Hollywood STUNNED As LA Man Illegally Deals In 1,000+ Guns

Hollywood is reeling after police arrested a man who had what appears to be more than one thousand firearms stockpiled in his home.

57-year-old Girard Damien Saenz was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department after receiving a tip that Saenz was illegally selling weapons from his home. 

Authorities were stunned to find an excess of guns in all shapes and sizes as well as obscene amounts of ammunition. 

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Saenz was charged with unlawful transportation and giving, lending or selling assault weapons. More charges are likely to be filed as his case continues. 

This is a slap in the face for lovers of the far-left who believe that they can eliminate gun violence by taking them away from lawful citizens. Saenz had the ability to outfit his own militia, without law abiding citizens having their own weapons, who would have been able to stop him?