Sexual Harassment Charges Find Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s former head of security has come out with claims that she humiliated him and several of his employees with racial insults and performed sexual acts in from of him.

Michael Anello, Carey’s former head of security is stating that she hasn’t payed him or his team hundred of thousands of dollars, alongside the constant sexual harassment and humiliation.

In the lawsuit Anello claims that Mariah Carey repeatedly called him and the team names such as Nazis, KKK members, skinheads, and white supremacists. Apparently, Mariah even blatantly professed that she “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.”

TMZ reports:

Anello claims during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mariah asked him to come to her room to move some luggage and when he got there, she was wearing a see-through negligee that was open. He says he tried leaving but she insisted he move the luggage. He says he left the room and there was no physical contact.

  • that must have been a sight! but what does “in from him” mean? they said it twice;all i can think of is they meant”in front of him”

    • SandraJ

      bad proofreading!

      • yep i find a lot of those types of errors which leads me to believe they are using the device which converts the spoken word to typewritten on your computer-i workds but they should read their own stuff before publishing;bad proofing indeed!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Why did she hire white guys if she wants to surround herself with blacks?
    She is what is wrong in the entertainment industry.
    She is what is wrong in America.
    She sounds like a scumbag, like the rest of the racists in this nation.
    It would seem she is a sadist also.
    One can only wonder what other darkness she is hiding……

    • Jeannie

      along with the rest of the scumbags in HOLLYWEIRDO

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Yes, Jeannie there is a swirling cesspool of perversion
        in Hollyweird/music industry and it is beyond disgusting.

        • Jeannie

          indeed it is!!! REVOLTING, disgusting, nauseating, and any other repulsive description you can think of.

    • Joe Tom Collins

      Susan how do you know what he is saying is true, you don’t, and he must be batting on the wrong side of the plate if he was appalled by a good looking woman in a bedroom, let’s not be so fast to judge people.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Well, that never stops the MSM from judging our President.
        Most of the crap they spout is lies,distortion, and twisting his words.
        How do you know it isn’t true about ms Carey?
        She apparently made a statement that she would rather be
        surrounded by blacks guys. So “celebrities” are all pure as the
        driven snow? Please! If he touched her, she would have cried

        • Joe Tom Collins

          Susan, I didn’t say that, you are right if she wants all black men around, she needs to hire them, I just don’t believe every time someone hollers rape that does make it so, and I don’t know if it is true or false, nobody will ever know for sure!!

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            It is very disheartening what with all of the bad news coming out
            daily about pedophiles/drunks/druggies and the like. These are
            the same people telling me that I should be ashamed that I am
            white, a Trump supporter, a patriot, straight, and a normal person
            who is law abiding, anthem standing, flag saluting. I get so tired
            of the labels used by people who are really deplorables and
            irredeemables. I use this name because I am everything that
            Hillary hated.

          • Joe Tom Collins

            Susan we are on the same page, I feel the very same way, Trump is My President, I back him all the way

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

            Good to know, Joe Tom Collins.
            Thank you for saying so.
            God Bless, maybe I will see you on another post.

          • Joe Tom Collins

            I hope so Susan

          • Patriot1

            Joe Tom Colins — Trump is your President, Trump is my President and the rest of these United States need to wake up. Donald Trump is OUR PRESIDENT, like it or not. Personnaly, I LIKE IT!!

          • Joe Tom Collins

            The bleeding heart press is to blame, I can’t stand NBC today show anymore they make me sick to my stomach, that’s all they talk about every morning,talking about how bad Trump is, and Seth Meyers is the worst of all, SNL is horrible also, it really sad to me

      • DIANNA


      • DIANNA

        She is known to be a BIATCH AND she uses her blackness when she wants.

    • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

      I agree with you. I would like to know why he stayed with her for such a long time IF she owed him and his team hundreds of thousands of dollars? Why has he not taken her to court to get his money?? I am not standing up for her just making a point. I too am standing with our President Mr Trump and hope he runs again in 2020. Then I hope his daughter runs in 2024. Maybe by then we might regain most of our country back. I also wish all of the slime as in DEM’S, MEDIA and Lefties would if they are that unhappy with our President would just LEAVE for we will not miss them as much as they will miss the USA.

  • I care

    She needs to be taken to COURT

  • rick meek

    Hey A-Hole —— Hire all the blacks you want – I won’t defend or protect your a**….

  • Ischgabibble

    Just another worthless celebrity. But then again aren’t most of them.

  • Jeannie

    The Hollyweirdo swamp keeps growing deeper and growing and deeper. These people think they are so high and mighty that they can do anything they want ad get by with it. And because others are so hungry for fame and fortune, they tolerate it. Serves them all righjt

  • Joe Tom Collins

    He without sin, let him cast the first stone

  • Joe Tom Collins

    Now the bleeding heart liberals, are attacking Judge Roy Moore, something that happened 30 years ago, I smell a rat.

    • a very large RINO-ey rat;McCain was not slow in jumping on the bandwagon

  • Joecolt

    Hollywood and the Sick Music industry Liberals are the Gift that keeps Given almost all of these Hypocrites have a Totally Broken Moral Compass Their Sex Driven Lives and Foul Mouths, Addictions, Their Racism goes unchecked because the Liberal Media Loves them. Many of them Came from the Underbelly of our society and think their Money can Wash that off of them, Well It keeps coming to the Surface Like it or not. And Occasionally They Can’t be Hidden By Liberal Media and the Media Acts Shocked? You Really can’t Blame these People they are who they Are, I blame the Liberal Media for Making them into someone they are not. A Jackass can never be a Racehorse even if it has Talent. The Problem is we Become Blinded by Talent thanks to the Media and Become Ashamed or worse later on down the Road. In General Some of These People have a Lot of Sway on our Children and Should be held Accountable for their Actions. What is Really Sick is when these People talk Politics and Liberals Flock to them, As if these People give a Dame about your lives, These people only go with the Flow, if they think you will buy their Records, or go to their Movies they will say anything you want or need them to say or their Studios Demand them to say, They play their part well or they Don’t Work. It’s Really Laughable to watch Grown People “Liberals” look up to these People for their Political Views, Because of Some Talent, Take away the Talent and I would love to see if they would Take a Persons Political View who is an Alcoholic, Drug Attic, Sexual Misfit, in many cases Jail Birds, and it seems they have Children who follow in their Life Style and Foot Steps and if they don’t care about their own children why in the world would care about you.?????