Is The 25th Amendment Even Feasible

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace recently sat down with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and questioned him if whether President Trump could realistically be removed from the White House via 25th Amendment after the The New York Times anonymous op-ed.

Partial transcript follows: 

WALLACE: Let me bring you into this conversation we’re having. Did the op-ed yesterday in “The New York Times,” from a political appointee of Donald Trump, that told all of us that the cabinet has talked about invoking the 25th Amendment change things in your view?

DURBIN: I can tell you that 25th Amendment is a steep hill to climb. To have the vice-president as well as a majority of the cabinet notify the Congress, both the House and the Senate that the president is unable to continue in office is a pretty steep request against any administration. And then a two-thirds vote in both chambers to move the vice-president into the operating position, that, too, is a big high hill to climb. We have with this “New York Times” piece an indication that within this administration there is a genuine fear that this president is going to go too far. I’ve had that fear for a long time, and hope there would be saner people around him.

WALLACE:  Senator, is the fact that—I understand the difficulty and the high bar, and that’s by design. But the fact that there are people who now have told us that the president’s own cabinet thinks—thought that the 25th Amendment was a reasonable path, do you want to bring the cabinet in? Do you want to have a session—do you want to bring them into a closed session and under what the concerns are the president’s own cabinet thought that invoking the 25th Amendment might be necessary?

DURBIN: I would guess those who would attend would be former cabinet members the next morning. I don’t believe that you could make that appearance on Capitol Hill without eliminating the possibility that you’ll be part of this government going forward. And what a conversation. I don’t think anything is going to happen because of the high bar that is set by the 25th Amendment using that approach.

WALLACE: With men and women serving our country in the military, is it your obligation to find out what the cabinet was concerned about that they would go to the step of talking about the 25th Amendment?

DURBIN: Well, of course. I’m concerned, not just for the men and women in uniform, but for everyone in the country. This president is still the commander in chief. He has within his grasp the tools to really make life and death decisions, not just for the military, but for innocent people in the United States and around the world. So, yes, we need to take that seriously.

  • George T Horvat

    Who is this “idiot” interviewer Nicolle Wallace to continue to ask these questions as if it’s a fact that the “entire” presidential cabinet whats President Trump removed when all we know is that ONE anonymous person is “said” to have said these things. To me the word anonymous person means “NOBODY!!! For all we know this entire story is a fabricated lie!

    • talladega

      Precisely! As I have mentioned elsewhere, this could very well have originated from within the NYT; will we ever find out?

  • notalib

    That had to be a hard hitting interview. Trump hater #1–CNN and Nicolle Wallace. Trump hater #2—Dickie Durbin–liberal weasel Democrat. All they have is : I hate Trump and it’s Trumps fault. They don’t have any ideas of their own that they can sell to the public so all parties are stuck on “hate Trump” and he has to go. How are you going to sell a 4.1 growth rate and lowest unemployment rate in many years?

  • Idiots here you have a President that wants to protect the citizens and help the country and is doing what he promised unlike Obama that bowed to the thugs of the world and dished our friends and gave Russia 20 percent of our uranium a treason to the country and these two idiots and that is what they are talking about impeaching

  • Charles Lagioia


  • Medic RN

    Democrats: the party of adolescent tantrums…..screaming in the street.

  • flashy0ne

    This whole mess can be boiled down to a simple statement — “The MSM NEEDS to keep up their continuous stream of falsehoods, lies and innuendo lest the American public find out what is REALLY going on”. The ‘average’ person who relies on the MSM for their news NEVER HEARS ABOUT THE CRIMINAL ACTS of the left OR the good news from the right. It is a noxious plan to DECEIVE the American public while selling the decaying pollution of Socialism. They STILL can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES or THAT HE IS DOING SO WELL !!

  • yellowjacket2

    WARNING: There isn’t a day that goes by that vast numbers of illegal voter registrations are uncovered. Instead of our politicians focusing on ways to get rid of OUR President, we should be focusing on getting rid of the mayors, governors, senators and congressmen who are supposed to be presiding over the communities where this rampant voter fraud is happening. And it appears that the Democrat run cities that have declared themselves illegal friendly, or illegal immigrant sanctuaries, are guilty of looking the other way when it comes to voter fraud. It looks to me like if the Marxist democrats can’t use article 25 to run Trump out of office, they’ll try to do it by stealing our elections with illegal voters. How big is the problem you ask? California is reported to have over four million illegals registered to vote and that number keeps growing. And a sizable number of cities throughout the country have reported way more registered voters than they have people qualified to vote. I’m beginning to suspect that all this talk about impeaching trump is just a smoke screen to hide their real plan to overthrow our government via phony votes. Wake up America, we’re under attack.

  • jumper

    Dickhead Durbin finally said something that makes sense.

    • Yorgi1950

      One caveat. The only people who think Durbin EVER said something that makes sense, probably have a negative IQ.

      • jumper

        I will take that as a statement and not a criticism of me ha ha ha

        • Yorgi1950

          Just my humble opinion, but probably very accurate.

          • jumper


          • GomeznSA

            Well to be fair to both you and Yorgi, there are those old saws about broken clocks and blind squirrels, choose whichever applies. My vote would be the squirrel since turbine is generally associated with nuts…………….

  • Philomena

    Could it be number 44 or one of his disciples that wrote the NYT OP-ED?

    • GomeznSA

      Highly likely that it is a barky holdover – there are quite a few of them still hanging around. No better than his writing skills are, he probably would have had to have a ghost writer do it for him (like his novels, er um ‘biographies’). Hmm, come to think of it, anybody know what bill ayers is up to these days?

    • John F. Early

      “Some say that …. ” was used by Henry Tudor against King Richard III. After Bosworth Field, Henry VII’s previously lying allegations against the king went into Holinshed’s Chronicles. So “Some say… ” often works!

  • Gordon Raymond

    The Senators & House had better read the 25th Amendment before they start trying to use it to get rid of President Trump. Get a copy of the 25th Amendment.