McChrystal Slams Trump

In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” retired four-star Gen. Stanley McChrystal shared his brutal views of President Trump.

Responding to the questions asked by host Martha Raddatz, McChrystal shared when it comes to the president,“I don’t think he tells the truth.”

McChrystal served more than three decades in the U.S. Army before being relieved from duty in 2010 by former President Barack Obama. Coincidentally, it is believed that McChrystal was retired due to critical comment he made of Obama’s administration. 

McChrystal shared how he disagreed with Trump’s announcement to withdraw troops from Syria and his intention to do the same with Afghanistan. McChrystal also didn’t agree with how the president executed plans to visit troops in Iraq and Germany. 

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“I never knew who was a Democrat or Republican and even when we were generals, when you got in a room, you never talked about politics because it was just considered bad form,” he said. “I think if we allow it or encourage it, I think we are going to create something that could be a slippery slope.”

While McChrystal was willing to rebuke many of Trump’s decisions, he didn’t seem to show an interest in being part of a solution. 

When asked if he would work under the Trump administration given the opportunity, McChrystal declared he would decline. 

“I think it’s important for me to work for people who I think are basically honest, who tell the truth as best they know it,” he said.