Graham Wants A Hearing For McCabe Firing

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) suggested there be a Senate hearing for Jess Sessions’ decision to let go of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

Graham stated, “To the average American, I think we owe it to the average American to have a hearing in the Judiciary Committee where Mr. Sessions, Attorney General Sessions comes forward, with whatever documentation he has about the firing and give Mr. McCabe has a chance to defend himself. I believe when it comes to this issue, we need as much transparency as possible and make sure it wasn’t politically motivated.”

  • Robert Pekarik

    Everything that Senator Graham does is politically motivated. What a hypocrite!!!! The FBI itself recommended criminal McCabe’s firing. Graham is a permanent resident of the corrupt swamp that has helped to destroy our Constitution.

  • reconst52

    Graham is a P O S who needs to be thrown out of office,or maybe he should join the dems.Thats where his heart seems to be.

  • ebenezeer

    Senator Graham should pay attention to what is going on in the Senate and let AG Sessions handle his Department. Senator Graham has always had a tendency to nose into everyone else’s business.

    • Gabor Besse

      I agree with you “ebenezeer” -Senator Graham has always had a tendency to nose into everyone else’s business. – He is just a trouble maker, we need the term limit !!!!!

    • dennis w


    • mark
  • Carl

    No Senator Graham, what we need is another Special Counsel to investigate the corruption at the hierarchy of the FBI which exonerated Hillary Clinton and framed Donald trump. Graham is obviously a Swamp Dweller who needs to go….

  • Gene Chapman

    we need term limits to drain the swamp..graham has seen the report on McCabe and Comey maybe he wants to expose more….

  • Bruce Von Sprecken

    We should have a hearing why that RINO Graham is still spouting his McCain bullroar in the Senate! He is a weak kneed jello-muppet off the left!

  • jackcandobutwont

    graham is a democrat running as a republican….he is an embarrassment to the State of SC and the entire US….and what is wrong with folks in SC????…ya’ll can’t do better than this limp dicked lying ahole??

  • Ken V

    Graham might as well be a democrat. The word RINO comes to mind.

  • Sessions fired him by the recommendations of the OPR which is a group of FBI, so Graham stop helping the stupid democRATS!

  • Lori

    What you Graham owe the American people is to shut your big mouth and go away permanently. McCabe needs to go to jail along with many others at the FBI and DOJ including Mueller.

  • WAMD

    McCabe served at the pleasure of the president so he could be fired by the presidents people anytime, Why spend goo money on hearings and wasting thr money

  • Earn nest

    Graham’s crackers has no clue. His boss fired him, if he has a beef he can take it up in the court himself.

  • ecbound

    GGraham is scared, because like McCabe, Comey, and many more, he is a criminal. They are all terrified because Trump and those working with him, are draining the swamp!

  • Martin

    Everybody is sick of this RHINO.

  • billyleetx

    Nice that most people who comment already know what is in the IG report when it hasn’t been released. Sessions only fired McCabe to get back in 45s good graces. It won’t work! If 45 gets rid of Rosenstein, Sessions will have to be next since he has recused himself from Russia investig. 45 has been after McCabe ever since he disagreed with him about firing Comey. Get a reality check people.

  • Rick Armayor

    Graham is suggesting the Senate politicians should decide if lying is bad and if leaking confidential information is really verboten and serious enough to merit losing your job and being fired. Lying and leaking may be the cornerstone of politics.

  • Terry

    WTF? You can’t even do your job, why do you care if someone does theirs?

  • michael corbin

    Funny how Graham all of a sudden has big ones, where were they the last 8 years?

  • Bishop351

    As long as it comes out of Graham’s personal account. Of course anywhere in the known universe McCabe would be fired AND go to prison.

  • Janis

    First of all, all the evidence will come out when the IG’s report is presented. If Sen. Graham is so intent upon the American people seeing why McCabe was fired, then make sure the entire IG report is shown to the populace without redactions. If transparency is the game, Lindsey, then reveal it all. No protection for anyone..Secondly, if the Attorney General cannot fire someone for wrongdoing without Congress grandstanding, then why do we need agency bosses?

  • bob

    It seems this dumb asshole IS as dumb as Hillary when it comes to understanding something. She can’t understand how she lost, & it seems he can understand an internal report.
    It was an INTERNAL GROUP WITHIN THE FBI that reviewed what he did
    ( leaked formation) & RECOMMENDED he be fired.
    Maybe if you had a f*CKING BRAIN between your ears instead of just AIR
    you could comprehend.

  • Medic RN

    What a hoot! Will NEVER happen. McCabe cannot be touched without bursting the s*** dam of the entire swamp. The swamp is about to implode. These turd-pigs eat each other first.

  • mark

    Graham! You need to shut up and sit down! We don’t need a hearing for this!

  • DonRS

    And the “Little Peckerhead” from South Carolina, suffering from his usual diet of kissing John McCain’s butt cheeks, finds a new opportunity to EMBARRASS HIMSELF!

  • Bud William

    “Limpwrist” Graham doing his usual Rhino duties for the Dems.

  • Rick Vitti

    Average American. The Average American seems to agree with the firing. It is you loonies that think treasonous action deserve a full pension at the Average American taxpayers expense.

  • Charlie

    Sen. Graham talks like a union representative . If a union member gets fired arbitration will happen before said union member actually gets fired . This type of agenda keeps corrupt incompetent lazy failures in positions of employment that said person needs to be removed . All of the hearings on topics that are well within the parameters of said branch of government by another branch of government are a waste of time and money . Did not see a call for hearings when overstepping the parameters set forth by our Constitution was done by last administration . Sen. Graham seems to want to second guess one government branch’s knowledge of an employee voice an opinion without full knowledge of reasons for employee’s removal from held employment position . No hearings need to be held on McCabe’s firing , he should of been fired at the same time past director was fired ( peas of the same pod ) .

  • Lance Charles Sr

    Wait until the Inspector General’r Report is released.

  • bandhriot

    If Sen. Graham will only open his eyes and ears to read and listen to what half the world is saying and writing, he won’t need to conduct another exercise in demonstrating the proper manner in which to avoid doing one single constructive thing in his “workday.”

  • Lance Charles Sr

    Give the President funds to build the damn Wall! That is what you need to be doing!

  • Jmanjo

    Don’t know what Graham’s mission is here but he seems to be saying crap that stinks again. If the FBI IG has determined McCabe needs to go and the internal affairs part of the FBI recommended McCabe be fired then it is no business if the damn liberals why he was fired. ^Their only concern would be that they have one less ally in the ranks of the FBI to cover their misdeeds and crimes and they are not happy, therefore the jerk off media isn’t happy either!

  • Lance Charles Sr

    Why does Americans elect some of the Dumbest people to represent us in Congress? Having a Degree doesn’t make a person very smart!

    • Charles Lagioia


    • mark
  • Carolann Enkhaus

    When are people going to wake up and vote this phony rhino out!

  • Name

    I am an average American. Don’t you dare call your Swamp agenda a duty to the American People! Your duty is to go away and let our President do for the People what you have never done in your career as a swamper!

  • Agostino

    Sen. Graham, pull your head out of your ass and read Sessions’ stated reasons. The American people do not need any more showboating.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    We have McCabe colluding with Strzok and Page to overthrow the legally elected
    POTUS. These three are guilty of sedition/treason. He is fortunate not to be going
    to prison. Maybe we should have a special counsel to investigate them all.

  • Rick

    What a jerk! We needed a hearing on Graham & McCain in Egypt when they were
    telling the Muslim Brotherhood there will be a place for you in the government. Thank God
    Morsi was thrown in jail and the Military took over. Prove you care for SC fly your Stars & Bars
    and just go home. You’ve never helped We The People. To much self interest 500 by my count

  • Edgar Carpenter

    Look at his picture up there!!! a drooling idiot!!

  • proudV

    What we the people really need is your Retirement and dont let the door hit you in the ass. Its amazing how much money(millions) the Democrats are spending on a witch hunt, And you want to spend who knows what amount to satisfy Democrats. To many Senators and Congressmen are corrupt and no longer listen to the people who voted for you. Leave!!.

  • Ed

    You need to fire your proof reader.

  • Captain

    Graham is not for the betterment of this country, he is a traitor

  • Captain

    Is he a liberal or what; he is all over the place

  • Luanne Denman

    Next Graham (Grey Ham) will ask for yet another investigation into McCabe’s firing to waste more money and distract the gullible people.

  • Edward Marquez

    Who in the Hell does Senator Graham think he is the CO President? The good folks of South Carolina need to retire this guy. He is several pay grades below the President Trump. he is Lt. and President Trump is a five Star General in comparing.

  • Tony Valkosak

    I agree with Lindsey Graham. It is rotten to the core that McCabe was fired without notice, hours before his retirement and not face to face but back-handed.

    • NancyPlum

      Remember, he had been suspended from his job already. It was the IG’s report and the

      OPR both clinching the concept that he needed to be fired. Without notice? Not hardly. The suspension was plenty of notice that he was in deep trouble.

    • michael corbin

      Try catching up on ‘real” news. McCabe was told hours before the public knew.

      • Tony Valkosak

        Mike, I hesitated to reply to your comment so I don’t start a pissing contest but you are missing my point. I don’t care about McCabe but I do care about the way this was done by supposedly a mature leader. McCabe was to retire after some 21 years of service and this was done without a personal meeting with the leader who made the decision. It becomes obvious that the action was done only to defame him. A good leader does not do things like this. Leading our Country is not a reality show. As time goes on we will all see more of this but I certainly hope it isn’t done with vengeance.

        • michael corbin

          You forgot to mention it was a “supposedly mature leader” that has been called every name in the book, accused of all kinds of un-American activities and who’s family has been drug through the mud.
          We have already seen the peoples own agencies have been weaponized to silence and punish half of the country. The EPA stealing the peoples land, the IRS denying conservatives their rights, and now the FBI. I’m happy he got it put to him. And if Trump would have waited and allowed him a full pension and then he got charged with major crimes (and he will) the people would go full tilt. We’re sick and tired of these Hillary and Obama toadies getting away with it. I hope he gets 50 years, that would make me happy.
          Let him use his big pension to buy off Bubba when he gets to prison.

        • bob

          So your suggesting that someone who’s own agency recommend he be fire, have been given the opportunity to collect a pension for the rest of his life ( taxpayer money ) even though he , by the agency he worked for found wrongdoings.
          You f*cking liberals are ALWAYS generous with someone else’s money.
          You asshole fund his pension if you feel that way.

  • Charlie Silvertooth

    Another rino at work

  • RC

    Why would Graham want that? So he can defend that FBI traitor and find fault with Trump and Sessions? I’d trust that RINO about as far as I could throw him.

  • Jim Jordan

    Graham needs to be beaten in any election held in the future where he is a candidate.. As much as I hate liberals of both parties, I would willingly support anyone who runs against this POS windbag. Sooner he is ousted from office the better the whole country will be.

  • richard black

    linseed…john McClowns buddy !!!

  • merrill

    hes just a asshole is and will always be one

  • ccdaddy

    I love it, everything deserves hearings. Except a seventeen year Senior CDC Scientist that begged to be subpoenaed by Congress. He tells the story that they are grinding to a Halt!
    because the CDC is in his words ” so paralyzed by anything related to Autism, that their not going do do what’s right here, Congress must come and take the data from them and put it in a non governmental entity’s hands ” He said we put the research 10yr’s behind, because the CDC has not been transparent ” He also said, ” Oh my God, I cannot believe we did what we did but we did, it’s all there ” Also ” the higher up’s wanted to do certain things, and I went along with them ” In both of those last quotes, he was referring to the fact that the CDC and he was committing scientific fraud! In case you still are on the fence, how about this quote. I have a boss who’s asking me to lie, if asked to testify I will not lie if it go’s through the right channels, I will not lie. I basically have stopped lying. That folks is who is running your vaccine program. That according to Dr. William Thompson, is causing all this Autism we are seeing. Judge for your self, the reason that only one Congressman was willing to touch this. All the rest of Congress and Senate, they are afraid of losing their ( Pharrma funded ) Golden Retirement parachutes. They turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, to the mass suffering of the vaccine damaged American children. But there’s always a Hero! Congressman Bill Posey from Florida. Here is another link, that should
    and embarrass all of the Swamp in DC. Watch this and learn what has happened to this Nation’s most precious resource. When this Nation’s premier health agency, has been found to be as corrupt as organized crime. Kill the incestuous relationship between our health agencies and the AAP Congress and Senate. And you will then be in a position to stop runaway health care cost. Take Pharma out of the driver seat, and the you will stop the need for thing’s like Obama care. That BTW never worked!

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    why have another investigation when the republicans will just make things up and not call witnesses at the cost to the tax payer

  • gideonrockwell

    McCabe was a lackey in the Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel. He committed enough code of conduct violations if not out right crimes during his time in the FBI the O.P.M. Internal Affairs and Inspector General felt the only recourse they had was to fire him. Graham like McCain and Flake is a Demotard in Republican clothes those people in South Carolina need to primary him out.

  • rick meek

    In short – Graham is a POS and needs to be judges himself…..