Is Trump Losing His Swing Voters?

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele called President Trump’s recent rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA a “circus.” He believes because of this Trump will lose “swing voters.”

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Steele stated, “Pennsylvania is a bellwether for a number of important races coming up this fall and the fact that the president is so narrowly playing to a base, that he feels good in that setting, he’s having fun, he’s riffing and cussing and doing all this and those folks are loving it. To Charlie’s point, the rest of the country, the independent voters, center/right Democrats, and Republicans are looking at this and going, ‘what is this all about?’ There is not an inclination right now, I think, Andrea, to empower that kind of mindset in Washington any longer and that’s why you see the numbers for the president dropping. That’s why you see the generic ballot for Republicans holding on to the Congress moving away from them. It’s because of moments like we saw last night.”

“I think, back to your point about swing voters, I think those swing voters are moving away from the Trump circus and focusing more on the fact that they want something a little bit different, and this ain’t it.”