Giuliani Says Trump Will Commit War Crimes – And Approves

In a really odd segment with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, he said that Donald Trump would be forcing our troops to commit war crimes for the sake of our country – and Giuliani is really happy about that!!

Watch below:

According to Rudy, Trump’s prescription to solve the Middle East of stealing their oil is perfectly reasonable because all things are permissible in war.

Now. There is nearly nothing true about that statement. The U.S. military comports itself according to very strict rules ensuring that we maintain high standards of integrity, and the rest of the world knows that. Simply taking the oil from defeated countries as the spoils of war goes against that code.

So why is he advocating it?

No you think this is a good idea? Should the Commander-in-Chief be ordering the troops to commit war crimes?


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