Is America Too Misogynistic For A Women President?

Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View,” recently stated that America could not “see our way through the misogyny” to elect a woman to hold the office of the president.

When speaking about the possibility of Kamala Harris (D-CA) becoming our next President, Behar stated, “You know, I don’t think you can ignore the possibility that people in this country will not vote for a woman based on experience. We just put in office a reality star who thought Frederick Douglass was alive. And men in huge numbers voted for him. I think that they will do it again, the men.”

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Adding, “Now, the women are another story, I mean, but Shirley Chisholm very famously said she experienced more discrimination as a woman than she did as a black woman. So I’m not sure. I mean every other country, Israel had a woman, Pakistan, India, New Zealand, England, Germany the list goes on and on. Only we cannot see our way through the misogyny in this country. Which is sad because she’s really good.”