If ‘Black Lives Matter’ Isn’t Violent, Then Why Did They Say THIS?!

Anyone who defends the “Black Lives Matter” movement will completely ignore and deny the many instances where they call for the death of police. But there was one instance caught in Portland that is really hard to deny.

Watch below:

Here’s more about what happened from the guy who took the video:

“If they go about their burden of whatever they said you’re doing, you pull your pistol out and you f**king bust that,” says the BLM protester, described in the video as a “passionate speaker”.

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“You pull your pistol out and you bust that! Because at the end of the day, it’s going to be you against them,” he continues.

“When we move with the Panthers, trust me when you see me move, I’m moving in violence!” he threatens.

Another speaker then implores the white people involved in the protest, “We’re tired of walking around here asking ya’ll to help us – we need action.”

The original speaker then repeats his call for violence, asserting, “I don’t give a f**k whether you knock ’em over, whether you run up on them, whatever you do, you better f**king take action!”

The march took place right as news began to emerge that a man inspired by ‘Black Lives Matter’ rhetoric had murdered five police officers in Dallas.

Now there is some controversy as to whether this guy is actually representative of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, but just the fact that people are openly advocating for insurrection, or domestic terrorism, in a major city in America should alarm anyone. Especially with the recent attacks targeting cops specifically.


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