Liberals Say Trump Jr. Was Womanizer At Age 3

Virginia Heffernan, a well-known and left-wing journalist, is accusing Donald Trump Jr. of being a child who was “highly abusive” towards almost all of the women in his life even at the age of three.

Responding to an another tweet, Heffernan claimed, “My friend Anna taught Don Jr preschool in Manhattan. She asked him to move his mat one day and he said, “Fuck you, bitch.” He was three. Today’s for you, Anna.”

Heffernan is claiming that the experience left her so utterly traumatized that Anna “quit teaching forever at the end of that year.”

  • TruBluAm

    And you expect people to believe your lies! How low can a person stoop?

  • apzzyk

    This is just an early sign of sociopathy which seems to run in the family.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      Moron. Call Dr. Kevorkian for help. Oh, and nice pussy hat.

      • apzzyk

        More states are voting for assisted death. My vet will supply the drugs if of when I need them. I am 78 and in very good health for my age, but the last thing that I would ever want to do or have done for me is to try to out live my time. Why take up space in a hospice when I can die at home? Cat was my best friend for 18 years and died peacefully in his personal sun beam a little over 2 years ago. That is a DAV throw behind us. I have seen a lot of death up close and personal.

  • gene smiith

    Good Lord….what a sick BITCH this Hefferman is. Hopefully she has been kind and thoughtful enough to stay single so as to not inflict herself on some poor man.
    Any person who quits a professional, or any job, because of what came out of the mouth of a three year old needs some really heavy duty HELP…how incredibly STUPID

    • Bobbie

      Boy that is the truth. She quit because of something a 3 year old said??? Can you imagine if she had taught high schoolers???? She would have would up in a mental institution!!!! Lol

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    She had no business teaching when she could not handle a 3 year old.
    It is amazing to think that she remembers what a little boy said from way
    back then. We are just now hearing this revelation? Typical to wait this long
    to accuse a 3 year old. People will do or say anything for their 15 minutes of
    fame. I wonder if he sexually abused her too. Is she jumping on the metoo
    bandwagon and accusing a 3 year old? A small child, at that age, wouldn’t
    even know the meaning of such a phrase. Get a grip on reality!

  • Ah nutz

    all lefties are sickos , huh…gets proven every day.

  • donl

    Those on the Left will believe this because that is how they are. Lowlifes.

  • yellowjacket2

    Do we need any further proof that liberalism is a mental illness?

  • Yes democart is a disease — or they are all druggies and drunks , some even senile

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      The Dem leadership is EVIL and know exactly what they are trying to do, Fortunately, they are inept as hell. The average Dem voter is a stupid slug with delusions of righteousness. Their mutual father is satan the adversary, (Yeah, I know, redundant.)

  • DaveyJ

    So traumatized she stopped teaching? She was obviously not in the least not tough enough to teach, I had a little 6th Grade teacher who could have handled this in a tough, and courageous way! What a politically motivated set of charges…..typical internet drivel! Get set for being stoned to death in the streets as that is what liberals seem to want for our future!

  • Dealerdeb1

    These libs are totally INSANE they aren’t satisfied going after men 40 years later they now want to go after JR for what he did as a 3 year old? GASP!

  • Sharon Green

    First of all, IF he really said that he did not know what it meant. Personally I do not believe this dem woman. All of President Trumps now grown children are smart,polite,and generous.I do not believe their dad or mother said those things around their children.It just doesn’t make sense.

    • EC

      Trump has already been recorded using some rather offensive language, so why would you believe that his kids never heard any of this coming out of his mouth? If you’d stop being an apologist for your “savior”, maybe you could look at things a bit more objectively. I’m a conservative who has little use for the politics of the left, but I have no problem recognizing scumbags on both sides of the isle, and I’m not afraid to identify them as such. Calling someone a complete liar simply because you don’t agree with their politics is quite an immature reaction, yet it’s the predominant reaction here. It seems there’s really very little difference between the right and left when it comes to emotional, knee-jerk reactions to anything they don’t like.

      • Sharon Green

        First of all,President Trump is NOT my savior,Jesus is! Your reply to my first amendment rights is a trigger that you are a demented Democrat!

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Just more leftist bullshit.

  • Jmanjo

    Heffernan is a sick and twisted wench! She is the kind of woman that holds females back because her agenda is one of greed and lies!

  • Skye Rose

    So many teachers today get told “Fuck you, bitch, (if they are women teachers)” by students, but they don’t quit teaching. Sounds like this alleged teacher had some neuroses. And on top of that, Junior was only 3 years old? Geez. Something definitely wrong with that adult woman. Methinks Virginia Heffernan is lying.

  • James Ruddy

    Smart kid, he was able to recognize a liberal and provide a liberal with an appropriate response at only 3 years old!

  • wilfred


  • Philomena

    How desperate is this Hefferman woman to think anyone would believe her.

  • Philomena

    Perhaps Virginia Heffernan’s friend Anna teachs iin a tough neighborhood school and she blames Donald Trump.

  • EC

    It must be nice for all of you to be so familiar with the Trumps that you can say without a doubt that this never happened. If the same story was told about one of the Obama kids, you’d all take it as gospel. I have been really disgusted with the libturds and their general lack of logic for some time now. But I’m beginning to get equally disgusted with all of you right-wing cheerleaders and your stupidity. Your minds are just as closed as the left, and you make no more of an attempt to learn the facts than they do. I’m done with both f*****g parties and their bullshit. It’s no wonder the country is going to hell.

  • Lawrence Leon

    This one is laughable at best and par for the course regarding leftist mentality which stretches reality, and that is putting it mildly! At just 3 one barely knows the’re living. Are you kidding me?!! This woman is so far out in left field she’s left the ballpark!!

  • TheRealLibertarian

    So this article is trying to say, that supposedly before Jr said this phrase to her, no one else had said this to her in her entire life? Not saying it is right for a child to supposedly speak to an educator like that for supposedly only asking him to move his mat, but come on! Must have been a private school cause I’m sure the minority kids in a public school would have said something a lot more colorful…Man some people are sheltered, aren’t they?