‘LUNATICS’: Trump Slams Rivals

President Donald Trump is coming to the defense of Attorney General William Barr and blasting his 2020 presidential opponents in the process.

Trish Regan of Fox Business was conducting a phone interview with the president when he praised Barr for doing a “fantastic job” while decrying that any claims of collusion are “all a big hoax.”

“The whole thing, it is just a terrible blot on our country and what it represents,” Trump shared. “But there was never obstruction, there was never collusion.”

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Regan then asked Trump what he thought about the Democratic candidates for the 2020 election and Trump wasn’t nearly as favorable discussing Sens. Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris.

“How about these three people, three of them were running for — three of them, they’re not doing very well — but three of them are running for a particular office. I think that maybe you’re talking to the person right now, they’re running — see you have three of them running against me, and they were up there ranting and raving like lunatics, frankly,” Trump said. 

He further shared that Democrats abuse of Barr was “so ridiculous” and that it was motivated by the desire to earn “political points.”