It Only Takes 61 Seconds to See How Obama’s Secretly Trying to Put Gun Shops Out of Business

Your second amendment rights have never been more threatened than they are at this point in history.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Operation Chokepoint.

It was designed by the same man who designed the failed Fast and Furious program, Attorney General Eric Holder.

In this short video (only 61 second long) the Daily Signal gives you a simple explanation of how Operation Chokepoint is working to starve gun owners of the ability to provide you with a weapon for your self defense.

The biggest problem is this program is already underway and has hurt law abiding gun shops in ways they never imagined possible

Check it out.

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Did you know this was happening?

It certainly hasn’t been publicized by the mainstream media, most likely because they don’t want Obama to be exposed for he truly is.

This program, along with his constant push for “common sense” gun control is putting American gun owners in a precarious situation.

If gun stores are deprived of a way to do business then it means Americans won’t be able to legally purchase weapons, driving them to the black market to accomplish a purchase and thus turning them into criminals.

Can you think of a more sinister way to keep guns out of American hands?