Is The GOP At Risk Of Losing The House

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel believes that Republicans winning the midterm elections is “absolutely” on the line.

McDaniel stated, “I need every Republican to go vote. I don’t want them to think this is a sure thing. We don’t win if Republicans don’t get out and vote.”

“So every day I’m going to say don’t take it for granted to every candidate, work like it is your first race. Everybody needs to run like they are from behind. That’s how you win elections by not taking things for granted and being complacent. Absolutely, the House is at risk. We’ve got to pick up seats in the Senate, and we have to hold seats like Nevada, where the president is going today. ”

  • Gerry Costa

    I believe this — if the American voters vote ANY demoSCUM into office or back into office, they deserve EVERY bad thing that will come from their ignorant voting. In my opinion the Conservatives should pick up many new seats in both Houses !!!! REPUBLICAN AND CONSERVATIVES — GET OUT AND VOTE !!!!!

    • Karaine

      Republicans are equally as f’ed up and thinking that you’re going to “win” or “make America great again” -is a fantasy.
      Pres. Donald Trump knows how to talk to people so that they trust in and believe him!

      But so do used car salesmen/women.

      • Gerry Costa

        Difference is President Trump carries through on what he says, car salesmen/women/politicians just talk about it with zero action.

  • klsparrow

    They are at risk of not only losing the House but the Senate if they keep this BS Kavanaugh conformation off. SC pick is one of the reason people came out and voted for Trump and keep Repub in control, of congress. which has turned out to be useless.

    • rob paul

      But think what would be happening if the Repubs hasn’t won the Presidency!

      • klsparrow

        Rob- thinking about the wicked witch of the east early in the morning will kill the whole day. The election in 2016 is how close we came to becoming a third world socialist country and the Clinton’s being billionaires.

  • jerry1944

    With so many rinos up there , Yes it could happen .The ones up there think about like dems and dont have the balls to stand up to the dems are the msm .. Some say yes but they are really Rep but i dont see it A dem is a dem not matter what you call them just like collins and flake are and so was traitor mc cain . That Rep name dont mean anything just how they vote and fight for conservatives

  • ConservaDave2

    “Give us the House,” you say, “and we will get something done.” We give it to you. “We cannot get anything done with only one half of one branch of the government in Republican hands,” you say, “so give us the Senate.” We give you the Senate. “We cannot get anything done with a Democrat in the White House,” you say, “so give us the presidency.” We give you President Trump. Where is the wall? Why are there still budgets being produced with trillion dollar deficits? Why are the Demmunists allowed to run circles around the “majority?” Where is Jeff Sessions? Why are you catering to Demmunist games being played concerning Judge Kavanaugh? If you lose the House and/or the Senate it’s your own damn fault!

    • Jimmy G Steward

      right on brother… you nailed it… remember the “contract with America” of 1994…. the lyin repubs said “give us a majority” and we will do this and this and this…. they were standin on the capital steps when they made their high-flyin promises to us…. what actually happened??? nuttin, except the repubs got fatter at our trough…

    • rob paul

      But think how bad it would have been with Dems in the majority.
      If they get the majority at mid-terms, the Dems are promising to get rid of tax cuts, have single payer health care like Medicare, impeach Trump and now they say they will remove Kavanaugh.

  • Bill

    God help us! If the liberals get the majority again it’ll be back to ‘business as usual. The black POS and his minions are doing their damndest to be relevant and this won’t happen if i have anything to sayu about it. I read moochella just wroote a book, whoopy doo. You couldnt give me that rag as I’d use it to wipe my ass after a huge dump, that’s about all it’s worth. I couldn’ believe she’s considering a run. are you kidding me? Hopefully this is just a bad dream. The thieving black POS and his minions had an 8 year long vacation on the American taxpayers dime, got obscenely rich while middle class America who this lying liberal bastard vowed to hellp, got the shaft, and screwded deeper into the hole. And wnat did America get after all; this. NADA, ZILCH, ZIPPO, ZERO., SQUAT, NOTHING and BUPKUS!

  • rob paul

    Now the Dems are talking that once they win the House and Senate they will get rid of Kavanaugh, and do all kinds of investigations of Trump to make sure he can’t do anything.