Man Offers More Than Words To Covington Students

One California lawyer has offered to extend his services to the students of Covington Catholic High School after the media misled the public into vilifying the teens.

Robert Barnes is an attorney operating in Los Angeles and has already contacted many of the students involved to offer them and their families free legal representation. 

Barnes was compelled to make the offer after discovering that false reporting had produced a story which attempted to depict the teens and racist bullies. 

The reality of events later came to light, that a group of black supremacists had been inciting hate in the area which led Native American activist Nathan Phillips to approach the (apparently less threatening) group of young Catholic boys.

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While the truth has been filling airwaves, immense damage has already been done to the students and their families. The Covington Catholic High School declared it would not open as droves of death threats began to pour in from supporters of the extreme left.

Now Barnes wants to help the teens achieve some small semblance of justice.

Barnes told Law&Crime that “anyone who issued false statements that cast the kids in a false light” and “fail[s] to retract” said stories could have charges brought against them.

He specifically targeted the New York Times tweeting, “I will represent the kids for free if they want to sue @maggieNYT for obvious libel.”

While it’s unfortunate that it ever came to this, it’s good to see someone trying to defend the innocence of the maligned kids.