HERE’S What Happened When Cruz’s Former Staffer Is Accused Of An Affair LIVE On CNN!!

In one of the more despicable things that’s ever happened on CNN, and that’s saying something, a degenerate Trump supporter actually cited the National Enquirer in order to smear a former staffer of Ted Cruz.

Her reaction is absolutely priceless, and pretty awesome.

Watch below:

It really is disgusting how Adriana Cohen uses any excuse to smear Amanda Carpenter on air, and she deserved every bit of scorn and rebuke that Amanda and the CNN host threw her way and more.

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Amanda unequivocally denied the unsubstantiated rumors, and threatened legal action against those who were smearing her in a very carefully worded but passionate denouncement of the kind of scum that would make such an accusation.

But that won’t stop the bottom-feeders like Adriana Cohen and others from diving to the deepest depths of moral depravity all for the sake of trying to keep the Donald from losing to his only political threat, Ted Cruz.

Don’t let them get away with it – share this post so more Americans know the truth.


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