laughing then tense and hostile snarling, strikes him in the face with her closed
    fist–he decks her and all separate without his wailing away as if she were a
    man. Both gals proclaimed their
    womanhood after demonstrating their feminism.
    Both guys get penalized by the NFL who refuse to allow women to be men
    even when they act like men. Call it a
    violation of the Equal Misery Amendment.

    The outrageous ad
    described above does and proves all this and it is not an isolated comment said
    privately like Donald Sterling’s. It is
    an ad run daily for months. It is
    hateful, discriminatory, a public health hazard and against the law of equality.

    • David S. McQueen

      Christina Hoff Sommers has written about the failings and hypocrisy of the “feminist movement” for years. She coined the terms “gender feminist” and “equity feminist”. Equity feminists want simple equality but gender feminists want power, justifying it by claiming “victimhood”. Gender feminists exhibit an “irrational hostility towards men”. As you pointed out, media is full of “strong” women and “weak” men, proving (sic) that women are obviously better than men. Sommers says that men and women are “equal but different”, a distinction lost on militant feminists.

  • freethinker4

    let the liberals pat each other on there backsides and spew there Ignorance amongst them selves. I don’t have a twitter acount

  • game50

    Liberal don’t play fair. Its their way or the highway. Their minds are so close off,if they fart they would blow their brains out.

  • scott

    just more of the communist liberals controlling free speech and media.

  • freethinker4

    Their are major Liberal moderators on this site( leslie.lannister ) banned a couple of my comments I figure she’s a anti God gay liberal watch out!!! TOODELS Lassie oh I mean leslie

  • SDofAZ

    It is called control over free speech and most who read these articles have something to say to those who would deny their right to speak, write or communicate their thoughts. Some are abusive but that is the other edge of this particular right. This is another type of infringement if these edits are allowed. This is likely the only media type where the public can say what they want, where they can be heard. Liberals have been prolific using it but now they want it censored? Sounds like the Dark Ages, other oh so much smarter folks want to disallow the other voices. NOT!

  • paulrod

    But it’s only Twitter!! All anybody needs to do is open another social media, it becomes the new thing, and let Twitter starve to death. It will fade into oblivion, and nobody will care. You’ve seen it happen to other so-called “hot things”, they just get old and fade away. Twitter is already yesterday’s pizza.

  • freewayfrank54

    as long as we have FREE speech guaranteed by the 1st Amendment and it is a debated discussion or controversy, without insulting, warning, or threatening any/all participants….and without pulling someone/anyone off the comment section….it is ok, if it doesn’t harm 1st amendment rights….

  • gerald Hughes

    Doesn’t matter, I have already canceled my facebook account, Twitter can be next.

  • Patriot47

    Censor, control and stifle.

  • American

    Obama and Lynch now going after freedom of speech, what those clowns in Congress sit back and do nothing about that fascist fool.

  • DangRight

    Screw Twatter.

  • Mr. Lips

    I hate TWITTER ! How’s that you stupid fu8ks ! Is that hateful enough? GOo fu8k yourself twitter and the fu8king horse you rode into town on.

  • Arbie Viau

    Who is going to be the FB police? A liberal or conservative? If a conservative can’t have the same say-so as a liberal, who is the police person to decide this? FB might lose in the long run if this is the case, most of the conversations will be “hooray for Obama/Hillary” and I’ll cancel my FB account in a heartbeat!

  • goodoldeboy

    Just Stay Off Twitter So Twitter Users Only Speak To Themselves.–It’s Called The “Mirror” Effect, Where The Reflection Of Themselves In The Mirror Is Always In Agreement With Whatever They Say…!!

  • Karen Stickney

    Conservative posts have been nothing but hate to anyone who disagrees with that they think is factual.

    • Arbie Viau

      Well, that’s a lie, it’s quite the opposite kiddo. You have no idea the names I’ve been called by liberals, it’s what conservatives say back to liberals is the problem. Now folks, watch what Karen says back to me.

  • Karen Stickney


  • Karen Stickney

    This is what happens when one group of people is considered less important than another group of people, then the marginalized group takes on the bullies, and the bullies refuse to see that they aren’t so great like they think they are.

  • apzzyk

    On this site, when I hit post, it goes somewhere for 9 or so minutes, and may not even make it to actually getting posted – I check. This is not because of hate speech it is simply because I disagree with the positions taken by the author, as I am doing here, or presenting alternatives which are not what someone wants other readers to consider. On the controlled, over the air and not just on cable, there are words that are ‘bleeped’ out and even scenes because of ‘wardrobe malfunctions’. On these Conservative sites I have seen comments, if not articles, that advocate violence and discrimination – one of the current favorites seems to be the failure of the President to call sometning ‘Islamic terrorism’ which to me would mean terrorism by all of a religious group, and I feel is offensive because it is like saying ALL Conservatives are something where I do not even agree that ALL Conservatives hold the same belief. Then there are the anti-liberal comments, which are simply hate speech – Hillary, Bernie and I are all considered to be Liberals, but we do hold different views and propose different solutions to problems. If this site can ‘screen’ comments, then so should other social media communications. Craigslist has tried to keep ads for prostitution off of its sites,with the help of its users, who can flag anything for any reason. The same rules will be applied as much as possible to all of the communications using any public media – Conservatives are not being singled out, they will just have to comply with the same rules as everyone else, or establish their own private chat rooms, so that the users will not be contaminated by alternative ideas.

  • Girlie58

    What about thebuslamic state propagsting hate in sovual media? Are they also gettingca warning?

  • charlie Hall

    Well if this site is included we will be rid of RedMan among others

  • Russell Lissuzzo

    Perverted end-around of the !st Amendment. Doesn’t matter. The generation coming (my Grandchildren) up won’t even have an idea what Individual Freedom means. We as a Nation are lost. The New Dark Ages has already begun. Loss of Soul and despair is all I see on the horizon. HE already paid the price for us, it is we who have turned.

  • Howleyesque

    This represents the FIRST “extension” of the Unconstitutional attack on the 1st Amendment launched by Odummer and his AG. In an act of UTTER discrimination and TREASON, they intend to honor the request of that terrorist front organization CAIR (that he chose to HONOR by inviting THEM TOO be in attendance at the staged theatrics of his SOTUA, a fact Haley promptly FAILED to mention in her remarks concerning that FARCE!) and OUTLAW any and ALL criticism if ISLAM, and ONLY ISLAM They know full well that IF they proposed an ACTUALLY CONSTITUTIONAL law prohibited “hate speech” concerning ANY religion that their fellow Liperals would be leading the charge for his impeachment as it would deprive THEM of the ability to constantly vilify Christianity! This is a move towards Theocracy and THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND for the sake of ALL NON MUSLIMS! The treasonous disgrace to our nation CURRENTLY IN OFFICE MUST BE IMPEACHED and CAIR PROMPTLY LISTED HERE as it is throughout much of the world AS a TERRORIST FRONT ORGANIZATION!