Here’s ALL You Need to Know About The Baltimore Riots In Just One Sentence!

OK I think I figured out what went down in Baltimore, after much exhaustive investigation, and I have come up with one perfect sentence to explain and illuminate the events of the last few weeks. And I threw some images in there too, for the heck of it.

BEHOLD!!! The Baltimore Riots explained in ONE SENTENCE:


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And again, for the cheap seats:

Blacks riot, destroying black businesses, after a black guy dies in police custody, because of three black officers, in a 43% black police department, under a black female mayor, with a black female state attorney, in a city ruled by Democrats for over 50 years, so the first black female U.S. Attorney appointed by the first black president, BLAMES RACISM!

OK it’s kind of a run-on sentence, but it’s still pretty good. If I do say so myself.


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