Lindsey Graham HATES This Candidate – Here’s Why He’s Endorsing Him ANYWAY!

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina is one of the most establishment politicians of the GOP establishment, but even though he hates Ted Cruz, the thorn in the side of the Republican party, he is being forced to endorse him for president.

Here he is explaining why:

According to Graham, there is only one candidate who appears to be able to defeat Donald Trump, and he presents the greater threat to the party and to the country.

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Graham says that he’s disagreed with Cruz about tactics, but they’ve always agreed with his conservative policies.

And according to Graham, Trump is anything but a conservative.

That may not matter to many of the followers of Trump who follow him exactly because he is taking down the Republican party, but Cruz presents the opportunity to that AND actually support conservative policies.

What do you think? Is Lindsey Graham right? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


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