Latest U.S. Achievement Ruffles Russia

Russia may be showing signs of some green envy after American space transport company SpaceX’s latest accomplishment. 

History was made when the company successfully launched its Crew Dragon capsule and docked it to the International Space Station.

But Russia and its state-owned space corporation, Roscosmos, don’t seem to be sharing in the celebration. 

While Roscosmos and NASA have long been on good terms and cooperate to advance the exploration of space, many pose that’s due to circumstance. 

Ever since the United States ceased the Space Shuttle program it has been forced to rely on Russia to get its astronauts off the planet, something that may soon change thanks to SpaceX.

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While Roscosmos has not voiced any displeasure about the America’s future prospects, it has made some telling moves.

For example, when the Crew Dragon capsule docked with ISS for astronauts to inspect, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko was ordered to remain in the Russian arm of the space station. 

Another tell is that Roscosmos only recognition of the event was to issue some self praise for the Russian-made gas masks that were used to safely explore the vehicle. 

These are relatively timid reactions to SpaceX’s success, but it will be worth keeping an eye on as the U.S. returns to galactic self-sufficiency.