HERE’S How NBC Deceptively EDITS Video About Ben Carson’s Muslim Comments!!

Here’s more evidence of the left-wing bias of the media that you can show any of your liberal buddies who is doubting that it exists.

In a segment intending to show how “Islamophobic” the rhetoric is that Ben Carson is using against Muslims, there’s a short snippet implying that he’s referring to Muslim refugees as “rabid dogs.”

Watch below at the 18 second mark:

But if you compare this to the entire video, you’ll see the context that they’re ignoring in order to make him sound like a bigot:

Carson makes it very clear that he’s talking about the possible terrorists that might be hiding among the Syrian refugees as “rabid dogs,” not all the refugees.

But it’s in the interest of the left-loving mainstream media to smear conservatives and make us appear much worse than what we actually are.


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • Joken Joe

    NBC = NBCP, newly born communist party.

  • Alan

    Par for the course. The liberal media plays the game to an audience of idiots who lap-up their puke like a dog eating fecal matter. “I heard it on the news!”, they’ll shout, as if the only authority known to them is some dead-head in a suit and tie spouting nothing but drivel. Why can’t so many see that they will tell you only what THEY want you to hear? Shut your ears, open your eyes and minds and think for yourselves. It’s all propaganda otherwise.

  • dan9el

    Well we all know how it goes;…. who is who, and where the different news outlets stand for.

    The tv tabloids (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, C-SPAN 1&2, PBS , NBC , and the rest – all of them in and with incestuous relation with the current anti-American current administration now in Washington.

    All of them will protect Obama along with all his associates in the current administration.

    The main media with its incestuous relationship with the current radical Islamic-muslim terrorist friendly oriented administration will omit , not present, deny, hide , and also ignore the truth, in the attempt to maintain the American public in ignorance…..but that it is not working….people are getting smarter.

    But that is not all in the internet blog sector, Constitutional free speech here, is becoming virtually = ZERO.

    Protectors / helpers / surrogates / worshipers of the so called ‘president’ (Mr Barack Obama) are disguised as ‘moderators’ working in blog-sites preventing, erasing, removing, blocking any comment serious enough to promote investigation and research among readers,…and as result the American public will learn the insidious reality of the current administration.

    This is what is happening at GRETAWIRE as well as at FOXNATION,… POLITICO, …WASHINGTON EXAMINER…. the PAC,… including NEWSMAX, …THE GUARDIAN,… Stars And Stripes,… ‘RIGHT WISE’, and others as well yes,…..sites supposedly to be ‘free speech’ at least and / or conservatives and pro-American public,….they are infected with current administration ‘special agents’

    Should I, or any of you out there, try ( as I did) to provide proof / net-link of irrevocable nature about this or about any topic here is this site?….it will be put on…”pending” / ” to be review” / “waiting for moderation”…”detected as spam”….things like that,…and eventually will never be posted.

    Helpers / worshipers of Mr Obama and his associates will never let pass anything that gives reliable / real information to the American public or the rest of the world, for that matter.

    However, that bad, there still some places with dignity out there that honor the constitutional right for free speech.

  • sharon

    NBC is full of liars and terrorists lovers who work for the Democrats they are the progressive communist media of Obama.

  • David Islay

    Ben Carson was not equating rabid dogs and terrorism. He was giving a lesson on steps people would take in event of a known danger — the thought process, one that most people could understand and see the reasonging behind steps need to be taken to PROTECT our families here in the USA. Remember Ben Carson is NOT a politician. He was not making a sly, slanted attack. If you listen to his whole talk you will see that.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      You are correct, but you know what, even if he did out right compare them to rabid dogs, I would give him a standing ovation, because no matter how we try to slice it, it is true.

  • Littluns

    She says in the video what it isn’t about? If anyone believes that, then they don’t know what Islam teaches.

    Bill Keller in his Daily Devotional today gets to the truth of it all.

    “As I have stated many times,
    Islam is not now, never was, and never will be about peace. It is about
    domination and turning the world into an Islamic state, purged of all
    non-Muslims. That has been their stated goal for the entire 1400 years of their
    existence, and has never changed. ALL practicing Muslims believe this, want
    this, and are 100% in agreement with jihad and all actions necessary to make this

    -These acts of Islamic terror
    on our soil will not cease, only increase! The FBI has active investigations in
    all 50 states! It is not a matter of if, only when the next act of Islamic
    terror takes place. The only answer from a national security standpoint is what
    I shared years ago. We need to shut down all mosques, and start deporting any
    Muslims we even suspect have ties to terror. Europe has been decimated and in a
    few years will be destroyed by the Islamic invasion into their various
    countries. Islam is at war with us, but they are the only ones actively
    fighting that war!

    -As I have stated many times,
    we have a pro-Islamic President and administration that along with the full
    support of the mainstream media, acts as a sympathizer for the false religion
    of Islam. Even after this act of terror in California, the President stated
    that ISIS is not a real threat to the United States and refused to call what
    happened what it is, Islamic terror! He even refuses to admit we are at war
    with Islam! He will undoubtedly conclude that like the Ft. Hood massacre by
    Muslim terrorist Army Major Nadal Hassan, that this latest massacre will be
    “workplace violence.”

    -With the full support of his
    foreign affairs advisor Susan Rice, and domestic affairs advisor Valerie
    Jarrett who has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration
    has managed to fast track immigration of nearly 1 million Muslims into the
    country over the past 5 years. The administration has also infiltrated all
    parts of our Federal Government with Muslims, including the DOJ responsible for
    the protection of our homeland.

    -In the coming days, look for
    the President begin signing Executive Orders to try and chip away at the 2nd
    Amendment right to bear arms. -By refusing to take meaningful actions to
    destroy ISIS, the real legacy of President Obama will be his incompetent and
    failed foreign policy that has destabilized and created chaos in the Middle
    East giving rise to ISIS, while at the same time totally ignoring the genocide
    of Christians throughout the Middle East, wiping out Christian groups who have
    existed since nearly the beginning of the church 2,000 years ago.

    -The complicit media bears
    much blame and responsibility for these acts of Islamic terror. When they found
    out the California massacre was committed by Muslims, they quickly went into
    defense mode to try and protect Islam, unlike last week when they were giddy as
    the Planned Parenthood shooter turned out to be a white person so they could
    advance the false narrative he was a pro-life Christian. It turned out he was
    neither but they didn’t take the time to broadcast that fact.

    -Sadly, 50% of our population has NO CLUE what is going on in the world and are horribly uninformed. 40%mildly informed, and the bulk of their information comes from mainstream media sources. So their views are largely shaped by the media’s presentation of different issues based on their agenda. This is why so much of the population is sympathetic to Islam and has bought the lie it is a “religion of peace.”
    Don’t forget, it is the influence of the media that mainstreamed the radical
    homosexual agenda, made same-sex marriage legal, has allowed the slaughter of
    innocent babies and the selling of baby parts to be accepted by over half of
    our nation, while demonizing Christians and mocking God and the Bible.

    -Law enforcement, local,
    state, and federal, did an amazing job dealing with the horrific scene they
    came upon in California Wednesday. It is sickening how this current
    administration has purposely demonized police across this nation, those who
    bravely put on the uniform each day and put their life on the line to serve and
    protect the citizens of their community.

    -CAIR, the Muslim advocacy
    group that bullies and intimidates those who dare to tell the truth about the
    false religion of Islam, held a press conference Wednesday night before any
    real facts were even known. That could have only happened with the involvement
    of the Obama administration who works closely with this group that has ties to
    terror groups. It was a hollow attempt to distance themselves from what
    everyone already knew was the latest act of Islamic terror on our soil.

    -Like in so many of these
    acts of Islamic terror, in the aftermath neighbors always talk about how nice
    these terrorists were. The co-workers of the Muslim terrorist gave he and his
    wife a baby shower after the birth of their 6 month old daughter. He was given
    great latitude by his job to practice his faith. In the end, he had no problem
    slaughtering his co-workers like lambs. Islam does not commit these acts of
    terror because of any other reason than this is what their false religion from
    hell teaches them.

    -A neighbor of the terrorists
    said they saw strange activity in their garage many nights, late into the
    night. They said they saw numerous middle eastern men coming and going. They
    also said they saw many, many deliveries of large packages. They thought they
    should call the police and report what they were seeing, but decided not to for
    fear of being labeled a bigot, racist, xenophobe, so they said nothing! THIS IS

    Muslim terrorists are Muslim’s carrying out what they believe at everyone else’s expense. To be a Muslim is to follow their leader’s mandate at all costs.

    In the video she talks about our Constitution. Now there’s a slight of hand if I ever saw one. Their belief in their man-made god’s mandate of death to all that are not Muslim has proven to be what’s happening. If that wasn’t true, we would be seeing peace loving Muslims fighting against the terrorists.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      You are right on the mark. I have been saying the same thing for years, but have never detailed it as well as you have. Years ago I condensed Islam down to this; Islam is not a religion, it is a political agenda hidden under the guise of a so-called religion, that fits every definition of a cult.
      This cult has a billion plus members, it’s numbers do not constitute it as a religion, it is still a cult. There is something most definitely mentally wrong with those people, but then what can you expect when this ideology is literally beaten into a person from the time they can talk. Constantly, generation after generation, never ending.

      • Littluns

        Dear used_to_be_a_liberal, and there are so many more cults, false gods, and false prophets that no one is talking about. But this cult teaches violence and extermination to all none-Muslims. They, and they alone have made themselves enemies of the world. They, and they alone have made it necessary for any peace loving people to defend themselves. I just wonder how long it will take for people to see that all the answers can be found in the Bible; where, when under the One and Only Almighty God of all that’s good is The Way, The Truth, and The Life now and forevermore IS the only answer.

  • Bill

    White Christians are responsible for most terrorist acts in America? What, was she hibernating through 911, Fort Hood, Chattenooga, the shoe bomber, et all? Give me a break. She should be one of the first we evict from this country if she believes that.

  • Too big and heavy

    Quran has 164 Jihadist Muslim extremists Versus. Least WE forget.

  • Patriot47

    Lie, cheat, steal, twist – liberal virtues.

  • DonRS

    It Todd says it, you know it is highly likely to be BS! If its on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, you KNOW it is BS!

  • Ed Feldman

    How does Dalia Mogahed
    expect us decedents of those who built this Nation to now find those Islamic
    terrorists who have come here to kill us and are hiding in the common ranks of
    Islamic people who have been allowed to immigrate into this former peaceful land?
    There are several sources of terrorism within the country, but none equal
    to or more dangerous than those who are Islamic. If they hide within the
    Islamic communities and people of this country, dress like them, look like
    them, how should we best watch for them? Should we look at Chinese people
    in the country, people from Ireland? Canada? No! We need to
    watch very carefully among those they are hiding in and within. Call it profiling?
    That is just word politics and political mouth wash language. You do as
    Ben Carson stated. You look closely at every dog and any dog in society
    if you are having a rabies outbreak associated with dogs in your community.
    You don’t ignore looking at dogs and instead look at snakes, spiders, cows, etc.
    You look for the dogs and then watch them closely. I know this
    makes too much sense for Dalia Mogahed to understand, but sometimes you have to fight when you are man. When we have epidemic level illness we isolate the people infected. Is not radical Islam an epidemic?

  • Texas Belle

    What could you expect from the Communist network NBC? They have been caught editing documents to add their own slant time and time again but it doesn’t deter them. The people who listen to their garbage will never get the whole truth. However, it isn’t limited to just NBC; all the major networks have the same agenda. You need to listen to Fox to get the real news.

  • eagle keeper

    Simplistic analysis goes like this, “what part of they want to kill us do we not yet understand”??

  • Korean_Vet

    In Case Everybody Forgot the Fact that George Soros “Bought a Controlling Interest in all
    30 of the Major TV News Media”–back before 2008–(He also “Bought”) “Snopes” the Real
    Truth-! Now you know “Why these Networks Never Illustrate any Scandals or Bad News
    on Obama or any of the Democrats-! In fact, You have to Watch “The Foreign News Media
    in Europe” to Get any of “Common Facts” that’s being “Kept from the American Public”-!
    In 2008, there was a Scandal with Obama Sr.–Where American INS had “Disclosed” that
    Obama Sr. had “Gotten a 2nd High School Girl ” P.G.” in MA, when he attended Harvard in 1964-! Foreign Newspapers were “all over this newly disclosed Scandal by the INS in the
    USA-! The ‘Asian News International” & London’s “Telegraph” followed the entire Scandal–while U.S. News Media Reporters remained “Censored” from breathing “One Word About It”-!
    They found that apparently Obama Sr. paid for the Girl to get “an Abortion in London”–since
    Abortions were against the Law in the USA-! (–“I’LL BET YOU NEVER READ any “News”
    that was “Printed on the Front Pages of European Newspapers”-! ) And so–You Remained
    “Fat, Dumb, & Happy”–because You “Never Heard the Worst” that happens in Politics-! Our
    “Worst Thing” Happened–when George Soros “The Billionaire” Financed Obama’s Campaign-!