Man Attacked 13 Year-Old Attacked Burning Liquid to the Face

Last week, a black man in Queens, New York threw an unknown “burning” substance into the face of a 13-year-old white girl as he yelled, “This is for you, white b****!”

The racially-charged attack is now being investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force.

The incident took place last Tuesday afternoon, when the victim was getting off a bus in the Richmond Hill area.

According to CBS New York, “Police said the suspect came up behind the girl and when she turned around, he yelled racial remarks and threw the unknown substance on her.”

The substance, in what appears to have been held in a water bottle, remains unknown by authorities but was said to have “burned” the victim’s eyes. The 13-year-old was treated at Jamaica Hospital and is expected to recover.

The victim’s father, Vincent Evangelista, said his daughter usually leaves school with friends, but was alone due to an after-school program delaying her travel.

“Normally she travels after school with her buddies,” he said, “but she was part of an after school program and came back a little later.”

Evangelista said his daughter is strong and will not let the cowardly attack affect her future.

“She’s going to move on from this incident and not let this in any way affect her in the future,” Evangelista said.

“As long as she feels safe taking the bus she can continue taking the bus,” he added.

Officers are scanning the neighborhood in effort to find the perpetrator.

“The police came yesterday here and they went to the liquor store and they checked all the camera,” said a neighborhood worker, Francisco Disla.

“I hope they catch him,” said Richmond Hill resident Kamle Dokhie. “I’m scared for myself because I travel on the bus all the time so I hope they do something about it fast.”

“I think that’s really scary that he’s still on the loose because honestly I don’t want him doing anything like that to me or my friends,” added another local resident, Nandanie Shamnarine.

“The suspect is described by police as a black man, about 30 years old, with a bald head,” reports CBS New York. “He was last seen wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt with a red shirt underneath, royal blue pants, and tan and brown boots.”


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  • Buckeye conservative

    As I understand it only whites can be racist so there is no race issue here. This is merely a man fighting back at the person who has oppressed him all his life – – this could be looked at as self defense or like the woman who attacks her husband for longstanding abuse. (sarc)

    • Stephen DuPont

      Your not serious are you? That fully grown man attacking a 13 year old girl… There’s no way in hell that this was self defense!

      • Richard Row

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      • Buckeye conservative

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        • Stephen DuPont

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  • Barbara Repko

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  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I pray for this little girl, and that she will be okay.
    I pray that this evil perpetrator will be caught and serve a lot of time
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