Heartbreaking Video Shows Just How Bad Vets Have it When They Come Home

Most Americans will never know what it means to go overseas and fight not just for your country, but for the man next to you.

And aside from visible scars of battle detail, it’s often difficult to see just how much our brave men and women in uniform truly are.

When a vet was asked by a cashier “What’s wrong with you,” he couldn’t help buy become upset.

While he wasn’t missing limbs, and wasn’t obviously scarred, the wounds inflicted by war were clearly there.

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Instead of snapping at the clerk he penned a brilliant poem to deal with the subtle scars he and thousands of his countrymen suffer from.

More American soldiers have died on their return home from self-inflicted wounds than have died in service for their country.

War is an awful, horrible thing.

To think their fight is without cause or without merit is to forget soldiers fight for freedom as much as they fight for each other.

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