Here’s What Happened When Trump Turned His Supporters Against A Reporter

Katy Tur is a nationally recognized journalist for MSNBC but she’s opening up about how it felt when Donald Trump pointed her out specifically to his thousands of followers at a rally as a terrible and unfair journalist.

Watch below starting at about the 3 minute mark:

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Tur says that Trump turned the entire crowd against her, and they all turned and pointed their anger and hostility against this one reporter. It got so bad that someone from the campaign actually asked a Secret Service member to escort her out and protect her from the rally attendees.

In recent days he’s been trying to deny that his followers are violent or that he incites to violence, but isn’t the fact that they had to escort her out enough to prove it actually does happen?

You really have to wonder just what kind of President this man would be if he would turn thousands on a female reporter like that…


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