Giant Inflatable Trump Chicken Appears

It’s a 25-foot inflatable chicken with gold-colored hair, eyebrows and lips holding out its little chicken-wing hands — and somehow it looks exactly like President Trump.

The giant blow-up appeared suddenly yesterday on the Ellipse, a wide grassy area between the White House and the Washington Monument.

And while the liberals who erected it no doubt meant the symbol of Trump as a chicken to be a supreme insult, we gotta’ say — the president should embrace this guy cuz’ he looks pretty badass.

Now, forget that that morons who put the giant doll in the Ellipse, facing the back of the White House, apparently don’t know that the president is out of town until Aug. 21 at the earliest while The People’s House undergoes some renovations (doesn’t that sort of make themchickens?). And forget that the Democrats are millions of dollars in debt (funny, they’re new motto of “We Really Hate Donald Trump!” doesn’t seem to be bringing on any new followers).

You can even forget that Donald Duck is a ready-made meme that would catch fire on social media (although Disney would be unhappy).

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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/19561/giant-donald-trump-chicken-appears-front-white-joseph-curl#

  • marah natha

    It looks nothing like Trump, more like a KFC logo.

  • Walter Bazner

    Stick a pin in it and be done!!!!

  • HAWK

    It looks like Obama just the wrong color that was the chicken shit who did nothing in eight years. He did however fill his pockets with our money.

    • gvette

      LOL…I tend to agree with you. They don’t know the difference between an alpha male, and a limp wrist gay Muslim!


    Just more disgraceful Americans.

  • Gary Smith

    Guess this is the best Pelosio and Schumer can do

  • John Vilsmeier

    Saw a picture of the guy who stated that He had paid for the Chicken. Would state He was not an American,nor in name either. Someone should shoot a hole in in,and give it back when they send Him home,which is just a short distance away. Adiose Hulio..

  • Jmanjo

    For you friggn liberals I wouldn’t play chicken with him! You will be the one to get plucked!

  • Carolann Enkhaus

    wonder what they would have said if we had put a big monkey balloon there

    • rick meek

      That would be an insult to monkeys…..

  • rick meek

    I have to find an inflatable HOG to represent disgustocrats lining up at the feed trough…Hmmm – Trump is the elected president of the US.
    Trump is the Commander in Chief.
    Trump has the best generals and close advisers in the world.
    The DC turds are afraid of any success trump will have and trump is a threat to their power and BS.
    NATION finished their investigation into Russia / DNC and shows an inside leak with gucifer 2.0 used as a half a**ed attempt to foot print the russians….

  • Dana

    ..You are triggering me..Take that stupid thing down..it is offensive to me…..

  • Ischgabibble

    Looks like Col. Sanders to me.

  • AZcowboy

    Nice balloon. It costs lots of money to make it but…for what? to portray Donald Trump is definitely not the right target. It’s more like kicking self in the behind.

  • keedon

    A BB gun would take care of it in the middle of the night.