Madeleine Albright Calls Trump Undemocratic

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently appeared on CBS where she tried to sell copies of her book “Fascism: A Warning.” During the interview she stated that although Trump isn’t a fascist, he “is the most undemocratic president I have ever seen in American history.”

Albright stated, “I’m actually not saying he’s a fascist. I’m saying that there are certain elements of the kinds of behavior that he has that reminds me of a variety of issues that have taken place. But I think that this is not about just this election. This is about what is going on in our society in terms of respect for democratic principles. I think Trump is the most undemocratic president I have ever seen in American history. And so, that’s what worries me. But I do think that we all need to pay attention, which is why I’m — this is a warning, that’s what the book is about.”

  • Andy Johnson

    Has “aunt Albright” finished knitting her rug yet, the one she swept Clinton’s garbage under?

  • Rachel

    What about Obama?

    • Robert

      He sucked, sold us down the road screwed us then blew smoke up our ass and tried to make us feel good about it

    • Christiann

      What about that lying, fraud, communist, muslime?

    • coastalwave

      I’ve been telling anyone who’d listen that Obama was a fascist for the past ten years, and even when confronted with proof of his fascist actions they simply refuse to believe it. “But he’s a black Democrat”, they blink at me. It’s actually humorous to watch.

  • America is a Republic Madam Moron.

    • larry herring

      Where was that Nazi bitc_ when obombo was destroying this country

      • bobvelon

        She was busy kissing obongholes ass….

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Thank God for President Trump not being Demonratic!
    His policies make perfect sense and he wants to MAGA!
    Obama and Clintoons nearly destroyed America.
    Albright is a non-bright Dim……………………

    • benegreen

      I feel sorry for Trump as he is left with all these problems that Obama, Bush and Clinton made or didn’t do anything about.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        So true!

      • Robert

        It’s not just the problems he was left with it’s all the resistance he’s having to overcome to fix the crap left behind .

  • Patricia Maloney

    Typical liberal response.She is a disgrace to our country.

  • Madam Albright is a typical democrat, clueless on how to fix anything and there only solution more taxes, more regulations, bow down to thugs, and open borders!

    • Robert

      Tax and spend. The democratic way

  • rick meek

    And this coming from the wicked witch of the east – west – north and south….

  • AdjunctGeorge

    Thanks for the complement, Madeline. Trump is more a Republican than a Democrat corruptocrat that your bosses were.

  • JoAnn Graham

    Well that’s your opinion but dems always going against him won’t work with him..then make up crap …For 8 yrs we had division racially and last administration going against constitution and fast &furious and Bengazi based on lies..Most people don’t agree on some things anyway but can’t keep on threatening americans to believe the others beliefs

  • AdjunctGeorge

    Let me see. The Republicans want smaller government. The right wants smaller government. The Democrats want bigger government. The left wants bigger government. Socialists want bigger government and more government control. Fascists and Communists want bigger government and more government control. Ergo, Fascists are on the left, not the right as the propagandists and “teachers” tell us. Now, does President Trump want smaller or larger government? Therefore, President Trump cannot be a Fascist. So Madeline, who is the fascist? Looks to me as if the Democrats are the Fascists.

    • dennis w


    • rick meek

      Hey – do a sanders and give’em ALL a govt job….

  • benegreen

    This is so vague, hard to even give facts to counter her opinion. I think it is funny how Dems like to call the right Fascist , when facism was from the far left.

    • coastalwave

      Don’t clutter up the issues with facts, it confuses the widdle snowflakes!!

  • Santiago Tello

    Albright was clintons sec of state and was as useless as tits on a boar hog. She was a joke as was clintons administration.

    • Christiann

      …was as useless as wings on a boar hog.

      • dennis w

        she’s as useless as ‘tits’ on a snake…….

  • Al

    Buy Bitch book? Bahh.

  • coastalwave

    She is delusional. Look at the actions of a president who weaponized the DOJ, IRS, and EPA; who attempted to usurp the powers of Congress by issuing blatantly unconstitutional executive orders; who wanted a “civilian corps as powerful as the military” answerable only to him… who spied on political enemies and reporters…THAT IS FASCISM. And the name of the person who actually DID all that: BARACK EFFING-HUSSEIN OBAAAMMAAA. The creep was a flaming fascist who got away with it because no white dared to challenge a black man for fear of his predictable cry it RACISM. Albright doesn’t see fascism when it stares her in the face!!

  • Jon Crowdus

    Only a ‘Swamp’ creature would could think this way dear Madeleine!

  • raymond

    So President Trump is undemocratic for trying to protect this country and for putting the citizens of this country first …..instead of illegal immigrants…..Ms Albright you were a disgrace when you were sec of state….an absolute do nothing, know nothing dumbrat politician….go back in the hole you crawled out of and save your nonsense quotes , for no one is listening to them…well besides snowflake liberals..

  • Jimwolf

    Really, she must be 200 years old by now.. She said the same thing about Abraham Lincoln too..

    • dennis w

      I know……
      I laughed at her then, too…………

  • Fabian

    You effing jubilant killer of 500,000 Iraki children, can you at least show some examples of your assertion?

  • flyin4awa

    Wow…Did Madeline “NotsoBright” just wake up from her nap?

  • Gary Jensen

    One only has to look at her and the Clinton Crime Family on how they let a genocide happen in Rwanda mass murdering 800,000 to a million people, and Allowed the killings in Dafur. She could not run a food line handout in Somalia, causing our destruction there. It sees that every area that she put her hand in, she was a failure. A Fascist is someone who wants to do away with democracy, something President Trump has never advocated doing. Who would buy a book from a failure at keeping the world safe.

  • And obama was looking after American citizens? BS!!!

    • flyin4awa

      Kind of…but not their best interests, only his.

  • Gr8dane

    and now people can call her un-American with her “un-democRATic” diatribe!

  • rick

    I’d like to know what Albright’s interpretations of “Democratic principles” really are? the last 3 presidents have done so much to drive this country into the toilet, that there behavior has become “status quo” I see in trump a man that is bigger then that. who see’s the garbage dump that our political system has become. and is not afraid to expose it. he’s a wild n crazy guy! and you just gotta love that about him. in other words. he’s just like you and me. not some honed from birth silver spoon feed political foop that when comes of age pushes an agenda that only benefits the 1%.
    he is a TRUE peoples president. can’t wait for him to start draining the swamp. I wanna see heads roll!…treason anyone!?

  • Gerry Costa

    I think Albright is pretty dim about the 8 years that imposter was in the White House. He continually went against our Constitution, our laws and the wishes of the American citizens. Must be shee didn’t open her eyes for 8 years to make a statement like Pres. Trump is the most undemocratic President in our history. What president was she Secretary of State for — Lincoln ?????

  • don

    I would call her senile except she’s always been wrong headed.

  • Philomena

    Madeleine Albright, were you sleeping from January 2009 thru January 2017?

  • Tk Matthews

    Why are we constantly presented with all these “has been’s” who contend with life in the real world.They had their chance and mostly failed ,why are we giving them a platform and even why am I spending time writing about them…

  • gene smiith

    Dumb partisan looney-tune BITCH…..yes, sell the book to the Trump haters and go on TV and tell dumb lies to excite the haters….REALLY ???
    I would strongly suggest that it is HER OWN work ethic that deserves close scrutiny before anyone believes a word she writes about someone else. Jackass [email protected]

  • Sweet willy

    Well, as just a typical American citizen, I can call Albright a Stalinist, a supporter of Boko hram, a person that needs to be confined to a care center, and even a Wikkian advocate. Is that enough BS to get her ticked off?? She lost her ethics plug-in many years ago, and now is hyper critical of the President?? Like so many dimocraps, reality has escaped her and she is looking to return to an Oz like reality. MAGA

  • Edward Marquez

    Define Undemocratic ,Today Democrats are the new Socialist party. Auntie Madeleine Albright was probably the worst Secretary State in our History.Stick to rug knitting.

  • scott forman

    A fascist calling Trump a Fascist. Priceless. The left is so good at projecting their idealology on real Americans.

  • John

    Madeleine Al(most)bright is an apologist and a undermine of foreign policy. She is one who helped weaken our country in they eyes of the rest of the world. We need not listen to this person any longer.

  • Martin

    She is a corrupt POS. Was a total failure as Secretary of State. Now making lots of money in D.C.

  • mlord5673

    What – another book whor*. Who cares what she thinks, says, or writes.

  • rick meek

    Hey FUGLY – crawl back into the shadows….