Here’s The EXCUSE Obama Is Giving For All THE ISIS ATTACKS!!

It is absolutely frightening how many ISIS attacks have been perpetrated on the West, but the White House is giving an excuse that most people probably won’t believe.

From the Washington Examiner:

The White House suggested Friday that more terrorist attacks are happening in Europe and elsewhere because of the progress the U.S.-led coalition is making on the battlefield against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Discussing the recent spate of Islamic State-related or inspired terrorist attacks around the world, the president’s top spokesman said the U.S. has been focused on countering these types of “lone-wolf” attacks “all along and we’ve made some progress.”

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“But it’s more of a significant threat now, according to some analysts, because of the important progress that we’ve made in undercutting the fantasy of [an Islamic State] establishing a caliphate in Iraq and Syria,” Josh Earnest told reporters.

Asked if the White House, not just outside analysts, agrees with this theory, Earnest said: “This is something we’re watching closely and we want to be mindful of this potential risk.”

Now, this does appear to be somewhat reasonable – ISIS is indeed suffering defeats on the battlefield that is whittling down their caliphate. But it’s little consolation when it means more and more terrorists will be attacking us in Europe or in America.

Maybe the White House should look into stopping all terrorist attacks instead of spreading transgender values or blaming cops for everything bad that happens to black people.


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