Harvard Professor Warns Of Constitutional Crisis

A professor from Harvard Law, Alan Dershowitz, was recently asked to share his expertise on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” During the interview he expressed a heavy concern of Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s investigation and how it is quickly leaning on the edge of an obstruction of justice.

Dershowitz predicted, “I worry that it’s toward obstruction of justice and that would create a constitutional crisis. If the president were to be charged with obstruction for simply exercising his constitutional authority, firing Comey, telling Comey not to investigate Flynn, those are all within the president’s constitutional authority. The other place it may be going is toward collusion. But collusion is not a crime. I would think that the special prosecutor should limit himself to matters that are criminal, and thusfar, I have not heard evidence to suggest that any crimes were committed in or near the Oval Office.”

He explained, “It leaves me worrying that what’s going to happen is that this investigation will end, not with a bang but a whimper, with some low-hanging fruit, people being indicted for things that aren’t directly related to the thrust of the investigation. And — or the great worry is that because he doesn’t have anything really, really substantial, he may go after obstruction of justice, which would create a constitutional crisis.”

“If I’m an innocent person, I’d like him to be the special prosecutor. If I’m guilty, I’d be very worried about that. But I don’t see any reason at this point for suggesting his removal.”