Journalist Describes How She Was THROWN UNDER The Bus By Breitbart Over Trump!!

Many of us have suspected that Breitbart news had gone completely in the tank for the Trump campaign because of their relentless boosterism of the bombastic billionaire, but no one expected they would betray one of their own journalists.

Here’s what Michelle Fields says about her treatment after Trump’s campaign manager assaulted her at a rally.

Watch below:

That’s how bad it’s gotten – the Trump campaign is beating up on journalists that are nice to them, and a news website is so pro-Trump that they’d betray their own journalist over it.

Now imagine how a President Trump is going to treat journalists with all the power of the federal government behind him?

Is that what we really want in the White House?!


El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.

  • yennikcm

    Is she a fraud, or what?

    • Lois Wenk


    • The Redman

      Nah. U R

    • Marlene Binger


  • mickeymike2

    Mega Kelly should be considered a commentator not a news person. She is so biased against Trump mainly, I guess, because she was such a smart you know what during the first GOP debate hosted by Fox and Trump wanted no part of it.

    • Mike N

      Nor totally true. She has defended him at times. You just see what Trump wants you to see.

      • VirgoVince

        Correction: We ONLY see what the lame stream media wants/lets us see!!
        But we have more reliable sources of REAL news items!

        • Lois Wenk


          • bruceco

            that is going to be your last beer!! you are starting to slur your words!

      • mickeymike2

        Comment doesn’t make sense. Not talking about Trump or looking at what Trump said. Looking at what SHE has said. Although I watch Fox, I no longer watch Kelly. She is more interested in “selling” herself that in conducting interviews or reporting news.

        • mickeymike2


        • Marlene Binger


      • Robert Wilson

        Mike;She must be two faced HUH?

    • Shirley Harris-McMahon

      Megan Kelly need to.leave, she is way off to be a news person. Fox has to cut her lose. Martha mccallan, Andrea are better than megan.

      • Dutch

        Megan Kelly is the personification of Fox News.

    • ADRoberts

      And you are one of those TRUMP-ETS who has gone nuts in your defense of your “precious”. You are so biased for Trump that you would defend his bailing from a debate because he could not face her. Now how many “BIASED” liberal reporters is he going to face if he gets the nomination. And is he going to pull the same stunt? LOL
      And of course, you will be their to defend him, because he can’t face a woman. Seems he has trouble facing any woman for very long. LOL

  • DonRS

    BOO HOO!

    Claims of being “assaulted” by a millennial, accustomed to the widely expanded, revised definition of “sexual assault” is now applying her distorted view to “assault”.

    • Lois Wenk

      Many of us non millennial who are old enough to have them as grandkids see it also.

    • The Redman


  • Ruth Kennedy Williams

    Ohhhhh…it’s been awful! The worst thing that has happened since my father’s death….bla bla bla! This is so ridiculous! So her arm got grabbed and left a bruise on her poor little arm. If that’s the worst thing that’s happened to her since her father’s death, just hang on. The VERY WORST is coming to the USA !!!

    • Billy

      Ruth Kennedy Williams – – – Maybe you need to have someone grab your arm like that. It’s one thing to grab a man’s arm like that but there is “NO” reason to grab a young woman that way.

      • Michael Lloyd

        Come on fool. Nobody grabbed her arm at that press conference. The video shows it didn’t happen. Wise up and stop being played for a chump.

  • frankfv8

    U’r claims are totally incorrect and so bias go home and pee the bed U lil I’ll refrain from saying

  • dcwc16

    Other news organizations report she (the reporter) lied about the encounter. But I am not surprised Fox, especially Kelly, would try to revive the whole issue, of course it is all Trump’s fault. Seems the only adult in the room is Trump.

  • Lovette Bennett

    Does it surprise anyone that it is Kelly who chews on this story? She seems hellbent on trashing Trump! By the way, I get more “bruises” than this woman’s just playing with my 3-year old grandson!!

  • Randy B

    That’s what we need in the whitehouse

  • Michael Lloyd

    This is old and has been debunked and shown to be pure unadulterated BS. Breitbart should not have backed her lie. This also is not the first time Fields has come up with accusations that have been proven to be false. Why is this still being carried here as poor MS Fields and not being reported on as the sleazy fabrication it is. Kelly should be apologizing to her viewers, Lewandowski and Trump for perpetuating this lie. Every time comments are made about Kelly (disgusting heifer she has become), they are with negative connotations and disgust. Who the heck then is watching her show?

  • Jack Magurn

    I recall being at the bi-centennial parade and being over a hundred feet from then vice-President Humphrey and a secret service man (I believe) shoved me to impede my progress in the direction of the VP. He was only protecting his VP so it was no big deal. But then I’m not a reporter so I didn’t see it as an attack on me, but as much warranted protection of an important man. How dare they treat a member of the press that way (if, indeed, they did)! .

  • bruceco

    the freekin drama these anti trump people are displaying is hilarious. watch this chick try and sue breitbart because she “had to” quit her job!! this country has become the thin skinned laughing stock of the world because of the bleeding heart liberals. get on the Trump train and get your balls back!! .

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america

    • Alex Ferguson

      That is correct.

    • DonRS

      The usual Redman brilliant thoughts.

      • The Redman

        Yeo. donna. white-folks ruined america

        • DonRS

          Redman, pipe dreams seem to be the only thing present in your consciousness.

          “Redmen” roamed a wonderful home for buffalo and a very small number of indigenous nomadic Indians. But, it was not the great country for MILLIONS of people, it has become. Sadly, the “redmen” satisfied themselves with their humble lives on the reservations and remained stuck in the nomad culture of the 17th Century – where you seem to remain.

          • The Redman

            white-folks came, and ruined america

          • DonRS


            Just think, we could be living the lives of Riley – as native Americans did and most still do, today. Being totally dependent, failing to escape the bonds of dependency – that’s what I aspire to, daily – what a wonderful life!

            I grew up in Oklahoma. The lower class was not blacks, it was the native Americans. Dependent and too often drunk.

            I’ve traveled through Arizona and the reservations. There, too, the naive Americans live miserable lives.

            Yes, living the life of a drifting nomad. Scrambling from place to place, in search of food and shelter. That seems to be the life Redman suggests was ruined by the white-folks.

            Victims see life the same – always someone else’s fault – no responsibility of their own! The Redman – the victim. What a sad life you must live!

          • The Redman

            U ah suck-up loser, U idiot, look at what “Alex Ferguson” posted. moon-eye

          • DonRS

            Brilliant retort. Now, for a native American war cry!

          • The Redman

            trump-a-hump ya is yo “war cry”.

      • 2T3onefive

        TROLL alert!!! Ignore the bastard Don, don’t even answer or acknowledge this imbecile, maybe, just maybe IT will go away.

        • DonRS

          Spoken like a true brilliant representative of any meaningful thought. If this is an example of our depth of knowledge or thinking, you must not be able to string together any coherent thoughts on this, or possibly any other subject.

  • P.A.R.E.

    i remember when journalists were draggin themselves through the mud in nam and not once did i hear such whingey- whiny little girls playing grown-up…take a chill pill girls…this is real life not dress-up in your bedrooms…so many women journalists out in the trenches must be so proud of you,especially the ones being held in foreign lands,with god knows what being done to them…and your crying about being grab by the wrist real hard???michelle…you said except for your father passing away,this was the most traumatic thing that ever happen to you!!!are you serious???do us both a favor…get out of the business…maybe open a flower shop…maybe you can sell unicorns and fairies and cotton candy snowflakes to all the mindless,biased,zombie dems…they’ll believe anything you say…as for you meg,your baited questions to donald trump only shows us how petty you really are…bought and paid for…i bet you feel real proud knowing your some lacky’s lacky…as diamond and silk said,”jump on the trump train,if not, get off the tracks because we’re coming through!!!!!

  • Kimberly Thompson

    I mean–come on!! This publicity-stunt is just another ploy by anti-Trumps….a white man puts America & Americans first in his priorities and all the descendants of Ishmael, skin-of-color in the U.S. act like they all naturally act–in violent & criminal ways!!

  • gavinwca

    She was a lying B***h that is why Breitbart dumped her. A lying Lyier.

  • scott

    I’m very conservative and I like a lot of what Trump has to say, but something about him makes me nervous…..I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I still feel uneasy.
    I think I’ll be voting for Cruz.

  • Robert Wilson

    Slap her again.

  • Terry Stephens

    Sorry, but I can get bruises on myself with absolutely no memory of how they got there. I believe that this reporter has blown this completely out of proportion, seeking attention in the moment. Her bruises hardly appear severe enough to even warrant comment.

  • Tom

    Look Megan is nothing but a mouth piece for own promotion and has issue with anyone that has a thought of their own. She was quick to love on TRUMP when it worked for her and when she was called out on her objective she cries foul. I support Trump and his stand against the machine (media who want to tell us what to think and when we disagree oh boy we are just racist, stupid, bigots that know nothing). I have my own thoughts and will make my own choice sorry Megan. I think her personal gain has been outstanding since she had her run in with Trump she should send him a thank you and a nice gift to his new Grandchild! Fox News has also benefited from the clash so they are very happy to support Megan.

  • Karen

    I watched that video several times and I never saw an assault. She moved towards Trump and the man stopped her. Much ado about nothing. Mountain from a molehill. I don’t want Trump. But I do want fair. I guess perception and perspective are everything. Megan Kelly is Tv personality. When she’s the news I can’t turn to her for news. She likes being noticed a little too much.