McDonald’s Victimized By Naked Man’s Rampage

Citizens in Palmdale, California are recovering after a wildly out of control series of events took place between two fast food restaurants. 

The tragic events began with a 29-year-old man crashing his vehicle into a Carl’s Jr restaurant. Things only get worse from there. 

Before law enforcement could arrive, the suspect fled the scene, stripping off all of his clothes and entering an adjacent McDonald’s. 

Carrying only a knife, the man stabbed an 88-year-old patron who was eating with his grandson inside the fast food restaurant. 

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The man continued his frenzy by then exiting the restaurant and attacking a security guard under McDonald’s employ. The guard defended himself by firing his pistol, striking the suspect. 

“I see a man standing right here,” witness Irvin Diaz told KCAL 9. “And all I heard was ‘pop, pop.’ And I came over and saw this man on the ground. He was naked, holding his stomach.”

The assailant was taken to a local hospital were he was pronounced dead. Both the guard and the 88-year-old stabbing victim are reportedly in stable condition. 

Currently there are no reports as to what caused these events to occur.