Newsweek Accuses Ivanka of Plagiarism

That’s not how plagiarism works, guys.

Ivanka Trump has been on a tour throughout India, speaking on important topics such as education for older women, as well as advancement and equality for the country’s school-aged girls.

Apparently, Newsweek is mad because she has given the same speech multiple times.

One of their headlines said: “Ivanka Trump plagiarizes one of her own speeches in India.”

That isn’t quite what plagiarism means. Someone should tell Newsweek.

  • Sharon Windus

    LMAO… leave it to the dunderheads at Newsweek to consider her giving the same speech twice as plagiarism! Aren’t they ever going to hire anyone with some brains?

    • D-day

      No one with brains would work there

  • Karin Isbell

    Time for Newsweek to straighten out its vocabulary knowledge.

    • cdespo

      what baloney

    • cdespo


    • cdespo

      The Karin Isbell is a racist who posted this:
      “Why didn’t she call on one of the male white passengers to help her against this black vernim?”

  • D-day

    Omg how petty and ridiculous can the lame stream fake media get

    • joaniet

      Petty is right! They have NOTHING, so they utter the ridiculous!
      Time for them to shit up since they can’t get a grip on real substantial news without some idiotic spin!

  • Johnny Ashburn

    Where do they get these so called journalists ? Do they not know the meaning of plagiarism? My goodness a high school student knows that. I guess they are all fake news writers😜

    • Julia Sanford

      Their hate is so intense that it has burned out their brains.

  • apzzyk

    Plagerism is making statements used by others with out giving propercredit. Trumps great comments on what would happen if NK would use the bomb comes directly from Harry Truman, we can only wish that he would put Truman’s desk plate that said “The Buck Stops Here” on his desk because he has never accepted the blame for anything that has gone wrong. All of his bankrupticies that hurt the little guys who had trusted him were good business practices. Trump’s desk plate would read “It is all your fault”, which for his true followers, the Trumpites, would fully apply because they are gullible and believe him without checking out the consequences. For at least the past 10 years, VA Healthcare has sucked, but instead of doing something (spending money) we have to borrow money to give to the wealthy who will not use it as intended – if the past $20 in tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations had gone into building factories and hiring well paid employees, we would not have a rust belt but a belt of new factories going down 100 miles from the Great Lakes. Trumps point man on the tax bill asked a large group of those who would profit most from the tax cut if they would use the additional money as intended – the building of factories and the creation of new jobs in the US, and only a small fraction of those in attendance very weakly raised their hands. Just for being rich the already wealthy will pay 15% less in federal income taxes, where this year the vets will only get a 2% raise. Over the past 5 years, following the same policy, the prices of rice and beans have doubled. In order to fund the tax cuts, the Government will be violating the terms of its present contracts – to Trump that is good business practices, but to vets, it means less healthcare from the VA – how about that for his honoring the vets? His mouth is loud but his willingness to spend the money necessary to perform is all about cutting VA costs – I got better and faster treatment when I was a political prisoner in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons. Did you hear about the 5th, and most conservative Circuit, ordering ICE to give the 17 year old detainee the abortion that she wanted? The same thing happens in our Military, and our jails and prisons. If you are sick and cannot afford your meds, go to the nearest bank, hand the teller the note, sit down and the cops will come, and after you are in jail, the arresting authority will get you your meds – a little inconvenient, but less so than being dead.

    • Crapola

      You said Trump needs to take credit for all the bankruptcies that have hurt the little guys. Example: Small business have the lowest taxes now since 1931 due to Trumps reduction of regulation and tax cuts. Is that what you are referring to? And Harry Truman’s Hiroshima talk . Oh, yeah, when Truman said what he did, he was praised, songs were wrote about him, where are you, we need you back. When Trump said a similar thing, Trump made them think he was a madman, (just like NKorea leader). An unpredictable one. . When Trump said it, he was vilified, Oh God, he’s gonna get us killed. Maybe as the article said, it was generational. Boys now are not the same as boys then. Women sure aren’t the same either. ONE question, why do you always jump script? I should not have followed you, but just couldn’t help myself. That’s all….

      • apzzyk

        From what I have heard and read, there are bipartisan discussions on what to do with Trump and what would happen if he gave the order – the first serious discussion since Truman, there have also been discusssions on whether or not the 25th Amendment could remove him from office. He has turned a petty dictator into a real threat. I worked at a Nuclear Weapons plant, and an uncle was the first head of the Sandia Corp while I was doing my 4 in the USMC. Trump’s contact with reality can be questioned, and his judgement becomes more questionable every day. He has never taken the responsibility for his actions and as we saw when he paid off the Trump U. suit right after the election claims victory after clear defeats. Today he just issued EO’s against the advice of his Sec. of Interior to virutally turning the 2 national monuments in Utah into mining sites – what is his personal interest in doing this? Does he not know about eco-terrorism. Tillerson is on his way out for standing up to Trump. One of the senate GOP leaders cautioned him about his tweets which could be taken as official statements. I am taking my VA disability pension and going as far away as I can, even though I know that eventually the radiation will reach me (On The Beach). You wanted a crazy person as president and you got the best possible one.
        By the way, the whole new tax bill all hinges on other people loaning the US money – Moody’s lowered ours from AAA to AA right after the election, so who will loan us the money with his history? How does 15% APR on $20 Trillion sound to you?

        • Crapola

          I just noticed this and will have to do some research before I respond. Merry Christmas

  • rick meek

    FFFF newsweek – at least she’s out there promoting something that the US taxpayer isn’t on the hook for…..

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    These a-holes only know how to pick on our President and his family. They forgot they are supposed to give us the NEWS not BS!! How come they NEVER found a problem with Obummer as he was the worst President our country had for 8 years. Maybe in our history.

  • apzzyk

    What they – the liberal media – are trying to do is bring to your attention that you have been had – you have voted against your best interests. When you loose your health care and cannot afford your meds, go to the ER and they will give you your meds and bill the Federal government with the big IF the government continues to do its contractual obligation to reimburse them. The real cost of the tax cuts to you and me is that to give the wealthy all of the money that they will not use to build new factories and not spend on creating new jobs, will be the breaking of contracts that benefit the middle class and poor, and we are in that group unless we make a million a year. I dno’t – do you? For the middle class who are paying mortgages and property taxes in CO, our federal taxes will go up, and with our lack of money we will have to do without the Medi-gap insurance, that helps pay for our prescriptions. Why are they taking $25 Billion out of Medicare this year? Would that be to help us old people live longer? That was not figured in to the tax cut for the wealthy bill, but it will happen. On the other hand, if you are strapped, go rob a bank without violence. Hand the teller a note, sit down, and after the cops take you to jail, they will have to get you what you need in terms of medical care. Great system, make people commit a crime to get the medical care that is needed rather than keeping the existing system which costs the taxpayers (you) less overall.. The reason for the wire around prisons is to keep those old folks in wheel chairs and walkers from getting in to get the health care that is provided to inmates.

  • Jmanjo

    Newsweek is so full of it! Plagiarism is when you copy someone else’s work and claim as your own. I knew those guys were not legitimate !

  • DonRS

    Newsweek, the dying, incompetent, desperate for attention, and mindless, in the print media business (not for much longer) apparently is also so stupidly anti-Trump they make up new definitions of the language.

    Newsweek writers and editors, please describe your new, self-serving definition of “plagiarism”. What UTTER, BITTER FOOLS YOU ARE!

  • Babbo

    They are so irrelevant but just don’t get it. Who needs them anymore?

  • Crapola

    If true, Newsweek better send their journalists, or whatever they are, back to school. Idiots!!

  • Mike Hadden

    What do you expect from “FAKE NEWS”? They’ll try anything to try and belittle a member of the presidents’ family. I would have thought that whatever liberal school of journalism that you attended would have taught you use a Dictionary to learn the meaning of a word, but then again that assumes that your professor would know what plagiarism was.