Here’s Hillary’s Pop Culture Photo Op FLOP!

Hillary Clinton really tried to upstage the GOP debates by arranging to meet with pop celebrity Kim Kardashian and post a “selfie.”

Unfortunately, one little typo became the fly in her soup that ruined her moment:


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Poor Hillary! Quite possibly her most important moment ever where she’s showing the only credential she could possibly have to be president – a selfie with fawning super-celebrity…. and they screw it up!

Heck I wouldn’t mind if she became “presisent” as Kim spelled it.

As long as we keep her out of the White House, she can be “presisent” until the cows come home!!

Kim of course noticed her typo, deleted it and replaced it. But not before the internet memorialized it for all to see.

Are you ready for “presisent” Hillary? LOL!


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