Here’s How China Humiliated Obama At The G-20 Meeting

This weekend Obama attended the G-20 meeting of nations in China, but even though his supporters would like you to believe that he’s brought a newfound respect for the United States, China would beg to differ.

And they made that very clear by humiliating Obama, and by extension, America, with this symbolic snub:

The Chinese welcomed other world leaders with the red carpet treatment, but not Obama. This is a serious offense in China, though it may not translate well to our American understanding.

Here’s more from CNN:

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US President Barack Obama is continuing his diplomatic slog in China Sunday, meeting with counterparts from the United Kingdom and Turkey — two essential US allies — as each leader confronts widespread internal strife back home.

It’s the second day of high-stakes diplomacy for Obama, who arrived here Saturday to an inauspicious welcome: no red-carpeted stairs for Air Force One and open quarreling on the tarmac between Chinese and US officials over press access. Other leaders arriving for the G20 here were greeted with a far grander welcome.

And we’re supposed to believe that he has reversed all the damage done to our reputation by George W. Bush, right? I guess the Chinese communists aren’t accommodating the Obama propaganda that our media gladly regurgitates onto American minds.

Here’s a pic of the meeting:


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