Graham Wants DNA Test, Claims “Can Beat Warren”

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) hilariously said he would take a DNA test to determine his heritage because he believes he can “beat” Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Graham stated, “I’m going to take a DNA test. … I’ve been told that my grandmother was part Cherokee Indian. It may all be just talk. But you’re going to find out in a couple weeks. Because I’m going to take this test.”

“[T]he results are going to be revealed here. … But she’s less than .1 of 1%. I think I can beat her.”

Graham later said, “I’ll probably be Iranian. That’d be, like, terrible.”

  • Terry Butts

    Better make sure its a blood based DNA test the “popular” ones that are sold over the internet using saliva were proven unreliable when the media did a test using identical triplets and got results that varied the one they interviewed from the company even admitted on air that the tests were for “entertainment” purposes only not to be relied upon as proof of ones anceastry.

    The best way to prove your ancestry is to simply follow one’s family tree and the fact that each child gets 50% of their DNA from each parent all one needs is the formula and they can more accurately find the % of what ancestry they are.

  • My two dogs have more than Pocacuntas of the Lynho tribe.