Hillary Says Democrats Run On Only Facts

2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently announced that Democrats “believe in facts,” implying that other such as Republicans do not.

Clinton said, “I followed in the footsteps of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, someone whose words have been on my mind recently. He said, ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not his own facts.’ Well as Democrats, we believe in facts, real ones, not the alternative kind. It is hard to believe this even needs to be said, but that is where we are these days.”

  • Freedom

    Well Crooked Hilary, I know one fact you done’t believe, you lost the dam election so please just crawl back under that rock and disappear.


    Our Great President Mr TRUMP is been attacked by All forces of evil in the camp of the demonRats . But We the Deplorables have the Big gun , “PRAYING” . I am asking to all of You to constantly talk to & pray to GOD the Father & Jesus the Son to protect & guide our President .
    Lets do it to MAGA , & when chanting go ” TRUMP USA” .
    Mr Sessions why are You NOT doing your job & fire rosenstein & mueller & clapper & brennan ??
    I would truly appreciate posting a list of the names of real true TRUMP candidates to vote , I know of some , but not all

    • Daniel Brofford

      You say we have the big gun “ PRAYING “ and that is the best thing we can do. I am so glad you brought that up because I was thinking along a line that I should not have been and don’t even like to think like I was thinking so thank you Peter for bringing my attention back to where it should and needs to be. On God. I find myself and others saying well all we can do is pray but that is the single best thing that we could ever do.

  • Rodney

    Really, is that why liberals will continue to try things that have failed every time they have been tried? Is that why YOU, Hitlery cannot accept the FACT you lost the election? Facts mean nothing to the left.

  • jackel

    Hillary would not know a fact if it was disguised as a million dollar bill; she and her cohorts have been lying so long about facts that they no choice but to believe them.
    And, like Obama, she declares this to be the truth. He is not King nor is she Queen.

    • ipsd48

      She’s so good at ‘facts’ that she was kicked off a committee investigating Watergate, because of her lies and manipulations

  • Huck Finn

    Hillary and Democrats wouldn’t know a fact if it walked up and hit them between the eyes!
    The fact is they ignore truth and facts for an amoral rhetoric that has been fomented for years and years,creating a philosophy of political correctness that is slowly erroding our nation and our Constitution.

  • Al

    Hillary makes up those facts.

  • rottenrollin

    What HagHillary believes in is one of the top two Liberal demagoguery tools……..

    P R O J E C T I O N.

    In which they project their defects upon the right…….

    Or they project the right’s good attributes upon themselves.

    Hillary wouldn’t know a fact if Bill wrapped it around a cigar and…….

  • Daniel Brofford

    This just shows what a liar she is. She does know though that there are some stupid democrats out there that will believe her. They are just that stupid.

    • Tom

      I’m not too sure if they ever want her to run on the Democratic party ticket any longer, I think they have finally realized she is a loser. I think that they are thinking that they might have done better with Barry Sanders, although i think Trump would have still won the Presidency.

  • JoAnn Graham

    Hillary’s whole life built on lies

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Demonrats have a hard time with the “facts”. They change them to suit themselves.
    CNN and the other lying media stations run with fake news, and that is a fact.
    Liberals love illegals and protect them from deportation, and that is a fact.
    Hillary and her co-horts tried using a fake dossier to oust our President, another fact.
    She laundered millions of dollars into her fake charity, the Clinton Fundation, fact.
    She set up a bogus email server that was hacked.She lied, destroyed evidence, obstructed
    an investigation into it, fact. She thinks that she is above the laws of our land, fact.
    I could go on with the facts for days, but I won’t. Most of the facts about the beast,
    lead to the entire Obama administration, the bogus “justice system” and beyond. FACTS!!!

  • Retied

    ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion, but not his own facts.’ Apparently Hillary believes only her opinions are actually facts when in reality her opinions are only her fantasies. Will we ever be rid of this moron She is a disgrace to the human race.

    • sweetqueen777

      Not until she takes her last EVIL, Conniving Breath.

  • rick meek

    Yeah Hitlery —— Facts as ya’ll have created them…..Split – Yes – Be Absorbed into the NWO….Yes….NOTICE – The disgustocrats constantly IMPEDING – DELAYING – DETRACTING – DESTROYING – LYING….trying to avoid the release of EVIDENCE of their crimes….

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Lying crooked commie hag has to lie about lying. These vermin believe in flying unicorns and peaceful, kind, loving MS-13 gang members, NOT facts.
    The FACT is, Hillary Rotten Clinton should have been LOCKED UP a long time ago.

  • Ken V

    The facts according to the dems and Hillary are non existent.

  • rmagnano

    I don’t know why I waist my time opening anything to do with this lying piece on crap. Somehow in my mind I must think I’ll hear something enlightening. Wrong!!

    • Terry Butts

      Maybe its just the hope the story will end with “and they hauled her off in handcuffs”

  • Jmanjo

    Hillary is a first rate dumbxxx too!

  • Medic RN

    The bible says, “they shall wipe their mouths and say they have done no wrong.”

  • Loosecannon2U

    Was there a giant bolt of lighting coming from the sky after that load of bullshit?? Geez Louise and Holy Moly

  • cp123

    She and her cronies wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped them across the face. She’s a joke.

    • sweetqueen777

      She has actually passed from being a joke, to being a Pathetic, Whining, LOSER.

  • Wrong Hillary they believe in POWER and CONTROL over everyone, they have been pushing the same narrative for over 50 years more taxes, more regulations and open borders, all loosers. They have gone off the charts left including antifa, alt left, BLM and anti America and you will not win many elections with less than 20% of the country.

  • Sarge

    One fact for sure is she is the biggest liar in the history of politics.

  • Donald Baker

    What a deluded lying left wing criminal abomination

  • 1775concord

    It was a fact that an obscure video caused Benghazi?

    • Terry Butts

      That is the CLAIM of certain politicians the fact is until that was spouted almost no one had heard of the video plus the attack was planned before the video was even created.

      Unless what little the investigation revealed about its planning or the date the video was posted are in error.

  • Terry Butts

    ” real ones, not the alternative kind.”

    Translation the LIES the likes of CNN, etc. have been caught spouting as they support politically agendas that are harmful to the Bill of Rights and the US while falsely claiming to be impartial news sources are supposed to be blindly believed at face value with NO ONE looking into their claims while ALTERNATIVE news sources that actually FACT CHECKED their stories and linked PROOF are supposed to be censored as fake news for daring to CONTRADICT the fictional stories from the likes of CNN.

    For example the video of the obama interview where the words “my muslim faith” exited his own mouth then he was corrected by the FAKE interviewer with the line he was SUPPOSED to have said instead is considered FAKE NEWS as the likes of CNN etc. continue to deny this fact and claim he is a Christian.

    The video MIGHT still be up on YouTube just search for the sentence i put in quotes plus obama.

    If it has not been pulled you can hear it yourself straight from obama. Just remember a Freudian slip is telling the truth when trying not to and no real Christian would ever say the line “my muslim faith” when talking about their own religious faith.

    To anyone of intelligence an open admission straight from obama himself no matter how old the interview was is irrefutable proof not someones “personal opinion” as the likes of Hillary still insist.

    When we watched the election results and saw the media GRASPING at anything no matter how remote to hold on to a Hillary won narrative despite the irrefutable results that Trump won made it clear they are not IMPARTIAL and certainly not relying on FACTS or REALITY when it comes to POLITICS or the rights of the people.

    Remember in one state they called the first act of self defense of the year a few years ago the states first homicide of the year as if stopping home invaders bent on killing the child who shot them and his sister was anything other than self defense.

    For those who do not understand the legal definition of homicide it is the unlawful killing of an innocent person not stopping a violent attack on oneself or another by another person even if the attacker dies as a result.

    They even included it in their anti gun statistics as they ranted about the fact the child had the TOOL available to save his life unlike the same home invaders last victims at the end of the previous year a murder case that was unsolved until they went through the evidence gathered from the criminals that were stopped during that attack showing they perpetrated several other home invasions as well as the murder of unarmed victims during them.

    The politicians response was to pass further gun restrictions that would have allowed them to PROSECUTE the underage child or their parents simply because the weapon WAS available for him to protect himself and his sister.