Liberals Caught With New Hoax Hate Crime

Since President Trump’s ever growing success, the Left is trying their best to smear the President’s name.

They have continued to increase the coverage of “hate crimes” which have basically all but been deemed as hoaxes.

According to the Daily Wire,

The latest string of “hate crimes” discovered to be a hoax comes to us from New Jersey, where it turns out a black male vandalized five black churches, for which there is video surveillance evidence.

When this attack had just been discovered, the Left immediately began screaming the attack was racially motivated.

Governor-elect Phil Murphy went straight to the media as well saying:

“Disgusted by reported vandalism of African-American churches across Morristown. These cowardly acts will not shake our faith…They will renew our determination to come together as one NJ.”


  • Jmanjo

    There isn’t a decent Democrat in the country! Liberal lying pigs all are guilty and unbelievably dumb!

  • A_patriot

    It’s kinda funny watching the liberals coming undone, no?

  • Ah nutz

    TRUTH IS POWERFUL-the dems. are very short there…..

  • William E. McNamara Jr.

    The old Karl Marx/Saul Alinsky tactic of “blame others for what you are doing”. The insanity coming from the marxist democrats is starting to get comical.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      No, it isn’t. It’s getting tiresome. Leftists must HANG. The sooner the better..

  • monongahela

    Trump should have Schumer and Pelosi arrested for failing to do their jobs protecting the American people, they are only concerned with their communist democrat party and filling their pockets with our money plus not upholding their oaths.

  • kbmiller

    Let’s see the video.

  • rick meek

    Liberals Making “Fake News” is constantly on-going….